His Fatal Fixation (2020 Lifetime)

His Fatal Fixation (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Sarah Fisher, Robin Dunne, Kyle Buchanan

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After surviving a violent attack at the hands of a jealous stalker, flawless beauty Lily Abrams moves to a new city looking for a fresh start. Physically scarred and struggling to cope with dark trauma from her past, Lily is haunted by visions of her stalker at every turn, and is at risk of unraveling, losing her new job, and the new life she has built for herself.


Lily is obsessed with herself. She is a doctor (Correction: Physicians Assistant) and takes pictures of herself in the mirror. She is so pretty that even her co-workers tell her as she operates on a patient. Lily goes on Tinder dates, and one Tinder guy (Spencer) is a little obsessed with her. He crashes a date and gives her a lily because that is her name. (Smooth, Tinder guy, smooth.)

Jason, another date, comforts Lily and tells her that when he is around, she has nothing to worry about. They drink wine and make out, but are interrupted by the pizza delivery man. Only it isn’t the pizza delivery man. It is the creepy Tinder date guy Spencer! Tinder date stabs Jason to death and throws Lily through a glass door. He begs Lily for forgiveness as she lies in a pool of glass. Lily tells him he is her soulmate to get him to leave. Tinder guy tells Lily that if he can’t have her, no one will. She pushes him off a balcony, and he dies. We get the title card. This is the BEGINNING of the movie?!?!

Six months later, Lily looks in the mirror now, but instead of taking selfies, she is popping back anti-anxiety medicine and covering a facial scar with her hair. She meets with her new therapist, has moved to a new city, and changed her name to Stella. Lily/Stella meets with a handsome plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Marlon (Played by Robin Dunne.) to fix the scars on her face from the attack. Things aren’t all doom and gloom; Lily/Stella flirts with a building manager named Danny by almost bashing his head in with a baseball bat and then later almost stabs him with a knife. (She thinks he is an intruder both times.) The woman can’t even drink wine without having flashbacks to her attack. (The poor thing! PSTD is terrible.)

After the surgery, Lily/Stella is thrilled with the results and gets hired as a temporary physician’s assistant for Dr. Michael Marlon. (Joyce is out for ACL surgery. “Old running injury” Haha.) She helps him and his partner around the office fixing a”cleft lip” on a child or child actor with band aids on her face and then a burn victim (Named Joshua) or actor wrapped in full face gauze and so on. (Think Grey’s Anatomy with no budget.) The gig may be permanent when Joyce, the woman Lily/Stella, is replacing dies suddenly. (Murdered while recovering from surgery.) Dr. Michael and his partner, Dr. Brandon, agree to hire Lily/Stella full time. Although, Dr Brandon is not a fan and calls her a “Nurse Jackie.” AKA pill popper.

Lily/Stella is even back to her old habit of taking selfies in the mirror! (Narcissism lives on.) She researches Dr. Michael Marlon online and finds out he has a wife named, Claire, who is also a plastic surgeon. (She also finds her before and after photos on the website!) The next day Lily/Stella asks Dr. Michael to take them down and then she takes care of Joshua the burn victim. (He writes messages on a notepad.) Dr. Michael then gives Lily/Stella a ride home, and they bond on the drive. Lily/Stella needs to chill. He is a married man! (Claire later tells Lily/Stella to step off in a very bitchy, but excellent monologue.) Both the doctors seem to be crossing a line with her. Offering her drinks and spending time outside of the office. The alcohol mixes with her medication, and Lily/Stella sees visions of Spencer. Dr. Brandon takes her home and accuses her of stealing pills. When she comes clean about her PTSD meds, he gives her an IV of fluids and she passes out.

The next day, Lily/Stella notices some blood on her dress; she keeps popping back those pills and pays it little mind. Did something happen? Yes. Brandon was found beaten badly and admitted to the hospital. A lady detective (we know this from the earpiece and note-pad.) with a terrible haircut interrogates Lily/Stella. It seems like the Spencer could still be alive and the detective promises to look into it and keep Lily/Stella past a secret. 

Once she is home, Lily/Stella scrubs the blood out of her dress and stops taking pills. With a new focus, Lily/Stella helps the burn victim, Joshua, get ready for surgery after he is challenging with Dr. Michael. Dr. Michel won’t let her scrub in and instructs her to check on Brandon in his hospital room. Michael opens up about his wife, Clare. He tells Lily/Stella that the marriage is on the rocks due to her cheating on him. Lily/Stella decides to tell Michael the truth about her stalker and her real name. They have sex in his office. 

The next morning, Lily/Stella gets a bouquet of Lillies, and she goes off the deep end. Lily rushes to Michael and Claire’s house screaming about who sent the flowers. Michael sends her away and Lily beats the flowers on the door aggressively. Claire overhears the conversation and argues with Michael. Claire angrily storms off and takes Michael’s car. She speeds off, and the breaks go out, causing her to crash and end up in the hospital. (It is a pretty suspenseful sequence of Claire recklessly plowing through intersections. Eventually getting t boned.) The lady detective returns, and Claire tells her that she suspects Lily/Stella of tampering with the breaks.   

Michael accuses Lily/Stella of tearing his life apart. He tells her them hooking up was a mistake and asks her to stop working at the clinic. She promises to keep things strictly professional. At work, Lily/Stella slowly takes the bandages off of Joshua (Think Twilight Zone, “Eye of the Beholder”) only it isn’t Joshua, it is Spencer!!! (The creepy Tinder date.) Lily/Stella stabs him in the leg with a scalpel and screams for help. Michael rushes in, and Spencer is gone. He thinks Lily/Stella is hallucinating and fires her for real this time. 

The Lady Detective has the intake report from the night of Lily/Stella’s attack. There was only one body taken in by the coroner’s report. That of Jason, her date. They think she is hallucinating and has DID. (Commonly known as a split personality.) I thought the movie was going to depict that she did everything herself, which would have been perfect. Not the case.

Dr. Michael is alone in his house talking to Lily’s therapist when the phone cuts off and hears an intruder. He thinks it is Lily/Stella but is Spencer with a gun, he pistol whips the doctor. It turns out that Lily was not hallucinating? Lily arrives at the house an pretends to be in love with Spencer. She calls Spencer a devoted man and caresses his new face and asks him if she can shot the doctor.Then she stabs him in the neck with a syringe. Spencer strangles Lily but Dr. Michael crawls to the gun and shoots Spencer dead. (For real this time.)

Claire, Michael, and Lily are all in the hospital together. Lily tells them to fix their marriage and assures them that nobody is perfect. Michael rehires Lily and then she comes to terms with Lillies. Danny, the building manager brings her chocolate, but he ate some out of the box. (Love this guy!) The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Joyce, flower delivery person,

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): 1-866-615-6464 (toll-free), 1-301-443-8431 (TTY), or 1-866-415-8051 (TTY toll-free). Available between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, professionals can answer any mental health-related question in English or Spanish and attend to requests for copies of NIMH brochures.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime


  1. This would have been much better without all of the attempts at being sassy. Just wanted a plain and simple synopsis. I couldn’t even finish reading this. Also, you misspelled ‘narcissism’.

  2. Just finished watching it on Lifetime!
    You left out the best part: Lily saved the Dr from Spencer by convincing him “they could be together” and she stabbed him with the syringe. The Dr picked up the gun and while laying on the floor he shot Spencer!

  3. I’m watching His Fatal Fixation on LMN right now. IeI relate to Lily, as I myself, have PTSD from my own dark trauma that occurred 15 years ago. I have flashbacks still to this day, despite being on medication. It’s not a cure but I’m doing better than I was back then. I won’t disclose the details of my past but it wasn’t because of stalking.

    A good movie and yes PTSD sucks.

  4. Lily wasn’t a doctor, she was a physician’s assistant and Claire wasn’t a doctor either. At the end, Lily stabbed Spencer’s neck with a syringe, he dropped the gun during altercation. Then he attacked Lily & started choking her. Micheal grabbed the gun off the floor and shot Spencer dead.

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