Killer Inspiration (2018 Lifetime)

Killer Inspiration (2018 Lifetime)

Cast: Mark BrandonErin CahillAntonio Cupo

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After a series of murders throughout the state, single-mother Amanda discovers that she is the muse of the infamous serial killer known as the “Infinity Killer.” Every woman killed looks like her, and with every death, she is sent a photo as a token of the Infinity Killer’s affection for her. But when her son is kidnapped, Amanda must make a decision between asking the handsome and charming FBI agent, Carl Sayres, for help or seeking out the killer on her own. Amanda is forced to play the killer’s deadly game in order to save her son. Can she outsmart a killer? Erin Cahill, Antonio Cupo, Lauren Gucci, Aaron Pearl star. (2018)


The movie begins with a young woman alone in an empty parking garage. (Never a good place to be in a Lifetime movie.) A person dressed in all back murders her. Detective Craig and Gail arrive on the scene and speak in TV police cliches. (Fits the MO, serial killer, blah blah.) 

Cut to Amanda. (Erin Cahill, I prefer her in Christmas movies, but okay!) Amanda is a single mother who is extra. She arranges for her son to be driven around by a police offer (Sean) all day for fun. Amanda runs an art gallery or something and has an estranged relationship with her creepy ex, Clay. He shows up and scares off a potential sale. 

While drinking wine (Mmmm, wine.) with her friend, Hailey, someone watches them from the window. Later in the night, someone is in the house and leaves strange photos on the doorstep. The stalker has a shrine to Amanda in their house. More pictures show up at Amanda’s gallery, and she calls the police.  

Another brown-haired woman is abducted in the woods and murdered. (Is the greatest hits of dangerous places to be in a Lifetime movie?) Detectives show up and talk more about the serial killer. 

Amanda and Detective Craig start working together because Clay is a possible suspect. (Why not!) Their relationship status (not so) casually comes up, and they realize that they are both single. (Ooo Lala) While Amanda flirts with the detective, her son is kidnapped while Hailey babysits. Cody is kept in a bunker. The kidnapper calls Amanda and demands that she cooperate with his demands. 

Amanda lies to the detectives and tells them that her son is back. Then she gets a link to see a video of her son in a bunker. Hailey and the detectives are not buying it and continue to interrogate Clay. 

The stalker kills Hailey for no reason. Then he calls Amanda and tells her that she is her muse. Then he lets her talk to her son and tells Amanda to stay away from the detectives.

With no one left to turn to, Amanda shares everything she knows with Clay. Amanda has a picture of the stalker (with a crazy arm tattoo.)and begs him not to go to the FBI. Clay vows to find their son. Which means he will be the next to die—the stalker shots Clay in the parking lot. Detectives show up and speak in more police jargon. They find surveillance footage of the crime. 

Amanda puts it together that the redheaded man in the stalker photo is Sean. (The police officer from the beginning of the movie.) She finds Sean in an abandoned horse stable. They were classmates in high school, and Sean’s name was Eric. He was a rejected loser and is getting revenge on Amanda for ignoring him. Amanda pretends to be in love with him, but he punches her in the face and knocks her out. Then she tries again, and they kiss. They fight, and Amanda screams, “WHERE IS MY SON?!?!?”

Detective Craig finds the photo and evidence on Amanda’s laptop. He follows Amanda to the ranch and arrives just in time to shoot Sean before he can kill Amanda with an ax. The detective and Amanda start dating. The end!

Side Note

Also known as muse. 

Minority Report: Hailey (Gets killed, eyeroll.), Dillian,

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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  1. Who was Clay supposed to be talking on the phone to and waiting for when the killer shot him? Was he in on it? I don’t understand that part.

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