Bad Twin (2016 Lifetime)

Haylie Duff is the star. Don’t let this photo or title fool you.

Bad Twin (2016 Lifetime)

Cast: Haylie DuffGrace Van DienJacy King

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Jen Burgess is estranged from her sinister sister Cassie, but when Cassie reappears and attacks Jen, she is sent into psychiatric treatment while her disturbed 15-year-old twin daughters are sent to live with Jen. But Cassie discovers Jen’s wealth and secretly directs the twins into getting Jen to adopt them, before murdering her. Haylie Duff, Grace Van Dien, Scott Baily star. (2016)


The movie begins with old-timey photos of twins. It is setting up that twins are creepy. 

Side Note

Haylie Duff plays a radio personality called Dr. Jen. She takes phone calls and gives love advice. Thing Love Line, but better because Haylie Duff is there. A woman named Lilith angrily calls in and tells Haylie Duff that she is fake because of her bad relationship with her family. The woman attacks Haylie Duff outside of the studio and screams, “I hate you!” while being dragged away by security. The woman is Haylie Duff’s sister (Not Hilary.) Cassie.

Social services bring twins, Olivia and Quinn, to live with Haylie Duff while their mom is in jail. The girls look like blonde Wednesday Adams, and I feel like I’m watching The Parent Trap with Hayley Mills the actor doubling is so bad.

The twins need a snack, and Haylie Duff is happy to give them some chips she keeps on a high shelf, “Because they are so addicting.” The ladder is faulty and almost breaks. The twins look excited and guilty. They are never apart and refuse to sleep in a separate room and stay in the closet and do witchcraft or something. 

The stay is longer than anticipated, and Haylie Duff will be watching the twins for three months with her boyfriend, Kevin. When the girls find out, Olivia breaks a glass and then puts it on the patio furniture. Haylie Duff gets glass in her hand when she makes out with Kevin when she should have been watching those kids!

The “pranks” continue. They dig a shallow grave and bury silverware in the backyard, and then put chemicals in her lotion. Haylie Duff does a science experiment in her backyard and learns the cream has pool acid in it. 

The aunt is onto them and puts Nanny cams around the house. Haylie Duff asks her friend Gail to spend some time with them to cut the tension. Olivia and Quinn facetime with their mom, who sends them a secret message written on small scrolls. Cassie is instructing her daughters to make changes to Haylie Duff’s will. (Like this video would not be recorded or monitored in away? Come on now.) 

The girls search the house and find the nanny cam. The find the will and see that they aren’t even on it. Then they hear that Gail is trying to convince Haylie Duff to put the twins back with social services.

On a beach day with Gail, the twins bury her in the sand as a “spa treatment.” Then the tide comes in and drowns her. (One of the weirdest deaths I’ve seen in a Lifetime movie.) It isn’t like Gail went to the beach by herself. Haylie Duff is also there and notices her friend is missing. The police later find Gail’s body on the beach.

Haylie Duff comes home and reviews the nanny cam footage. She sees the girls roaming around late at night and becomes suspicious of them. (She should be because the twins pick poisonous mushrooms in the park, a neighbor warns them.)

The twins visit their mom in the mental institution. (She tells them on a scrabble board this time.) That they need to have Haylie Duff, adopt them to inherit her money. Haylie Duff falls for it and wants to adopt. Kevin thinks that the twins have an unhealthy relationship and is against the adoption. Haylie Duff talks to her sister and even offers to pay for college. They go to court, and Cassie creates a “Woah she is crazy” scene to make sure Haylie Duff gets full custody.

The twins make a mushroom alfredo and serve it to Kevin and Haylie Duff. Quinn eats the mushroom, and Olivia tries to stop her sister in Pig Latin. PIG LATIN!!!!! Quinn swapped out the poisonous mushroom to test her sister and now knows Olivia will go to extreme measures to fulfill her mother’s wishes. 

Haylie Duff plans a special picnic with the twins and their mom. Olivia has a wrapped box and won’t tell Quinn what is inside. It is bees, a box of bees. Cassie opens the box of bees after shaking them up, and it is A LOT OF BEES. Haylie Duff is very allergic, pulls over the car, and lays in the dirt. Cassie makes fun of her sister and is generally annoying. Quinn secretly drops an EpiPen and saves her aunt. 

Cassie and her daughters drive away laughing. The laughing quickly turns to a fight, and they all start hitting one another and crash into a tree. Cassie dies; Quinn is in recovery, and Olivia is mentally unstable and in a padded cell. (Pretty much.)

Minority Report: Police Officer, lawyer, Social worker. 

Sadly one of the last Haylie Duff Lifetime Movies. End of an era. We should bring her back.

Bad Twin movie! They were too similar for me to care about them. Haylie Duff deserves better.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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