Stalked by My Doctor: The Return (2016 Lifetime)

Stalked by My Doctor: The Return (2016 Lifetime)

Stars: Eric RobertsClaire BlackwelderHilary Greer

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After Dr. Albert Beck miraculously saves a teenage girl from drowning during spring break, he shows up at her school back home to check on her… and pursue his obsession.


In Mexico, “Victor” (Dr. Albert Beck) is hiding from the FBI after his last stalking/killing spree. He meets a woman named Rachel. At first, she is impressed with him but becomes annoyed. 

Later on the beach, Dr. Beck is comically hiding from the police and trying to not draw attention to himself when he sees a drowning teen being dragged from the ocean. Dr. Beck does compressions while screaming, “Don’t Go!” He saves her and does a terrible at laying low.

The teen’s name is Amy, and her mother is named Linda. They thank him for his life-saving skillz and invite him to dinner. He declines but takes a picture with them. Then he goes home and talks to his virtual therapist. He tells her that he plans on dating the mother to get closer to the daughter. He breathed his life into the teen, after all. The therapist is very concerned and offers to send him some medication. Dr. Beck declines.

Back in the USA, Dr. Beck has flashbacks to the terrible things he did the last time he was in the country. The customs agent doesn’t even bat an eye. He tracks down Amy and sits outside her school in a car. Her boyfriend notices Dr. Beck and pulls him out of his car and punches him for being a creeper. Amy stops Garth and takes Dr. Beck to lunch. She wants to set him up with her mom.

Linda is reluctant to go. She hasn’t been on a date since her husband died (He fell off a ladder.), and he has a lot of social anxiety. Linda thinks it is weird a man she met for 30 minutes wants to take her out. The date happens, and Dr. Beck fantasizes about slitting her throat. Somehow she is won over by him and invites the doctor to her house to make her his special tea to calm her nerves. Then he has her stand on a book to get over her fear of heights. Later, Dr. Beck puts some roofie tea in Linda’s fridge. Amy drinks it by mistake and gets very sick. Dr. Beck comes over and draws blood and later tells her that she has genital herpes. 

Garth is next on Dr. Beck’s list, he asks him about dating Amy and tells him to play the field while he is young. Garth says that he is going to marry Amy. Then the doctor goes home and makes “Amy” pancakes. He tells Amy that Garth probably gave her genital herpes and is a liar. Amy confronts Garth about cheating on her and demands to know how she got genital herpes. Garth flips it around and blames Amy. Amy breaks it off with him. Check for Dr. Beck.

A montage of Dr. Beck helping Linda getting over her fear of heights. Linda is falling in love with him. She is disappointed when she hears that Amy is feeling uncomfortable with Dr. Beck now. When Amy says that Dr. Beck was making sexual advances, Linda doesn’t believe her daughter?!?!? Linda asks Dr. Beck about the incident, and he denies everything and says that Amy is probably jealous. 

Amy’s life is falling apart. The students at school are bullying her about her genital herpes, and she blames Garth. Dr. Beck comforts her and apologizes for making Amy feel uncomfortable. She forgives him and blames herself for misinterpreting the situation. Then the doctor has a dream of them making out and practically have sex on the couch. Linda catches them and faints, falling to her death. But it is all a dream, the stalked by my doctor movies, love a proper dream sequence. 

Amy and Linda fight again; this time Linda says that she is getting married. Amy calls her slacker uncle and tells him he needs to come down to talk sense into Linda. She tells him that she is not going to call it off just because her drug-dealing brother comes out of nowhere to stop her. When Roger meets Dr. Beck, they hit it off and become friends. (Much to Amy’s annoyance.) Then Roger catches Victor/Dr. Beck in a lie and becomes suspicious. 

Roger goes to the hospital and asks a nurse to look into Victor’s medical license. He finds out that Dr. Victor is a fraud and doesn’t have a license. He calls his sister and leaves her a voicemail warning her about Victor/Dr. Beck. Dr. Beck sees the voicemail first and knows that Roger is on to him. He goes to Roger’s house and kills him with a syringe and melts him in the bathtub.

It is wedding time! Roger is MIA, but Amy is there disapproving the whole time. Dr. Beck takes a virtual therapy break, and Dr. Clark. says she has evidence that she knows who he really is. Then she connects him with the FBI. Amy walks in and finds Dr. Beck talking to a blank screen. Even his therapist is a delusion. 

Instead of telling her mother about what she saw, Amy lets Linda leave with the doctor. Garth calls and tells Amy that he thinks Dr. Beck swapped the test intentionally. Amy realizes that Dr. Beck is genuinely crazy. She breaks into his house and finds the place is empty except for a few articles about the woman who died in a boating accident. Amy realizes her mother is in trouble and rushes to save her. 

Linda speeds away with Dr. Beck, and her cellphone has been turned off. They drink champagne in a bed filled with rose pedals. Dr. Beck ties her up like it is foreplay, but things get awkward when he leads her to a ledge and takes off the blindfold. Linda is terrified and about to fall to her death when Amy arrives. Dr. Beck pushes Linda off and wrestles Amy to the ground. Linda pulls herself back up and saves her daughter!

The police arrive and take Dr. Beck away. He only managed to kill one person this time. Amy and Linda are lucky the carnage wasn’t worse. The viewers, on the other hand, might have been hoping for more.

In prison, a guard eats a candy bar while Dr. Beck writes in his journal. She almost chokes to death, and Dr. Beck offers to save her life because he is a doctor after all. After she is saved, she tells him that she owes him oneβ€”famous last words. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Dr. Clark, Beachgoers, Cheerleaders, Prison Guard. 

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2016 Lifetime

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