Sorority Secrets (2020 Lifetime)

Sorority Secrets (2020 Lifetime)

Cast:  Brytnee RatledgeDuncan BahrAbigail BaldwinShayna Benardo

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Cassie is thrilled when she’s accepted as a mid-year transfer into an elite sorority, complete with free housing, tuition assistance, and a great alumni network. However, when Cassie uncovers that the chapter president and advisor are running an escort service with girls from the sorority–she realizes this “little secret” just might kill her.


Masquerade kicks off this movie. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. A college guy named Charlie is asking Cassie and is stabbed to death.

Three months earlier, Cassie has her scholarship taken away and has to work extra to make up the tuition cost. When Cassie learns that Sororities help cover scholarships, she quickly tries to apply to Lambda. The girls working the booth turn her down until a sister, Lisa, vouches for her. 

Cassie is in and moves into a massive house with the help of her mother, Debra. (Who looks more like her sister.) Wendy, the house mother, kicks Debra out pretty much when she arrives. Monica, the president of Lamda, will be Cassie’s big and promises Debra she will take care of her daughter. 

Wendy, the house mother, seems very controlling and won’t let Carrie study in the library. Carrie skips the library and heads to the train station. She is pushed in front of a moving train and killed. Poor Carrie! Oh, actually no one cares in the sorority house. They wonder if since Carrie’s death was ruled a suicide, they get a 4.0 for the semester. 

Wendy insists that everyone get ready for the white party and put Carrie out of their mind. The white party is extravagant, and Cassie meets a cute bartender Charlie. (The guy from the beginning of the movie who gets stabbed.) Wendy pulls Cassie away to “speak” with older male alumni. Someone slips something is Cassie’s drink, and she stumbles home and is almost hit by a car. Campus security makes sure she gets home safely. 

The next day, Cassie blames the bartender, but he insists that he didn’t do it. He tells her to be careful because she is a sophomore.

Cassie is recruited to the social committee and is allowed to fly first class to meet more male alumni. Cassie goes for an interview with Simon, the man from the party, and wears a suit. Wendy forces her to change into a cocktail dress, which seems inappropriate. Even more problematic, Simon wines and dines Cassie and then starts undressing her. Cassie bolts and meets up with the bartender Charlie. Someone tries to kill her by dropping a brick on her, but Charlie saves her.

Cassie’s room is moved, and Wendy tells her it is because she will be taking over in Monica’s spot. Monica will no longer be with the sorority. Cassie will be working for Simon over the summer, even though he is sexually harassing her. 

Kerrie is killed next, and a memorial service happens for her, I guess she was better liked. When Kerrie was pushed in front of a movie car, she was wearing Cassie’s jacket.

Simon keys into Cassie’s room in the middle of the night. Cassie screams and scares him off. Lisa sets Cassie straight and lets her know that they are prostitutes. Since everything comes through the sorority, it is not technically illegal. Cassie wants to go to the executive board and turn Wendy in. The plan doesn’t work because Lisa overdoses before she can talk. (She is in the hospital in a coma.) 

Monica is back and tells Cassie that she is in over her head and doesn’t help, which is rude. Cassie takes a bubble bath and some tires to drown her, but she cuts them with her razor. 

Unfazed, Cassie goes on a study date with Charlie. He orders Italian and encourages her to open up about what is going on in her life. (Which is quite a lot.) He calls Cassie’s mom and tells her what is going on. Good job, Charlie! Debra is determined to help her daughter figure all of this out. 

Cassie essentially goes along with Wendy setting her up with Simon to gather more evidence. She is also still planning the masquerade and will most likely use the theme to her advantage. 

At the masquerade, the ethics counsel is watching along with masks on. Cassis and her sister, I mean mother, Debra, wear the same dress. When Monica shows up looking fabulous, and Cassie asks her to leave. 

Cassie asks Wendy to know what the terms are if she sleeps with Simon. She makes Wendy spell it out for her. The ethics council hears the whole conversation and calls the police. They attempt to expel Cassie; only it wasn’t Cassie who entrapped Wendy… it was HER MOTHER!

Charlie tells Cassie that he loves her. Then he swerves topics and asks Cassie if she thinks Wendy killed all those girls. He asks her on a date, and they almost kiss. Monica stabs Charlie. 

Apparently, Monica is in love with Simon and thinks that Cassie is trying to steal her man. Monica and Cassie struggle over a knife, and Monica is knocked over a balcony and killed. 

Cassie works to stop exploitation, and her mother is the new house mother. Cassie goes on a date with Charlie, and they plan to eat only finger foods… no knives. Haha. Cute. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Bianca, Server, Kerrie, Iris,

Let’s give Brytnee Ratledge a Christmas movie. She would rock that shit.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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