Deadly Isolation (2005 Lifetime)

The bass bedpost should be a giveaway that this movie is OLD

Deadly Isolation (2005 Lifetime)

Cast:  Sherilyn FennNicholas LeaAndreas Apergis

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

In a quaint and quiet island community off Maine’s coast, Susan is a young widow suffering from profound grief for the loss of her husband, Ron. Two escaped convicts suffer from their kind of deep distress at the loss of their diamonds stolen in a heist they participated in the year before, spear-headed by Susan’s now late husband. One of the convicts poses as an old college friend of Ron’s, enabling him to get close to a still vulnerable Susan and even closer to the diamonds.


Police dogs chase two jewelry thieves through the woods but loose there trial. The men, Patrick and Kyle, hold up in a shack with a former business partner who is supposed to have the diamonds. He tells them that the stones are missing and are most likely in another accomplice’s house, who recently killed himself.

Cut to, Susan who lives on a remote iland and inexplicably wears pigtails. Kirby, the local Sherriff, has a crush on Susan and checks in on her and her dog frequently. Susan notices a boat drifting close to shore and rushes out on her pontoon when she sees a man unconscious. She drives the boat into her dock and helps the man inside. It is Patrick, and he makes up a story about knowing Susan’s husband in college and renames himself Jeff. 

A delightful doctor (Played by Joanna Noyes) thinks he might have a concussion and puts Jeff/Patrick on bed rest. As he rests, Susan opens up about her husband’s suicide, and the two make a connection over the grief. 

Lisa, Susan’s meddling friend, hears of the handsome man washing up onshore and tells her friend to go for it! Susan makes it clear that she isn’t interested in dating. Then they drink wine and play cards. They bond over loneliness, which seems an awful lot like a date to me!

Sheriff Kerby comes by to check on Susan and gives Jeff/Patrick the third degree. He is protective of Susan and has his deputy look into the new stranger online. The deputy finds out that the name gives is for a dead man

Susan and Jeff/Patrick go for a walk, and her dog, Nelson, falls into the water. He almost drowns, but Jeff/Patrick saves him. She is forever indebted to him now. They talk more about Ron, her dead husband, and even makeout. (Later, they slow dance?)

While Susan goes shopping for makeup and looks into Ron’s suicide, Jeff/Patrick breaks into the house and looks for the diamonds. The doctor who ruled Ron’s death a suicide is also working with the jewelry thieves. 

A 2005 sex scene happens, which involves dorky music and shots of legs rubbing together. Jeff/Patrick and Susan cuddle afterward. Ewww. They are essentially living together at this point, giving him ample time to look for the diamonds.

Susan is a painter and doesn’t understand money things. She gets a tip from one of Ron’s friends to look into his financials, and things are not adding up. 

Kirby thinks things are strange, too, and confronts Jeff/Patrick about his story not adding up. Jeff/Patrick kills Kirby and then stages a car crash to cover up the murder. Susan is devastated. When she sees concrete that was on the scene of the accident on Jeff’s boots, she is suspicious. 

Jeff/Patrick knows that she is onto him and stops her from leaving the house. Susan pulls a gun on him and screams at him, but she is surprised when Kyle, the partner, jumps out with a gun. They force her inside. Susan watches on as they ransack the house for diamonds.

Susan escapes and runs to her art studio and hides in a hidden room with a secret door. (The seems pretty convenient.) Kyle forces her out by dumping gasoline down the air ducts. Then he screams, “TELL US WHERE THE DIAMONDS ARE!!!!” The men shoot one another at the same time, which is really stupid. Jeff/Patrick kills himself when the police arrive.

One month later, Susan writes her husband a letter. She sells the house and moves off the island.

Side Note

Minority Report: Reporter

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2005 Lifetime

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