Fatal Fiancé (2021 Lifetime)

Fatal Fiancé (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Brittany UnderwoodGreg PerrowCamila Banus

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Leah is kidnapped on the day of her wedding by her fiance’s delusional ex-girlfriend Faith, she does everything within her power to escape. But once she does, she begins to question whether Faith was ever really delusional or if she was just trying to save her life. (2021)


The movie begins with some operatic music and a woman hiding in the woods in a cave.

Leah (played by Brittnay Underwood, not Shakira.) is getting married!!! Leah has dinner with her fiance, Mark. She talks about using men for sex, which is an unusual dinner topic! After some sexy time. Leah does her final wedding dress fitting, and we learn that Mark’s family “died in a car crash when he was in college.” Leah’s mother spends more time talking about Mark’s abs rather than the dress. (Can we see the alleged abs?)

While on the phone with Mark, Leah notices someone is following her. She stops at the bakery to pick up some wedding cake or something, and a brunette woman sneaks into her back seat. Leah notices the woman while she is driving and gets out her pepper spray. The brunette woman attacks Leah and grabs the pepper spray. Then she sprays a random passerby and runs off while screaming at Leah not to marry Mark. Mark explains that the brunette is named Faith, and he used to date her, but she was institutionalized for being a crazy ex-girlfriend. Leah just takes his word for it!!!???

After the rehearsal dinner, Leah is about to look through Mark’s things but decides to take a bath instead. While bathing, she hears a noise and goes to investigate in a bathrobe. It is just Mark. He installs new security cameras at home “to keep her safe.” 

It is the big day! Leah centers her self with some alone time. Including meditation while wearing AirPods. She is chloroformed and kidnapped by Faith. Namaste, Bitch. 

No one really notices/cares that the bride is missing at the wedding, claiming she is habitually late. (Not on your wedding day, boo. It is an all-morning affair, getting ready together, etcetera.) They are all laughing it off and making excuses for Leah. 

Leah is, of course, kidnapped by Faith. Don’t worry; Faith makes Leah a PB&J! (That is a very nice kidnapper.) Faith ties Leah up, brings her to a remote cabin, and tells her how Brian/Mark is a bad guy. Then she rushes out to refill her migraine medicine. (This movie is all over the place.) Faith tells Leah that Brian/Mark is controlling and dangerous. She is just trying to help.

Meanwhile, Mark/Brian reviews the security footage and sees that Faith took his fiance. He heads straight to the cabin and breaks in. Lean screams for Mark and unties herself. Faith pulls a gun on Brian/Mark, and he strangles her, but Faith manages to getaway. Leah sees Mark/Brian’s dark side. Who is she about to marry???

 Mark/Brian orders Chinese and pours up some wine. He has already rescheduled the wedding and sent out the invitations. Leah has reservations, but he convinces her to go through with the wedding as he has planned. Nightmares torment Leah, and she can’t help but see Brian/Mark in a different light. 

Instead of calling the police, Leah goes to the spa with her friend Priya. Mark is controlling and keeps bring up the schedule that he keeps for keeping tabs on Leah at all times. At the spa, a kiddie pool with candles, Leah tells Priya that Mark has been acting more intense lately and has second thoughts.

Meanwhile, Brian/Mark has coffee with Faith. She threatens to go to the police and expose him for who he truly is. Too bad the coffee is poisoned, and he kills her. 

Loud music plays while Brian/Mark syncs phones. Not sure what is happening. They must have lost some footage because a lot of weird edits happen in this sequence, and I’m not following. Leah looks up Mark and Faith online and is caught by her fiance.

Faith somehow survived and is the woman running through the woods at the beginning of the movie. I think Brian/Mark kills her in the middle of the night while Leah continues to have stressful dreams? This movie is a mess. Did they shut down production and just piece together what they could?

The next morning Mark makes dry ass eggs and leaves Leah alone for a few hours. Leah uses the opportunity to visit Faith’s mental institution and talk with her doctor. (Who should be fired for sharing medical information.) She learns that due to an abusive relationship, Faith was admitted for PTSD. THEN Faith shows up at the doctor’s office and is surprisingly alive. Mark/Brian has tried to kill her TWICE and failed.

The shady doctor admits FAith to the hospital, and Leah is by her bedside. (I guess the kidnapping is forgiven!) When Leah steps out, and the hot security guard gets a snack, Brian/Mark attempts to kill Faith again.

Priya and Leah drink wine and talk things through. They go to meet the police in a dark empty house… why??? Leah goes inside and says “hello?” over and over leaving Priya outside to get attacked by Mark/Brian. Leah is alone by a pool and continues to look for the police, who obviously aren’t there. Mark/Brian goes into his villain monologue about how he is meant to be with Leah because she is his equal. The monologue is edited poorly using multiple takes to create an echo effect that no one asked for.

The couple fight and Mark pulls gun on Leah. Leah is saved by Priya. The movie abruptly ends!

Side Note

Minority Report: Dexter, Paramedic, 

Editing in this movie was crazy—so many establishing shots, sound mixing issues, and random cutaways. 

Also known as A Deadly Bridenapping (Which is a word!)

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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  1. I screamed when you said So many establishing shots! 😄Cos i had just said that before I zoned out and came to read synopsis onljne, you could see like 4 establishing shots for one scene and an extra pan across the room before the main action…plus really how is a bride alone on the eve of her wedding or wedding morning. I enjoyed the beautiful cast by the way, movie production
    isn’t a walk in the park. And cool review. Cheers

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