Sorority Murder (2015 Lifetime)

Sorority Murder (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: Scarlett HefnerNicole MuñozSarah Dugdale

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A girl is anxious to get away & start new at college. She’s vulnerable. Grows suspicious of everyone & everything when each one of her newfound “friends” seemingly suspects her for the murder.


The movie begins in the woods with a beautiful butterfly. The woods turn treacherous when a girl hangs from a tree. (Ugh, no lynchings ever Lifetime.)

Flash to two months earlier, Jennifer leaves her alcoholic mother, Melissa, and heads to college. As she is unpacking her car, she meets sorority girls Carly and Alex. They recruit her for Beta Sigs. She turns them down flat out. The girls don’t let up and invite Jennifer to a party. The party is a turn-off, and Jennifer leaves abruptly. She doesn’t want to be around alcohol. Alex is understanding and walks her new friend home. 

The sorority gives Jennifer a bid, and she joins them. (After clearing up some hazing articles she found online.) The good times don’t last because Melissa is back home, getting arrested for drunk driving. Jennifer bails her mother out.

In the sorority house, a blonde bitchy sister named Breanne runs things. She bullies the girls and puts rats under Jennifer and Alex’s bed. Alex is afraid of speaking up to Breanne, but Jennifer is not and confronts her. Only to have Alex not have her back.

Partying and bullying continues. Jennifer and Breanne get into a very public fight, and then Breanne ends up dead. Jennifer is a suspect, and she works to clear her name. Jennifer thinks Alex could be behind the murder because she was a victim of Breanne’s bullying. Alex denies killing her sister. Jennifer asks a cute boy with Darren sideburns to help her look into it, but he is probably responsible. More sleuthing happens; Jennifer even recruits her mother, who is in AA now.  

Police find the murder weapon and a Halloween costume with Jennifer’s initials on them. When Alex is murdered with one of Jennifer’s architecture knives, it looks really bad for her. Melissa helps her daughter come up with an alibi and tells her daughter to go on the run. 

Melissa burst into the sorority house to create a diversion. Jennifer sneaks in and gathers evidence. Something with a set of keys and a hidden door. (eye roll) The hidden room leads to boxes and boxes of archives. In the archives, Jennifer finds photos proving hazing has taken place. Carly attacks her to protect the sorority secrets, but Jennifer manages to get away and uncover video evidence of Breanne circling “trouble spots” on pledges. You’d think she killed someone the dramatic way this movie is treating a hazing ritual. It has literally been depicted on TV for over 20 years. (What I’m saying is there are much worse hazing rituals going on.)

Sorority girls (their individual names don’t matter.) kidnap Jennifer. They drag her into the woods and plan to stage a suicide by hanging. (No.) Melissa and the hunky guy save her in a ridiculous fight scene. Then they chase the girls through the woods. Jennifer stops Carly and holds her to the ground as the police arrive on the scene.

Jennifer moves into a new dorm room and has relayed her relationship with her mother. They slam the door in the face of some blonde sorority girls who try to recruit her and laugh. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Alex, Instructor, Party Boy, Detective Clark/Sanchez, Fiona,  

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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