My Family’s Secret (2010 Lifetime)

My Family’s Secret (2010 Lifetime)

Cast: Nicholle TomDylan NealPeter MacNeill

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Grady has multiple personality disorder. Lara doesn’t know she just angered the most dangerous one.


Jason writes a suicide letter to his wife while downing vodka and pills. Lara comes home early from work and finds her husband passed out in bed. She calls 911, and he is rushed to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. Jason doesn’t want to live anymore and has suffered childhood trauma that he struggles to remember. 

Grady is Jason’s brother and works at a diner. He is offered a position as Assistant Manager, and it seems to stress him out. The stress causes him to put on glasses and take on a different personality. He works at a bookstore. (Get it, because he wears glasses.) When a customer hits on his co-worker (Candy), Grady shifts into someone named Joseph and kills the man in the bathroom. 

Lara reaches out to Grady to tell him about the treatment Jason will need and wants to refinance the house. Grady manages the estate. He offers Lara a place to stay since she went out of her way to visit him. They cook dinner together, and Lara tries to find out more about Jason’s past from Grady. He doesn’t understand what Lara is talking about and asks Joseph to take over. (Grady literally speaks in the mirror to Joseph’s image.) He excuses himself for the night and has a roundtable discussion with his alter egos.

The next morning, Lara brings up Carol Anne, Grady’s sister, who drowned when she was young. Grady and his alters regret inviting Lara to stay with them. Lara does some serious snooping and looks into places that she shouldn’t. She asks Aunt June, a gossip, in a diner about the family. She shares that Jason and Grady’s father, Paul, was a terrible man. Their mother shot herself after their sister died, leaving them with an abusive father. Before she can talk anymore, Grady kills Aunt June by sending her flying down the stairs. 

Lara then visits Mr. Darcy at an old folk’s home. He thinks she is Elizabeth, his wife. She presses him about Carol Anne and her drowning. He gets angry and screams at her about Jason abandoning his family. Grady watches the whole thing and knows that Lara is snooping. 

Candy stops by the house and tells Lara that Grady has been acting strangely lately. Jason calls and knows about the split personalities? Couldn’t he have let his wife know about them? Lara shoots Grady is self-defense. I don’t’ really know why. I stopped caring. 

Seven months later, Lara is pregnant, and Jason is out of treatment. Candy helps them sell the house. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Nurse

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