The Wrong Real Estate Agent (2021 Lifetime)

The Wrong Real Estate Agent (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Vivica A. FoxAndres LondonoAlaya Lee WaltonGina HiraizumiTom Sandoval

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A single working mother, Julie, and her teenage daughter, Maddie, rent a beautiful house on several acres of land from a friendly real estate agent, Charles, who they know well and lives nearby. However, after mother and daughter move in, strange noises and occurrences lead them to suspect someone else may be living on their property and will not go away. (2021)


A brunette woman is watched by someone in a black hoodie in a sleepy nanny camp filled suburban home. The lady grabs a knife and screams, “WHY WON’T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Ms. Vivica A. Fox wears a yellow dress and looks amazing. In this Wrong Movie, she plays Julie. She works with her friend, named Annie. (Gina Hiraizumi with fantastic hair. As always.) A man named Charles finds Ms. Vivica A. Fox and her daughter, Maddie, a new home during a difficult transition period. (Ms. Vivica A. Fox’s husband left her with an unpaid mortgage. Charles helped her get back on her feet. He even offers her a job at his Real Estate firm.) The house comes with a hunk/murder handyman, Connor. (And a mysterious man in the bushes taking photos on a cell phone.)

In the middle of the night, someone lurks around the house, and Ms. Vivica A. Fox & Maddie are unnerved. Ms. Vivica A. Fox walks around in fabulous zebra print PJs. The next day Maddie’s boyfriend, Shane, sees the man in the bushes, but the bushman laughs it off as a misunderstanding claiming to be a neighbor. Charles helps out again by installing a security alarm. Of course, only he and Ms. Vivica A. Fox knows the passcode.

Strange things keep happening around the house. The shower is left on; things bumping around in the attic, oh and Connor keeps popping up in windows. (Or is it him?) Connor works around the house the next day and checks out the attic, he says it isn’t finished, and there is no way someone could be up there. (And I think he says peanut butter is there as well?) Connor finds a Vol in the attic. No clue what that is.

Annie stops by and runs into the neighbor who is still in the bushes, but this time he is shirtless. He explains that he is concerned because he has seen Connor lurking around the house. Annie explains that he is just the handyman. NBD! 

Ms. Vivica A. Fox hears more noises at night, but this time it is sexy noises. Maddie and Shane are making out while he is shirtless. Ms. Vivica A. Fox catches them and drags Shane out, and schools her daughter with some proper motherly discipline. Love Ms. Vivica A. Fox playing a mother who is a boss a home, at work, and in life.

When Charles overhears Ms. Vivica A, Fox talking to Annie about going on a date, he excuses himself to slap himself angrily. Then we see that HE is the one living in the attic. Charles watches Ms. Vivica A. Fox leave for her date. Then we get ANOTHER shirtless scene of Tyler James White. This time, he works out while talking to Maddie as she is unknowingly in the same house as a stalker. (I’m not mad about it! More shirtless hunks, please!)

The date with Ron goes well. Ms. Vivica A. Fox talks to him about his IT career catching hackers and his recent divorce/children in college. These things would be a turn off for me, but Ms. Vivica A. Fox is IN. TO. IT. She even let him kiss her hand. 

Ron begins to be followed by Charles, who has completely lost it. Charles creeps up on Ron in broad daylight after slashing his tires. Charles stabs Ron and kills him. Ugh! Ron was perfect for Ms. Vivica A. Fox.

Connor, the handyman, is next on the kill list. He finds Ron’s body in the garage after noticing a smell coming from the garage. He is taken out with a shovel. 

Ms. Vivica A. Fox gets “stood up” for her second date. Charles happens to be at the same restaurant and joins Ms. Vivica A. Fox. He talks in Real Estate metaphors, suggesting that he is the romantic choice that she should be considering. Ms. Vivica A. Fox notices Charles is on edge and forces him to toast her to lighten the mood. She then goes home and locks all the doors, understandably feeling creeped out.

Ms. Vivica A. Fox finds the surveillance room and thinks that Connor has been spying on them. They call the cops, and a lady detective is on the case. Maddie stays with Shane for the night while Charles invites himself over to stay with Ms. Vivica A. Fox. They go out for pizza, and she promptly puts Charles into the friend zone. (Which pisses him off again and causes a mini-freakout.) He insists on staying over another night and comes off desperate AF.

Annie talks to the bush man again and finds out that Charles has an ex-girlfriend who used to live with him in the house but left in the middle of the night. Annie tracks down the woman and gives Ms. Vivica A. Fox her number. Ms. Vivica A. Fox goes into investigative mode, driving into the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Bush Man takes a steamy shower and is killed for spilling Charles’ secrets. 

Maddie, unknowingly in danger, lets Charles into the house to wait for her mother to return. Charles gets an alert on his phone that someone entered his home. It is Ms. Vivica A. Fox, who is looking for ANSWERS! She finds them in the garage. The bodies, that is. Ms. Vivica A. Fox high tails out of there and calls Maddie to warn her about Charles. Then she actually calls the police and leaves a message. Then she calls 911.

Charles grabs Maddie and holds her at knifepoint. Ms. Vivica A. Fox bursts into the house, calling out “Maddie” over and over. Connor screams about his feelings for Ms. Vivica A. Fox as the police pull up, but Charles gets away.

One week later, Lady Detective and Annie try to convince Ms. Vivica A. Fox that everything is fine. It isn’t, of course, Charles is still living in the attic?!?!? WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!????

Side Note

Minority Report: Julie, Charles, Connor, Maddie, Annie, Shane, Detective Simms, Ron, Hot Cop, Realtor, Joyce, Waiter, 

Tom Sandoval is from Vanderpump Rules 

Gotta shout out Blake Turner for whatever he is doing in the wardrobe department. Ms. Vivica A. Fox’s wardrobe is flawless.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. This was a fun movie. I was confused by the continuity error, showing Ron, answering his door, when Charles knocks. There are real estate signs, stacked nearby. Ron’s not a real estate agent. Later, the very same door, turns out to be the door to Charles’ home. The real estate signs are still stacked near the door. Oops. There’s also a scene where it appears to be nighttime on Maddie’s end of a local phone call, and daytime, on Shane’s end of the call (according to the view from the windows, in the scene). Still, Vivica Fox doesn’t disappoint. It’s always a treat to see her, in anything.

  2. Also, Charles was not living with the woman who previously lived in the house. She said, he kept stopping by and she even caught him looking in her windows. That’s what creeped her out and caused her to sneak away, in the night. Also, I wholeheartedly agree with your shoutout, to Blake Turner, for Vivica Fox’s wardrobe. She looked great.

  3. These reviews crack me up haha. Also,
    1. Connor put peanut butter in a trap to catch the vole in the attic (a vole is a like a mouse)
    2. At the end of the movie, charles has relocated to the attic of some other lady’s house
    Side note: it really bothered me that shirtless bushman never made an effort to meet his neighbors despite him being concerned about their safety like dude just go knock on their door instead of jumpscaring anyone leaving their house

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