Ruthless Realtor (2020 Lifetime)

Ruthless Realtor (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Christie BursonBrian AmesLily Anne Harrison 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Annie and Ralph Savage move into their dream home, their happiness is interrupted by their off-kilter realtor, Meg, who shows up at their home frequently unannounced and is obsessed with their relationship. As Annie and Ralph become increasingly uncomfortable with Meg’s behavior, they push her away, but Meg refuses to go quietly, claiming someone is out to kill the Savages. When Meg continues to show up in their lives, the police get involved and arrest Meg. But when Meg sends Annie a packet of information about the house to prove previous homeowners have been targeted by a deadly prowler, Annie begins to wonder if Meg is really unhinged or trying to save their lives.


A mand is getting sprayed with some gas or something and having a severe brawl with a person in a gas mask. It is intense. We see a flyer for Meg Atkins.

Ralph is a photographer, and he takes a liking to a brunette realtor named Meg. The trouble is he already has a girlfriend, Annie. They make the mistake of acting interested in Meg’s listing, and she sinks her teeth into them. After flirting with Ralph in front of his wife, Meg shows them a creepy basement (or dungeon), but the couple seems thrilled? They decide to take the place, but a bitchy buyer named Lynette also has a bid in. She is straight-up rude to everyone. 

Meg shares the exciting news that Ralph and Annie that they got the house. Then she proceeds to hit on Ralph again blatantly. When Meg finds a pregnancy test in the trash, she congratulates Annie before the wife can tell her husband that she is pregnant!!! Meg also steals the pregnancy test, which is very strange. Then she mounts the pregnancy test in a frame and gifts it to the couple. Annie is unimpressed and chugs her wine. (Oh wait, should she be drinking? She is pregnant, haha.)

Ralph runs into Meg, and she takes him up on an offer she made to take her headshots. They go to his studio in the creepy basement to take pictures. Meg changes with the bathroom door open, and Ralph accidentally walks in on her buck naked. A photoshoot montage happens, which I’m here for. Then they develop the photos together and make out. Ummm, wait. It is just a fantasy of Megs. Meg makes a move on him, and he turns her down. Then Meg hits her head and screams that she is stupid. It is awkward. 

The next day at Annie’s office, Meg shows up with flowers to apologize. Annie isn’t having it and calls security on Meg. Annie is brutally honest and tells Meg that she is not her friend, and it was a mistake to buy the house from her. Meg is dragged out of the office, kicking and screaming. Annie calls Lynette and tells her that Meg rigged the sale, and it wasn’t fair. 

Meg calls Lynette too and orders more pain pills. Meg and Lynette have a history and are working together? Then Meg starts stalking the couple. She looks in their windows and chases Annie in a parking garage. They find her in the house, claiming someone with a gas mask on is in the house. Meg claims she is trying to help them and can’t understand why no one will listen to her. 

Lynette and Annie meet up and shares the backstory about Meg. According to her, Meg stalked a couple of previously and had a mental breakdown. She has been on medication ever since. Lynette offers to buy the house off the market with cash at 10% over the market price from Annie. Annie declines.

Meg is straight up in jail! She writes on post its and sticks them to her cell wall while looking through papers. Then, Meg sends the documents to Annie and Ralph. They review them by candlelight. Annie visits Meg in jail and listens to her story. Lynette grew up in the house, and something happened to her parents when she was fifteen. 

While enjoying some more wine, Annie hears the police. Meg escaped from jail, and a police officer is stationed outside of their house. Then the power goes out in their home. Annie and Ralph can’t catch a break.

The cop is murdered outside, leaving the couple inside to fend for themselves. They decide to split up. It doesn’t go well Ralph is knocked out by the masked singer, and Meg tackles Annie in a prison jumpsuit. Then she is gassed by the masked person. 

Annie wakes up, tied up in the basement with Meg and Ralph. The masked person in Lynette and we should have seen it coming. Meg was telling the truth, she wasn’t talking the couple… Lynette was. Lynette demolishes a wall with a sledgehammer and reveals two skeletons. Her parents that she killed. She then shows MORE skeletons of people she has killed?!?! 

Meg dislocates her shoulder very dramatically and unties Annie. Ralph meanwhile is worthless. Where is his sexy ass? Lynette finds them as the lights go back on. The three ladies right over a sledgehammer, and it is all too much. The fight choreographer was putting in overtime here. Geez! Lynette is knocked out, and Meg/Annie hug. Then they remember Ralph. (He is a goofball.) Meg is taken back to jail, and Annie represents her in court.

Three months later, Meg is selling the house to a new handsome man. Maybe they will become an item. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Security guards, Cop, Corrections officer. Assistant, A cop who is murdered and has a wife and kid at home? Come on.

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Overall rating

šŸ”ŖšŸ”ŖšŸ”Ŗ (3 Knives)

šŸ·šŸ· (2 glasses of wine required unless you are pregnant!)

*Photo Credit: Ā© 2020 Lifetime


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