Wrong Swipe (2016 Lifetime)


Wrong Swipe 

Stars: Anna Hutchison, Karissa Staples, and Rhys Ward.

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When her sister creates a dating profile for her on a new app, Anna starts getting disturbing messages from a nearby match.


Anna and Sasha are sisters who fat shame each other, drink wine with their mom, and still live at their parents house? They are in a loving family in the suburbs… until… their dad is shot and killed in the driveway by a car thief.

Flash forward five years: Anna and Sasha are living together still and in college. Sasha is the wild sister who drinks White Russians, and Anna carries around tennis racquets and investigates loud noises. Their mom is now an agoraphobe and Anna takes care of her while Sarah canoodles with her high-school boyfriend, Matt. They reconnected on the app, Swipe, and try to convince Anna to download the app, stop studying, and start dating. Sasha decides to take matters into her own hands. She steals Anna’s phone and creates an account for her and begins swiping up and down on guys as Anna wrestles the phone from her sister.

At college, Anna starts getting notifications from Swipe—which notifies you when a crush is close by, 100 ft, 50 ft—and then there is her crush, Todd. He is a geeky guy (we know this because he wears glasses) who happens to be in her criminal law class! He asks her out on a date and then her professor hits on her maybe. Anna can’t get any studying done at the library done because she keeps getting Swipe notifications from crushes.

Anna sees her Ex-Boyfriend Nate on Swipe and is upset. To get over that, Sasha gets Anna to start swiping on guys she likes. Then after making a match, she pushes Anna to go on a date. On the date at a dive bar with Jake, a guy from high school who (who has put on 30lbs of muscle) and is literally a date raper. Anna gets a phone call from her mom and thankfully has to leave before finishing her glass.

Anna gets home and is all woozy. Late at night she gets a swipe notification from the profile Watching U that reads “You don’t know it yet… but we r meant to be together”

Roofies won’t keep Anna down. The next night she goes on a date with Pete. (He is the nice handsome architect from Swipe.) On the date Anna and Pete run into her ex, Nate. He is cordial and they exchange pleasantries. Anna comes home and asks Sasha if Nate can track her from the app, because it was so weird to run into him. Sasha assures her that he can’t and wants to know all about Pete! (They have planned a second date.) Later, In her room, Anna gets a swipe notification that her crush was crossing paths with her. Sasha calms Anna down (who is wandering around the house looking out windows) and tells her it is probably a glitch, “It’s just a stupid app.”

Back on campus, her classmate, Todd, brings a lasagna and wine picnic (which is a weird picnic choice, but I’d be into it). Anna is not into it and she is especially not into it when Todd grabs her head and tries to kiss her awkwardly. Todd is confused and embarrassed because why would they match on Swipe if she wasn’t into him. He calls her a tease and they go to class. In class, Anna gets another weird Swipe message:

“We belong together. Forget everyone else. Just me and you, Anna”

Her professor is angry that she has her phone out during glass and then as she leaves he immediately gets out his phone and ominously begins typing.

She gets another Swipe message from Watching U, Anna gets spooked and calls the police. There is nothing the police can do because they don’t have any evidence of anyone trespassing on Anna’s property. They tells her to take it up with Swipe. Pete comes over and offers to stay the night to help her sleep better. Sasha is not about Pete staying over because he could be the creepy guy. Sasha accuses him of being a stalker and Pete leaves because Anna can’t trust him.

Anna’s paranoia is on high alert. She starts to suspect Sasha’s boyfriend Matt might have something to do with it. He is a computer coder and could have multiple Swipe accounts. She brings it up to Sasha, who is super offended.

We get a quick check in with all the suspects, so far. Jake asks Anna on a date while running, Todd apologizes to Anna, and Professor walks her to her car and puts his hand on her shoulder. Anna calls Pete to see where he is, he is at a work event. At her car Anna realizes that her tires have been slashed and she calls Sasha to pick her up. While waiting she gets a tire iron and clutches it for dear life. Someone is going to get her.

On his way to pick up Anna for a date, Pete is killed in his car. (Choked to death.) The next day the cops come and question Anna about his death. She is shocked and upset. Sasha calls her mom to tell her that she needs her.  They go to talk with her over some tea. Sasha slut shames her mom for never leaving the house, even though she has a mental disorder! Anna on the other hand steals her dad’s gun for protection.

Anna gets an email of a picture of dead Pete. The police are interested now, and they start investigating all the suspects I’ve previously listed. While the police are investigating, Anna and Sasha try to go on with live as normal, but both are in a state of paranoia.

To keep her safe, Sasha has her boyfriend, Matt, drive her home while she is in a painting class with her phone off. Sasha tells them to keep the doors locked. In the car Anna is looking for a piece of paper to put away her gum and finds an extra phone with the Swipe App on it AND Watching U is the profile. Anna takes a picture and sends it to Sasha, but she is trapped in the car with Matt. At the house Matt asks if he can come in and wait for Sasha, but Anna says no and runs inside. Matt isn’t having it and follows her inside.

Sasha FINALLY checks her phone and sees that Anna is in trouble. She races over to the house. Anna is no longer there because she has been knocked unconscious and stuffed in Matt’s trunk and taken off to some creepy basement. Sasha calls the police and her mom, who comes over! (She beat her agoraphobia!) Then Sasha uses Google to track Matt’s phone coordinates and grabs the gun to go take matters into her own hands.

Matt tells Anna that he loves her and just wants to be with her and starts choking her. Sasha runs up and points the gun at Matt. For some reason she gives the gun to Anna (Who is tied up) and of course Matt grabs the gun. The police kill Matt, just in time. The bad guy is dead!

Then we get the sisters and mom together celebrating a birthday over wine. Which seems right to me!

Side Note

Originally titled Swiped. Added the “wrong” to make it more ominous.

Overall rating

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ (3 Hearts)

🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime


  1. Jill Whelan has aged better than any wine. Add in the gorgeous and talented Karissa Lee Staples and Anna Hutchison, and this has it all!

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