16 and Missing (2015 Lifetime)

She is not 16.

16 and Missing (2015 Lifetime)

Stars:  Lizze BroadwayMark HapkaDavid StarzykAshley Scott

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A 16-year-old girl goes missing after an online relationship with an older man.


Julia has a top-secret FBI job and a loving husband and daughter. She boards a flight for an assignment and is dropped off by her husband and daughter. On their drive back home, they are followed by a car. (We find out later that the father was murdered in front of his daughter and Abbey was abducted but escaped.)

Ten years later. Julia has shorter hair and a new husband named Abbey. Her daughter, Janelle, is now sixteen and angsty as hell. The mother and daughter get into a fight, and Abbey plans on leaving to live with her twenty-three-year-old online boyfriend, Gavin. Abbey’s friend Janelle tries to stop her from going, but it is no use. Abbey chats with Gavin and tells him that she is driving her new car to see him. IN ANOTHER STATE! She sneaks out of the house and drives through the night.

The next morning, Julia and Daniel wake up to find Abbey gone. Julia talks to Janelle and finds out that Abbey was talking to a boy online. Janelle’s parents are horrified that the girls are talking to strangers online and ban their daughter from using social media and her laptop in her bedroom. (Haha, okay, Mom.)

Abbey makes it to Arizona. She meets Gavin, who is handsome but looks much older than his pictures. The pictures are the first of his lies. He impersonates a police officer and drives her in her car to a secluded location so they can make out and eat french fries. Gavin seems like maybe he isn’t that bad. Oh, wait, he is a convicted convict and was messaging from prison. Cool, cool.

Julia makes it to town and learns that Gavin’s name is Wesley and is armed and dangerous. When she gets to his trailer, no one is there. Julia screams for her daughter. Then she gets a text from Wesley junior. Julia has her ex-co-worker from the FBI look into it. 

Gavin/Wesley pressures Abbey to have sex with him and lies about not being able to get pregnant on your first time. Abbey is gullible; she even trusts him when she sees a diploma with Wesley. Then she finds mail, and his text messages say Wesley that she realizes he is lying to her. She confronts Gavin/Wesley and is confused. Gavin/Wesely explains that his father was murdered and grew up in foster care. Gavin/Wesley gets aggressive, and Abbey wants to leave. It is, of course, too late. 

Abbey runs into the woods, and Gavin/Wesley hides after her. She hides like she did when she was younger, but Gavin/Wesley catches her and sits on top of her. He holds a gun to her head. He throws her in the car and tells her that Julia killed his father, and he is getting his revenge. (Oh and that he killed Abbey’s father, that is why he was in prison.)

Julia finds them on a construction site. Julia calls to Gavin/Wesley and explains that his father went rogue and was working for the cartel. Julia shot her partner by accident. Gavin/Wesley isn’t buying it and comes out in plain sight so Julia can watch him kill her daughter. Julia shoots him, and Abbey tells him to go to hell. The FBI showed up too late and wasn’t much help. 

Abbey returns home to a warm welcome from family and friends. I’m not sure why because she was terrible to everyone in this movie and also caused so much trouble. Abbey is the worst.

Side Note

Minority Report: Martin, Bobby

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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