My Mother’s Split Personalities (2019 Lifetime)

My Mother’s Split Personalities (2019 Lifetime)

Stars: Kayla Wallace and Lindsay Hartley.

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After her father dies of a heart attack, Julie returns home to see her mother, Gail. But Gail is not herself these days, acting bizarrely and under the control of Warren, a highly intelligent criminal who wants to get his hands on her fortune.


Gail is on the phone with her doctor or husband (who is in a hotel room) He is worried about her because he talked to another one of her personalities (Amy) and Gail doesn’t remember. Her meds aren’t working!!! The Doctor/Husband starts pounding whiskey and is poisoned by a bellhop who says it is nothing personal it’s just business.

Julie (Gail’s daughter) comes home to the funeral. Turns out the guy was Gail’s husband and everyone thinks he died of a heart attack from eating cheese burgers. Mother and daughter talk briefly and apologize for not seeing each other in so long, then Gail switches to another personality, we know this because Lindsay Hartley stare off into space and we get a whooshing music cue. Gail or whoever she is, rushes off and gets in the car. Then Madeline takes over and she is not even worried about the husband anymore.

Madeline gets all sexyfied, like for real, and meets up with the bellhop from the beginning of the movie. She just wants to have fun and not be such a downer like stupid Gail. The bellhop is really Warren a scheming man who they (Madeline/Gail/Amy) met three months ago. He knows about the split personalities and thinks of them as a little family.

Julie teams up with her friend Mike to get to the bottom of what is wrong with her mom. Julie found a little kid picture that Amy drew. Plus, her mom has always been pretty weird!

Gail gets control of her body and has a conversation with Madeline in the bathroom the next morning. Turns out there is a big life insurance policy on their dead husband and Gail is also in love with Warren, but suspicions take over and they go through Warrens stuff turns out he has a gun and has been cheating on them with the bartender. Sadie (new persona!) takes over grabs the gun and almost kills Warren, Gail takes over before she murders someone.

Warren goes over to the bartender’s (her name is Tony)house and yells at her for almost getting him killed. Tony tells Warren that she is his partner in crime and wife and they are going to get millions for this con. They are working to get Gail to marry Warren before the will is signed… tomorrow.

Julie, the daughter, talks to Gail and somehow gets her to confess about having an affair and almost about the split personalities. Julie finds an expert on phycology. (A college professor.) The profession tells her that her mom might have DID or MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES! She then watches ViziVid (knock off youtube) of women with DID and terrible British accents. Julie can’t believe that her mom could have that. She knows that her mom has a troubled past with her mom (Julie’s grandma.) To test her mom, Julie asks to go to Lunch with her friend Madeline.

Wasting no time, Warren proposes to Gail/Madeline. They both say yes and want to get married as soon as possible.

We get a nightmare sequence where all the personalities are trying to get Julie.

At lunch, Julie admits her suspicions. Gail has everything covered though. Tony pretends to be Madeline and they all talk about Warren. When Julie asks what Tony’s major was in college, Tony fumbles and Gail blurts out Art History. Julie’s not falling for it and asks “Madeline” what she thinks of Paul Rubens (Not PeeWee) Peter Paul Rubens (A painter from the 1600’s). Julie then goes to the kitchen and takes a picture of Tony. Mark uses facial recognition to see who “Madeline” really is.

Warren cancels on a date with Gail/Madeline because he has to bail Tony out of jail for a traffic violation. Madeline takes over and goes out to pick up guys. Julie trails her and sees her mom bite a man. The man calls the cops but doesn’t press charges. On the drive home, Julie begs her mom to let her in and talk to her about what is going on. Warren makes it Gail’s house before she can tell Julie what is going on. Julie doesn’t need her mom to tell her what is up because she finds a journal from her grandma about Gail.

Julie tells Warren that maybe it isn’t a good time for her mom to get married. Warren goes out and marries her the next day.

Julie finds out who Tony is and is looking into if Warren is a criminal. She goes to her uncle john, he hires a private investigator. Julie call her mom to warn her, but Gail is her child persona, Amy and is coloring while talking in a baby voice. Warren deletes the voicemail message. He then goes and kills Uncle John because he was getting to much info about him.  Warren then books a trip to Bermuda (or something) to get Gail away from Julie ASAP for their “honeymoon”

After no return from her calls mom, Julie goes over to check on her mom. Warren fixes Julie a drink (with roofies) and Madaline tells Julie that they got married. Julie is pissed and shows her the journal and tells her that she knows about the split personalities. Sadie (the alpha) comes out and slaps the shit out of Julie and then chokes her till she passes out. Mark finds Julie and they go to stop Warren.

Julie finds her uncle murdered and call the police. She then tells the police about Toni and Warren. The police take Toni into custody and find out everything because Toni was recording all Warren’s conversation about the murders and plotting they were doing.

The police are dragging their feet and Julie isn’t having it. She calls her mom and tells her that Warren is a killer and he is probably going to kill her. Warren grabs the phone and tells her that they need to leave. Sadie comes back, grabs a knife and stabs Warren in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

Flash to Gail in a mental institution wearing gray sweats. Julie visits and read a novel she wrote about their story.  

Side Note

Movie takes place in PA.

Lindsay Harley killing it as usual. Where is her Emmy, people!

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪   (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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