The Preacher’s Sin (2015 Lifetime)

The Preacher’s Sin (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: JR BourneAllie GoninoTara Spencer-Nairn

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Evan Tanner’s life is spiraling out of control when his live-in niece is arrested for the second time, his boss imposes on him an unacceptable contract, and to top it all, he discovers he has a son from a one night affair during the war… When his niece is murdered and signs point to Tinsey – his boss’ daughter – Evan is confronted with making the toughest decision of his life. Risk everything he’s achieved in his life or do the righteous thing! But Tinsey will stop at nothing to keep her secret.


Radio religious personality and host of the show “Family in the Forefront.” Even Tanning is disappointed when his niece is arrested for drinking and BJing while driving. (Well, her boyfriend was driving. You get the idea!) Evan and his wife, Lauren, try to discipline the troubled teen. The whole ordeal is terrible PR for Evan’s religious empire. His business partner/Manager, Bill Taggert, ups their cut of investments to 80%. Meanwhile, his brat daughter, Tinsley, plans on throwing an extravagant party. 

At a book signing, a man named Gabe asks Evan to sign his book for “Monica Roswell.” The interaction rattles Evan, and he looks up the woman online. (They clearly have a past.) Gabe then calls in to the radio show and talks about his ailing mother. He asks for advice on how to speak to his father. Evan hangs up on Gabe and claims it was a technical error. He privately calls Gabe and agrees to meet. Gabe’s mother is on her death bed and talks with Evan. She begs for forgiveness for keeping him away from his son. Evan prays for guidance and their family.

A cutie named Quinton invites Jamie to Tinsley’s party. Tinsley is upset that the boy she likes making out with Jamie. Enraged, she calls the police on her party. Jamie and Quinton are too busy hooking up in an upstairs bedroom to notice the house’s police storming. Jamie is arrested again. Quinton stops hanging out with Jamie because his parents she is a bad influence. 

Monica passes away, and at the funeral, Evan offers to give Gabe a job at his radio station. Bill does not like the optics of an illegitimate son running around. He gives Gabe a chance but demands silence, on the whole, being Evan’s son thing.

Tinsley bullies Jamie in school, and when Jamie doesn’t react, she goes after Jamie’s cousin Sarah. Jamie will not stand for that and reconnects with Quinton. After they have sex, she texts Tinsley from his phone to lure her to a parking lot in the middle of the night. The girls scream at each other, but Tinsley runs Jamie over with her car in a fit of rage. Then she smashes her head in with a rock over and over. Tinsley moves the body and goes home and cleans herself up. 

Lauren and Evan are concerned when Jamie goes missing. Lauren and Sarah talk to a detective and share that Tinsley has been harassing Jamie. A jogger finds her body down by the river in an apparent suicide. 

Quinton and Sarah share with Lauren that they think Tinsley is behind the murders. Lauren takes the information to the police. Evan also has a secret to share with Lauren. He had an affair and has an illegitimate son. Lauren kicks him out of the house.

With the movie, almost over and REALLY needing to wrap things up. Detectives find car paint at the crime scene, Evan confesses to his family drama on the radio, and police arrest Tinsely in school.

Sad music plays while Evan, Lauren, and Sarah visit Jamie’s grave. Lauren and Evan makeup and invites Gabe over for dinner. Lauren embraces him like a family member. The camera pans on a picture of Jamie and fades to black. The end!

Side Note

This dad/uncle was pretty sexy; he should be in more Lifetime movies. 

Minority Report: Gabe, Monica, 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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  1. It shows how real bullying is in schools. There is nothing worse than knowing how someone feels when they are bullied in high school. I was bullied throughout high school and I still have issues today. Jamie did a phenomenal job in this movie. I highly respect her Uncle who went public regarding his son and threats he got from his boss. The movie really touched my heart there needs to be more like this to help others who have been in this situation in the past.

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