Separated at Birth (2018 Lifetime)

Separated at Birth (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Paige TurcoDominique Provost-ChalkleyBrittany Allen

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Lucy Pierce discovers she was abducted as a child and tracks down her biological mother, a criminal prosecutor running for Governor of Pennsylvania. The family reunion spirals out of control as Lucy faces the jealousy of her newfound sister and finds herself in the middle of a police investigation.


The movie starts with a voice-over about Baby Victoria being kidnapped in the 90’s or something. This whole movie is very off the usual Lifetime beats. It feels like a long episode of Law and Order, but boring.

Cut to a political campaign office. Elisabeth Marshall is trailing in the polls for Governor. She needs something to boost her campaign and that something is waiting in the lobby. Her name is Lucy, and she thinks she is Baby Victoria and the potential Governor’s stolen daughter. Terri interrupts the reunion; she is Elisabeth’s daughter and is skeptical of Lucy. (They have been lied to in the past by scammers.) Lucy submits herself to a DNA test.

Before the test can even come back positive, Elizabeth and her campaign manager are thinking of how they can spin this to boost their poll numbers.  

Elizabeth does a press tour with a reluctant Lucy. Lucy is a teacher and is uncomfortable being in the spotlight. Terri is more used to it but gets into a scuffle with a reporter who brings up a DUI coverup. 

Lucy makes her new family dinner and burns it. She is embarrassed, and Elizabeth smooths things over by offering to pay off Lucy’s debt and hire investigators to look into her kidnapping. The investigators find out that the woman who kidnapped Baby Victoria. The kidnapper was involved in an Erin Brockovich class-action lawsuit, and Elizabeth was on the prosecution side. 

Terri and Lucy go out and have drinks. Lucy talks about one of her students and how she flirts with him. Terri then follows Lucy when she meets a guy in the bar and films them having sex and releases it to the press. The video is everywhere, and Lucy is horrified when her students show her the sex tape. Lucy is suspended from work. (Terri is elated.) Things get worse when Terri also leaks falsified information about Lucy’s inappropriate relationship with a student. 

Lucy reaches out to Elizabeth, who has written her off because she is “bad for the campaign.” Elizabeth tells her daughter that she can’t help her because it is a conflict of interest. She ends the relationship with Lucy and makes a press release disowning her.

The police look into Lucy’s claims that everything is fake, and they confirm she is right. Terri stands by Lucy’s side, which is weird because she is the one behind it, right? Wrong. Lucy is framing her self to ruin Elizabeth’s campaign. 

Terri goes to the reporter she assaulted and tells her what is going on with Lucy. Then she plants a recording device and gets evidence that Lucy was working for the opponent. Elizabeth confronts Lucy with the evidence. Lucy tells Elizabeth that she is not her mother, even if she birthed her. The two women have a cool conversation and admire each other’s deviant tactics. Elizabeth decides to let Lucy go. 

Worst Lifetime movie, maybe ever? So boring!

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Overall rating(

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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