Party Mom (2018 Lifetime)

Party Mom (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Krista AllenMegan WardElise Luthman 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a “party mom” allows things to go too far with her daughter’s house party, murder and mayhem are the deadly consequences


A girl named Britney is dropped off at an extravagant house party, by her ridiculously hot dad. (Can we just party with him?) No such luck. Ashley is throwing the party, but her “cool” mom Jackie is “supervising.” (More like partying with her friends, Rita and Donna, played by my fav Caia Coley.) Ashley and Britney take selfies in bikinis and post to the social media site Chatarama. The party is poppin until a teen almost drowns. Some more teens save him, which should be shirtless heaven, but they cast actual teens instead of thirty-year-olds pretending. The party is over, and Jackie is worried about getting sued.

The next day, Britney is hungover AF. At the mall or maybe school, she runs into Ashley and her popular friends. “Us pretty girls have to stick together.” Britney’s mom kind of stalks her daughter and disapproves of her new life choices. She lectures her daughter and warns her that rich Beverly Hills friends aren’t better or smarter. Hot dad is more supportive… and hot. 

The movie promises a Party Mom, but I’m getting a lot of Britney talking to her boring parents. Britney is basically banned from hanging out with the Party Mom, but she sneaks out anyway.

At a night party, Britney talks to a guy who is way too old for her. When she asks how old he is and tells him that she is fifteen, he tells her to shut up and makes out with her. Ashley sees them together and tries to get Britney away from the creep. She ignores Ashley’s concerns and gets in the car with a drunk driver. They get into a head-on collision. 

Caroline and Gary, Britney’s parents, realize their daughter is not home and freak out! The parents go to Ashley’s house and find Party Mom chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels with the label tapped off in kitten ears. Ashley tells them that Britney went to another party with Dillion. On their way home, they come across the accident. The driver of the other car is dead, and the kid’s car is flipped over, killing three of them. Britney was thrown from the vehicle but survived. (She will need multiple surgeries and is going to be in the hospital for the rest of the movie.)

Party Mom is arrested and put in jail. At her bail hearing, she is charged with furnishing alcohol to persons under 21 and involuntary manslaughter. Party Mom pleads not guilty and has no criminal record. When Britney’s mom speaks for denial of bail, Party Mom interrupts and says she looks like she shops at a discount store. The court sets bail for $100,000. 

When she is released from jail, Party Mom pours herself a drink and blames Ashley for everything. Ashley is disgusted with her mother’s lack of remorse and selfishness. 

Briney wakes up in the hospital and tells her parents that she loves them so much, even if they are boring and not fun like Party Mom. Ashley visits with a beautiful bouquet and apologizes for everything. Ashley is planning on living with her father after the trail of Party Mom. (We get a trial with Party Mom??!?! I hope it is like Legally Blonde.)

The trial turns out to be a montage because we all know Lifetime doesn’t have time for legal proceedings. The jury finds Party Mom… NOT GUILTY! Party Mom giggles and laughs as the verdict is read. Caroline and Gary are pissed. Gary wants to talk to Party Mom one on one. He confronts her. 

At Party Mom’s house, Gary (Also known as Hot Dad.) heads over to the house. Wait, WTF is happening. A masked intruder breaks into Party Mom’s house and murders Ashley. He was shooting her for each time life that was lost in the car accident. Gary finds the body, and the cops “catch him red-handed” he is read his Miranda rights and taken into custody. 

Party Mom is celebrating with her friends at a dinner when she is informed about a problem at the house. She comes home and screams/cries over her daughter’s body. Gina and Donna come over and demand justice! Party Mom promises to destroy Gary and his family in the act of revenge. Some guy tells Party Mom to calm down, and you NEVER tell Party Mom to calm down. She kicks him out of her house.

Hungover Party Mom storms over to Caroline’s house and cries at the door. She hugs Caroline and asks how her daughter is doing? Then they start arguing, and Party Mom pulls out a gun and holds it to Caroline’s head. Party Mom calls Caroline a loser for living in the valley. Gary is out of jail and grabs the gun from Party Mom and punches her in the face. (Ummm, Hot Dad got way less hot. Hitting a woman in the face is not cool, dude.) 

In an orange jumpsuit, Party Mom scream about not having filtered water or gluten-free food. I feel for her. Party Mom is the coolest. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Police, Doctor, Judge, Jury members. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime


  1. Not enough Party Mom, too much everything else. You don’t have Krista Allen in your movie and spend all your time with Boring Discount Shopping Mom!

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