Sugar Babies (2015 Lifetime)

Sugar Babies (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: Alyson StonerTiera SkovbyeSarah Dugdale

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Persuaded by her roommate, a college student arranges with an older man who pays for her companionship.


The movie starts with a redhead in lingerie dancing for a much older man in a hotel room.

Katie is moving into her college dorm with her parents; they are loving but not very wealthy. Katie can’t even pay for her books at the school books store. A cutie checkout boy named Sean 

Rochelle, Tessa, and Sasha sign up for a sugar babies site and talk about all the money that is going to make. Rochelle is surprised to learn that she is going to have sex with them. (What did she think she was doing?) 

On Rochelle’s first date with Saul Williams, she makes a genuine connection by being open about their objections. She promises to help him with his business and be his arm candy if he allows her to pay her bills/tuition. She takes sex off the table too.  

Tessa is dating Leo Granger; he buys her a dress for a dinner party and needs another girl for a work event. Tessa decides to recruit Katie and invites her to dinner, but doesn’t tell her exactly what she is doing. Katie talks with a man named James, who talks to her about what she is studying. They get drunk and make out but don’t go any further because he has a business trip the next morning. He asks her out again. The next day, Katie is surprised to learn all her books in the bookstore are paid off by James for a lovely night.

Katie asks Tessa what is going on, and they tell her he is her sugar daddy, duh. Katie is freaked out and doesn’t want to be a prostitute, but she likes James. When Katie gets a summer internship abroad but will have to pay for her room and board, she decides to call James. She makes a deal with James, and he agrees to pay for her. They look at art and then makeout. He buys her shoes and wants to provide her will everything. I’m over here waiting for the other shoe to drop. What is the catch?

The girls meet at a fancy restaurant and wine and dine. Sean sees Katie with the more successful older man and is heartbroken. Katie doesn’t even notice; she rushes off with James to a Gala. James starts ignoring her texts when she hits him up for more money. 

Thanksgiving happens, and Katie’s parents find the Sugar Babies website. They scold her and say if she needed money that badly; She should have told them. (So they would feel bad about not having it to give?)

Tessa is abandoned by Leo and is two months behind on her condo. She cries about her dad being a junkie and struggles to know what is real and what is fake from all her lies. Katie and Tessa comfort one another. It is at this point I realize that this is not the typical Lifetime movie. What is with 2015 Lifetime movies trying to be something more family-friendly? Not into it.

Stan is back in town, and Rochelle treats him to room service and sexy dance. He dies in the bed while she is on top of him. She calls Tessa and asks what to do. Tessa helps her cover it up. NOW things are getting more Lifetime, with ten minutes left in the movie. Oh wait, nevermind, she doesn’t get in trouble. Instead, we see Katie and Sean arguing because people at school are calling her a prostitute. 

The women decide to stop being sugar babies and rely on themselves. Katie forgives Sean and they go for coffee. This movie has the lowest stakes ever.

We get recaps about everyone. Rochelle received a nest egg and got her MBA, Sasha is married, and Tessa is a model. Katie graduates. The end.

Side Note

The musical score in this movie was super distracting and felt VERY Hallmark. 

Minority Report: Sasha, Professor, College students, 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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