Deadly Match (2019 Lifetime)

Deadly Match (2019 Lifetime)

Stars: Alyssa Lynch, Mitch Ainley, and Tatyana Ali

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

To pay for college, Business major Trina goes live with her unique dating website LET’S DATE. LET’S DATE becomes a huge success, though Trina soon learns that her site is being misused as a prostitution hub and shuts it down. When one of the dating users from the site turns up dead, Trina looks to her now defunct site for clues, which someone does not want her to uncover.


Trina is a nerdy girl who has a messenger bag in 2019. She runs into her friend Jade who is going on a hot date, Unfortunately for Jade gets a hot date with death and is run over in the parking garage by a person in a hoodie.  Then we get the title card.

A week later, Trina is in her dorm and the police arrive to question her about the incident. She is convinced that it was vehicular manslaughter but the police think it is a tragic accident and they let her know they will be putting speed bumps into the parking garage, haha.

YASSSSS! Tatyana Ali is her playing a bad ass economics profession, she holds her students that they are amatures and basic. She literally singles everyone one out and tells them that their business ideas are terrible and she should fail all of them. She expects better, okay CLASS?! Tatyana Ali isn’t totally heartless she checks in with Trina about the whole seeing her friend get “murdered”. (She doesn’t believe her either.)

Witnessing a murder is not Trina’s only problem, the college is cutting she scholarship and she is only a sophomore! She begs Dean Brackett to help her and it feels like the beginning of a porno. Will she sleep with the dean to get the scholarship? Naw, she tells him to ever underestimate her and she will show him.

Zach is Trina’s cutie friend who wears shorts and flip flops a lot, he encourages her to start up the dating app she was working on and he even offers to help in exchange for tutoring. Trina starts recruiting other people she tutors to help her with the app graphic design or whatever. While she is talking to her friends, someone steals her phone. Instead of offering to look for the phone, her friend, Lacey,  literally offers to buy a new phone for her? Wha?

 Over muffins, Trina and Zach show Tatyana Ali the website and app. It is called “Make a Date” the app is like Tinder or any other dating app, except you can suggest date ideas and the match can accept of deny them. Zach goes around campus and starts trying to get people to sign up.

Lacey and Raquell (Trina’s friends.) also sign up and start spreading the word. They even sign Trina up with a profile on her app. (They are a little much, like Mean Girls but not funny. The tonal shift is pretty ridiculous.) They give Trina a makeover in their fancy dorm room, which is more like a condo, and they tell her that they aren’t even rich. They just work as call girls, it’s not big deal. They try to convince Trina to do it too, and we learn that Jade was a call girls too… until she died.

Trina goes on a date with a handsome older gentleman named, Ken. (Played by Matt Hamilton, the drunk husband from Best Friend Betrayal.) It starts off as a normal date, until her starts talking to her like a prostitute and making the arrangement. He wants a girl who won’t tell him no in bed and smile while she is doing it… Trina is not having it and politely as hell, tells him no and leaves. (I would have been like WTF, WHY did you think I was a prostitute? What gave you that impression about me?) This bad date gives Trina the idea to be able to rate the dates.

Turns out Lacey and Raquell have been using the app as a sugar daddy finding app. They have been matching with older men and negotiating price over the app. Trina tells them she is shutting down the app because she won’t be taking part in this. Lacey and Raquell beg her not to do it because their life has become much safer with the app. Plus, they might be able to find and stop Jade’s killer. Trina agrees and they all hug.

Back in the parking garage, Trina runs into Dean Brackett and he tells her that he got her a full scholarship at another campus across the state. She would need to relocate and needs time to think about it.

Trina tells Zach about it and he tells her that they are in big trouble and urges her to kill the app. Trina is convinced that it is the best way to find Jades killer. She then goes and tells Tatyana Ali, who isn’t shocked because tuition is really high. She tells Trina that they need to go to the police and she has no choice. Tatyana Ali will have to go to the dean and tell him what is going on. SOMEHOW Trina gets 24 hours to turn it around before Tatyana Ali will go to the university.

Lacey “Kills herself” by overdosing on pills a message is written on a mirror in lipstick that she is so sorry for what she has done. Trina finds the body and calls the police. Raquell is going back to wichita because she doesn’t want to be next. She just wants to forget everything and get on with her life.

Trina is starting to have nightmares and sleeps in Zach’s room for safety. They head down to the police station to get access to the security footage. The police of course won’t let them look, but they trick him and get the footage they need. (Someone leaving in a hoodie.) Trina thinks he looks REALLY familiar though. .  

Tatyana Ali is back and trying to talk sense into Trina. She tells her to take a step back and let the police do her job. She should focus on her grades not solving murders.

They get Jades personal information for Raquell and go the the phone store to get Jades information from the cloud. They pull up Jade client list and find Tatyana Ali’s husband on the list. What is she is using Trina to cover her tracks for murdering Jade out of revenge? Trina calls Tatyana Ali and tells her that she knows what is going on with her husband on the list. Tatyana Ali cries and says that she didn’t know and tells her to come by the office.

Zach and Trina go to campus and Trina gets locked in the building when the power goes out. Zach is outside and tells Trina he saw the person in the hoodie. Trina finds Tatyana Ali’s body and the hooded person. It is DEAN BRACKETT.. He was in love with Jade and is taking off everyone she has told about Jade. Zach breaks into the building and comes to the rescue but Trina doesn’t need saving. She hits Dean Brackett in the face with a fire extinguisher and he is taken away by the police

On a pizza date Zach and Trina kiss… the end?

Side Note

Tatyana Ali is the new TV movie KWEEN.

Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪   (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. Question, was this ‘Synopsis’ (By Lifetime) written by someone like myself who doesn’t work for a company or anyone, and just just making a review? Because based On THIS ‘Tatyana Ali’ was actually in then Movie ‘As Herself’. She was referenced many times in this article as ‘Tatyana Ali’.

    There was alot of mistakes throughout and clearly wasn’t proof read. So again, if written by a random person at home, not paid, then that is fine. BUT, if you are being paid, at least read your work before posing.
    I see your writing style, you are writing as if you are ‘litterally’ talking to ‘someone one’ (yeah, I saw ‘That mistake’ in your ‘synopsis’.
    There was one section where you got it perfect. You wrote: “Trina goes on a date with a handsome older gentleman named, Ken. (Played by Matt Hamilton).

    That is how you should address all your characters when first mentioned. Like who played “Trina” and “Jade”? Seems you kinda wrote that assuming people saw the show, however ‘IF’ they saw the show, they probably wouldn’t have to read the Synopsis right? And again, you kept saying: “Tatyana Ali” seems like you didn’t know her Characters name. Again, doing that ‘Character Name’, played by Actors Name, would really help your writing.
    Still, it seems like an interesting movie though, I’ll have to check it out, at least I’ll kinda know what to expect and once I hear the Characters names, I’ll finally be able to place a Name with a Face ‘Actor’.
    Thanks and happy holidays.

    1. Thank you, Chris! I’m just a normal person who writes reviews while drinking. If you’re offering to proof read, I will soooooo take you up on that! Haha!

      Thanks for reading and for the thoughtful feedback! Happy holidays to you as well! 😊😊

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