Dying to Be You (2020 Lifetime)

Dying to Be You (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Natalie DreyfussElise Gatien

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Lily Anderson was in 4th grade, her class was given pen-pals. Lily, who lives in urban Chicago, was given Molly Cumberland, who lives on a farm in Nebraska. The girls continue to write, even through college, always promising to visit one another. Molly finally makes good on that promise when she shows up at Lily’s door for her 25th birthday party. Lily is thrilled until it becomes clear that Molly has no intention of leaving and wants Lily’s life.


Bubble bath and headphones! I haven’t seen that in a movie since Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It doesn’t end as nicely. A one-armed baddy drowns the woman.

Next, we see two little girls who become pen pals. Molly and Lily send letters back and forth over the years. They include pictures and photographs. The girls grow up to be women, and instead of sending letters, they message email and “Friendform. ” Eventually, Lily stops hearing from Molly and goes off to college.

Out of the blue, Lily hears from Molly, and they pick up their friendship. They bond over both becoming interior designers. Lily is dating a new guy named Matthew, who loves her to infinity and wants to meet Molly in real life. Matthew throws Lily a surprise birthday party, and the biggest surprise is Molly is there! She isn’t like what Lily thought she would be, and Lily is surprised to learn Molly will be staying with her for “a while.”

Mrs. Blankenship, the neighbor downstairs, is NOT a fan of Molly and tells her to go away. Molly calls her a miserable old bitch, and Lily defends her neighbor. Molly takes out her aggression on a man with some donuts and calls him doughy. He calls her a millennial, so I’m not sure who is wrong in this situation. 

Molly gets a makeover or more commonly known as contact lenses. The makeover doesn’t cover-up Molly’s obvious jealousy and codependence. Lily gets creeped out when Molly takes a dress from Lily’s dirty hamper. Lily’s mom, who is a therapist, is also suspicious of Molly when she can’t remember her favorite NSYNC member. (JC Chasez.) Molly blames her memory lapse on losing the letters from moving around so much. When Molly has some problems with her ex-boyfriend, Lily tells her to see a therapist. Then Lily is upset when Molly asks her mother for help. 

At work, Lily has to make a pitch for Mr. Mondavi, and she carries the LARGEST briefcase I have ever seen. (Haha!) 

Matthew is starting to get fed up with Molly, always being around. He asks Lily how much longer Molly will be staying with them. Then he makes out with Lily while Molly burns a meatloaf for dinner. Lily makes some special date time with Matthew, but Molly finds her way into the topic of conversation. Lily is frustrated and wants her own space. Matthew doesn’t get it and asks Lily to move in with him instead. (He promises to do all the household chores so that she can spend more time… in the bath?!?! Dun. Dun. Dun.) Does Matthew try to finger Lily under the table? Maybe. Then they rush to have sex before Molly can come home. (Too bad Molly watched the whole thing. We get lots of strong male backs and thrusting.)

Molly gets extensions/center part, and Matthew confuses her for Lily kissing on her neck. Lily kicks them both out. Well, just Matthew because Molly is taking over Lily’s life!!! Molly even gets a job at the same interior design firm and steals Lily’s cell phone. Lily’s mom suggests contact Molly’s parents and getting her the help that she needs. CLEARLY, something is off. Lily reaches out to the family via email.

Things escalate pretty. Matthew gets murdered by Molly, and Lily is brought in for questioning by VERY Canadian detectives. Then Molly gets questioned by the detectives and probably killed the neighbor downstairs. 

Lily kicks Molly out of her apartment and googles Molly. She learns that the REAL Molly died from drowning in a bathtub. Lily rushes to save Mrs. Blanksenship, who is not dead but duct-taped to a chair. Lily saves Mrs. B and finds some old letters from the real Molly that have been crossed out. Lily is hit in the head with a vase and wakes up duct-taped herself. 

As she is tied to a chair, Molly comes clean about everything. Her name is Beth, Molly’s jealous little sister. She killed her sister and took over her life. Then she planned to do the same thing to Lily; instead of killing her, she tried to frame Lily for murder. Gordon, Lily’s boss, interrupts the scene and gets stabbed. 

Lily and Molly struggle over a knife. Lily eventually grabs a shard of glass and slits Molly/Beth’s throat. Mrs. B and Gordon live to see another day even though Gordon is super sweaty. Everyone is okay, and Lily goes to visit the REAL Molly’s grave. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Teacher

Elise Gatien is an outstanding actress. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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