Deadly Sorority (2017 Lifetime)

Deadly Sorority (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Greer GrammerChloe BabcookSteve Bacic

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Best friends Samantha and Kristina go their separate ways for the first time when Kristina gets into the hottest sorority on campus. But Kristina realizes this is just the beginning, and her life becomes a nightmare when Kristina is murdered, and Samantha finds herself as a potential next target.


A giggling college girl is flirting in a library but looks like she is headed to da club. Her name is Tanya, and she works at the library… or worked at the library because she gets murdered. RIP! 

Barclay University freshman Samantha and Kristina arrive on campus. They drive a beat-up old Honda and have friendship bracelets. The girls move into their dorm room and receive a pamphlet for a Sorority called Delta Nu. An un-packing montage happens, and then a runner of class scenes happens. Sam meets a cute boy named Victor in class who is also a TA. Kris meets a cute teacher, Professor Miller, who should probably date me instead of her. There is also a rude professor (Professor Thomas.) who hates Kris. They make video diaries with their phones for social media. (Otherwise known as Snapchat.) 

The friends rush a sorority. It seems like Sam isn’t the best fit. (even though she is blonde.) Kris, on the other hand, makes a good impression and makes it in as a pledge. Hunky college student, Paul, immediately hits on Kris once he hears she is a pledge. Kris starts putting space between her and Sam. (Only until she gets into the sorority.) 

Sam is left to eat ice cream alone and hang out with Victor. During pledge week, Sam is kidnapped by the Delta Nu sisters. They tell her to stay away from Kris and tie her to a tree. 

While driving late a night, Kris rejects a call from Paul and talks to Sam briefly. She stops when a car is parked in the middle of the road when she gets out to help them. Kris is attacked and killed by someone with a tire iron. The body is found a few days later and Detective Lopez in on the case.

Sam cries while looking at old photos in the ugliest sweater dress I’ve ever seen. The other students blame her for the murder. To clear her name, Sam recruits Victor to help her solve the case. The first suspect is Paul. When Sam visits Paul, she notices that he still has pictures of Kris up in his room. He couldn’t have done it because he is still in love with her.

Professor Thomas and Professor Miller are married. Sam keeps running into them, so they are somehow involved in this. 

While reviewing video photoaged Sam took for her video diary, Sam notices Kris talking to a man behind her. Victor can’t get the footage zoomed in close enough, but he notices some other Delta Nu’s in the background. Sam confronts a sorority sister named Jubilee about the day in question, but they refuse to answer or turn over selfies they were taking. 

Sam questions Paul again; this time, he is shirtless in the locker room. (His body is hot.) Then she talks with Bree, another sorority sister, who has been exiled from the sorority. Bree shows the picture to Sam, and she sees Kris talking with Professor Miller. Sam brings the photo to Paul and finds his dead body in this room. It appears he killed himself and left a suicide note admitting to the murder. (Except the keyboard was wiped clean.)

Detective Lopez accuses Sam, and Paul’s frat brothers start harassing her on campus. Professor Miller rescues Sam, and he offers to walk her to her dorm. He is charming and mentions he is good at keeping secrets. Like Murder? Sam thinks so and tells Victor that Professor Miller was hitting on her, and he probably killed Kris. Victor shares that Professor Miller was rumored to be having an affair with Tanya Brown, the missing girl.

Sam gets too close to the truth and is chloroformed in the library. Professor Thomas rescues her, and they talk about teachers keeping a proper line of discretion. The professors Justin and Amy argue about his infidelities. She tells him not to lie to her. 

Bree admits to sleeping with Professor Miller, and Sam tries to get her to come clean to implicate him in Kris’s Murder. Bree refuses. Sam decides to entrap him herself. She sets up a meeting with Professor Miller and goes to his house to talk to his wife again.

At the professor’s house, Sam tells Amy that her husband is sleeping with students. Amy tells Sam that she is aware of her husband’s indiscretions. Amy goes into a diatribe about college girls, basically blaming them for sleeping with her husband. (Who is abusing his power.) Amy is unhinged. Sam realizes that she is in danger and throws hot tea on Amy and runs into the woods.

Sam is chased in the woods by Amy and Justin. Oh, and also chased by Jubilee, who killed everyone because she was jealous other students were sleeping with “her man.” Justin walks upon them and asks Jubilee to give him the knife so he can end it. When he gets the knife, he is tackled by Victor. The Sam jumps on Jubilee and punches her over and over screaming, “You like that, Bitch!” It is pure camp and amazing. 

Victor and Sam start dating and kiss on the beautiful mountainside campus. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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