Stalked by My Ex (2017 Lifetime)

Stalked by My Ex (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Tamara Braun & Yves Bright

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Chloe’s abusive ex-husband has been in prison for years, but when she hears that he is being released on probation, she takes their teenage daughter Olivia and flees to the only place she can think of, her small hometown. Once there, she must face with the obstacles that made her leave in the first place. Meanwhile, Chloe’s ex is determined to find them and implement his ultimate plan: a life with their daughter, and with Chloe out of the picture forever.


Movie starts out with Chloe on the phone with the police. Her drunk husband (Sam) is kidnapping their daughter Olivia. In the driveway Chloe tries to stop him, but Sam hits her with his car…killing her?

Flashforward 10 years. Chloe is fine and it is her Olivia’s birthday. Olivia gets a call from her father, Sam, from the state penitentiary. Chloe takes the phone from her daughter and tells him to not call back. Olivia wants to give him a second chance because he is sober and getting out of jail soon. Olivia has also been writing him and sending him her drawings, because she is “an amazing artist.”

Chloe tells Olivia to stay away from Sam because he is physically abusive. Olivia doesnt believe it, but Chloe sets her straight and tells her that her dad hit her with a car and tried to kill her. Olivia rethinks her decision and apologizes from reaching out. The mother and daughter decide to move back to Chloe’s hometown and live with her estranged mother. (or Olivia’s Grandma.)  Chloe’s mom seems perfectly fine and I’m not sure why they are estranged. Her mom doesn’t even know about Sam or the accident. We also learn that Chloe’s dad is dead and she too was in artist when she was a teenager.

Sam, of course gets out of jail and immediately starts looking for them. He shows up at their house with a single balloon and some flowers. Once he realizes that Chloe has moved he first interrogated the neighbor and then destroys the for sale sign. The amazing neighbor promptly calls Chloe and tells her to be careful, Sam is looking for them.

Chloe meets up with an old friend from high school for lunch, who orders wine… which means I love her. They catch up and realize that Chloe is interviewing for a marketing position at Alexis’ job, Kimmy Cole . Alexis tells her to stop by when she shows up for an interview. While leaving she runs into another old high school friend, Brian, who is a hot cop and they agree to meet up soon.

Meanwhile, Olive makes friends with Alexis daughter, Abby. Not much to report there.

Alexis has a meeting with her boss, turns out she wants the marketing job that Chloe is interviewing for. Alexis even goes as far as to shade Chloe, trying to ensure that she doesn’t get the job.

Sam, books a showing for the house for sale. (After repiecing the sign that he destroyed.) He tried to get info out of the realtor and goes through thing that were left in the house, including a drawing of him. The realtor catches him and throws him out. Too bad Sam has access a computer and looks at Olivia social media (Snap Off, apparently.) and he tracks down somehow that Chloe is interviewing at Kimmy Coles. He calls the office and leaves a message with Alexis requesting Chloe’s address for a “surprise belated birthday.”

Brian and Chloe go to lunch and the subject so Sam comes up. He promises to look into Sam, contact his parole officer, and assures Chloe that he is here to help her. Is hot cop a bad cop???

Chloe has her interview at Kimmy Coles, her outfit is pretty hot for an interview, but she does well. Alexis finds Chloe after and asks her how it went, she is acting like she is excited but she is really just a jealous bitch. Chloe gets the the job and then gets a call her only friend, Alexis, who is about to ask about the strange voicemail that Sam left her. Excited, Chloe interrupts to tell Alexis the good news. Once she learns that she didn’t get the promotion, Alexis decides to not tell Chloe and calls Sam instead to tell him where he can fine Chloe and Olivia.

Sam gets to town and renames himself Henry. He gets a place on the deserted edge of town. He makes a psycho stalker corkboard wall with pictures and a map. When his oldman landlord discovers it and is mad about the screws in the wall, Sam kills him and tosses him in the back of a truck..

Sam “runs into” Mary at the hardware store and starts helping her load things in the car. Chloe shows up and he runs off. She chases after him but doesn’t see him. Chloe still “feels weird” and tells Olivia to be extra careful. Sam lurks around the house spying on Olivia and her friend Abby and sees Chloe kissing her new boyfriend, Brian. (Yas!)

Sam reaches out to Alexis again and reminds her not to tell Chloe or Olivia that he is in town because it is a “surprise.” Alexis overshare and tells him about a pre-game picnic they are all going to. Sam tells her that he will see them there…

When the landlord’s granddaughter notices that she hasn’t heard from him in a while she asks Hot Cop Brian to go check on him. Brian goes to investigate, finds the body, and gets hit in the head with a shovel. Sam ties Brian up and throws his cellphone is some tall grass.

Alexis and Chloe get into a fight because Alexis admits that she was jealous. They quickly make up at the pre-game picnic and are now friends AND co-workers. Olivia and Abby decide that the party is lame and head to another party. While they are waiting for a ride, Sam shows up. He apologizes for missing her birthday and offers to take them to the party. Olivia declines and tries to get away but he grabs her and forces her to come with him. (He has a gun in his back pocket.) Abby notices that something is off and goes to tell Chloe and Alexis.

Chloe calls Olivia and they talk in code, but Sam catches on and ends the call. Alexis feels terrible and apologizes for telling Sam about the picnic and gave him the address. Chloe is rightfully pissed and runs following her GPS tracker to go GET BACK HER DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!

At the house on the edge of town, Sam and Olivia talk. He promises Olivia that he has changed. While they are talking we see Brian waking up in the garage, conveniently there is a saw for him to untie himself. Olivia tries to get away and Sam chases after her. Brian interveins and fights with Sam. THEN Chloe arrives, grabs the gun from somewhere, and shoots Sam. (We see Sam in a body bag and know that he is dead, this isn’t a Michael Myers situation.

They all head back home, because home is wherever we are together.

Side Note

Tamara Braun first TV movie, but she is no stranger to TV appearing on All My Children, Days of Our Lives, and on General Hospital as New Carly (Replacing Sarah Brown.)

Directed by Danny J Boyle NOT Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire fame.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪   (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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  1. Typical demonization of men, fathers, and husbands 👎 How would women feel if Spike Tv demonized them?

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