Deadly Honeymoon (2010 Lifetime)

Chris Carmack and I are from the same hometown and Summer Glau and I have the same beach cover up.

Deadly Honeymoon (2010 Lifetime)

Cast: Summer GlauChris CarmackZoe McLellan 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A couple marries in Hawaii and embarks on a honeymoon cruise where things go wrong.


The movie begins with new reporters hounding a woman named Lindsey. Something “tragic” happened on a cruise. Oh, the film is clear to inform us that this is NOT a true story.

Six months earlier, Trevor and Lindsey are getting married on a beach. They will be going on a Hawaiian cruise for their honeymoon. They spend less time romancing and more time partying. Trevor makes friends with some Hungarians, and Lindsey is unimpressed but makes friends with a woman named Kim.

When Kim blows off a workout date, Lindsey is concerned, but Trevor only wants to party. They both go out to the dance club on the boat to drink and dance again with the Hungarians. The next morning they both go missing too. The find Lindsey below deck in the ship bewildered and still in her nightclub wear from the previous evening. She conveniently has lost her memory, AND there is a female FBI agent named Gwen on board. 

Gwen and the hotel staff search the honeymoon suite for clues. They find broken glass, Lindsey’s engagement ring, and blood on the boat’s bed/side. Lindsey tells them about the Hungarian men. The cabin is sealed off because it is a crime scene. Then Gwen reviews the security footage from the bar and identifies the suspects. They talk about a cruise ship being the perfect place to commit a crime. No jurisdiction. (This is another reason for me NEVER to take a cruise.) 

Lindsey video chats with her parents and has a breakdown. (Understandably! If Chris Carmack was MY husband and he went missing, I’d be super upset that sexy man was gone.) Lindsey gets a call from her new friend Kim. One of the Hungarians named Max, raped her. That is why she has been lying low on the boat. Lindsey tries to get her to make a report. Kim refuses to do the “he said, she said” thing.

Through flashback, we see Trevor and Lindsey arguing in front of the Hungarians. Lindsey storms off, and Trevor comments like, “It must bing THAT time of the month.” (eye roll.) 

The boat security and Gwen question the Hungarians who say they left a very drunk Trevor in his room and say Lindsey is probably responsible. Gwen and the boat security guy are forming an inappropriate relationship. While they are flirty and reviewing footage, they find Lindsey making out with a man who isn’t her husband. When they confront her about it, Lindsey claims she was drugged and promises to press about it after getting off the boat. Gwen tells Lindsey that she is quite the actress, after talking to the man, Luca, in the video. 

Kim shows Lindsey a website of missing people from boats and then grills her about her plan once she is off the boat. Lindsey lawyers up and starts looking into Trevor’s life insurance policy because he is presumed dead. She realizes that there isn’t going to be a lot of money coming in. 

Lindsey’s memory suddenly comes back. She admits to Gwen that she did make out with Luca but stopped things before they went too far. She went back to the room to watch the wedding video while taking pills. She sees footage of Trevor doing cocaine and throws the camera angrily. 

Realizing that she has implicated herself, Lindsey goes off on the Hungarians. She calls them rapists and puts Kim on blast. Security interview Kim and tell her she will need to testify in their home country if she wants to press charges. (This is terrible!)

Gwen and her boat security boyfriend walk through the scene of the crime and find evidence tampering. Through another flashback, we see what Gwen thinks happened on the boat. Lindsey and Trevor get into an argument, and he falls off.

Back to the present day, Gwen watches Lindsey avoid the press. The family and cruise company reach a three million dollar settlement. She receives the camera in the mail and watches the footage. Trevor wasn’t only doing cocaine at the wedding. He was also sleeping with Lindsey’s best friend. A motive for murder? Yeah.

Lindsey runs a fancy New York boutique and killed her husband. She still has nightmares of him drowning and screaming for help. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Lindsey, wedding guests, Ben,

Good cast, but the pacing was sooo slow on this one.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2010 Lifetime

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