Most Likely To Murder (2019 Lifetime)

Most Likely To Murder (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Madison McLaughlinBayley CormanTrevor Stines

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Casey Paulson has endured a lot in her short teenage years. Once a popular cheerleader, her life is turned upside down after a house fire takes the life of her father and leaves her with very little hair. Former friends become bullies and boys avoid her until popular girl Reagan befriends Casey and helps her get her confidence back. But when Casey has the chance to win Most Inspiring Student, the competition reveals Casey’s deadly intentions to win at all costs.


Casey is getting ready for school and fidgeting with a bad wig and watching makeup tutorials. Her mom’s boyfriend is a jerk, and her mother is oblivious and overly nurturing. Casey is going back to school after time off recovering from a house fire; she used to be popular and is struggling to comes to terms with her new reality. The cheerleaders (Hailey and Clair) bully her, pull off her wig, and throw it in the toilet. (Casey used to be a bully herself and payback is a bitch.) Reagan, the cheer captain, is not impressed and tells Clair and Hailey to cool it. Then she asks Casey to work on a project with her. (I’m getting a Carrie vibe here. Reagan better watch out!)

Reagan learns the story about Casey and the fire. She lost her dad and dragged her mom to safety; this girl is a hero! The story so moves Reagan, she gives Casey her number and encourages her to try out for the team next year. The goodwill doesn’t last long, Hailey and Clair steal her phone, lock it in a locker, and tell Casey she is not one of them. Casey busts the lock with a fire extinguisher. (Symbolic much?) While the cheerleaders are practicing, Casey pulls the fire alarm while Casey is in a pyramid. The sound startles the girls, and Clair falls, injuring herself and opening up a spot on the team?

Casey gets a makeover from Reagan, and then she starts getting the boys too. Casey is spending time with Sean (Trevor Stines from Madam of Purity Falls.) She asks him for drugs. Casey does a speech at school and wins everyone over with her sad story. (She even takes off her wig for full effect.) Hailey isn’t buying it and records the whole thing on her phone, looking on in disgust. In the locker room, Hailey confronts Casey and blackmails her. However, Hailey’s bullying is nothing to Casey’s manipulation. She puts drugs in Hailey’s bag and gets her expelled from school. 

The school releases superlatives, and Casey is nominated for “Most Inspirational.” The only thing she is inspiring me is fear because Casey murders Hailey when she confronts her about planting the drugs. Casey recruits Sean to help her bury the body.

Flash to one month later, Casey has a new wig and Youtube channel and is kind of famous now. She is back on the cheerleading squad and even is advocating for Hailey’s safe return. Clair warns everyone, but they don’t believe her. Sean is shocked to see the change and wants to talk about the murder and body burial. She invites him to a party shutting him up. Casey also threatens to report her mother’s boyfriend for abusing her as she slaps herself. Then she tells him she will gut him like a fish.

At the party, Casey thinks a “cute” boy likes her by he likes Taylor. Speaking of Taylor, she is starting to think Casey is creepy and tells Reagan. (Casey overhears the whole conversation.) Reagan is not concerned and hooks up with Sean, while Casey records the encounter on her phone. Casey releases it to the school and blames Taylor causing Reagan to take off a week, giving Casey full reign of the school.

Hailey’s body is also found. Things aren’t looking good for Casey and Sean. (He still has Hailey’s necklace because he was going to sell it.) Sean begs Casey to leave with him; she kills him with his own gun. Then she calls the police to report a gunshot.

Taylor will not let her suspicions down and steals a police file on Casey and gives it to Reagan. Reagan confronts Casey, who admits to starting the fire. Casey did it because her father was abusive. Sean took the fall for that, and she framed him for Hailey too. She tells all of this to Reagan and then bashes her head with a fire hydrant and ties her up. 

Casey accepts her award on closed-circuit TV. Reagan gest untiled and somehow recorded the whole thing on her phone. She plays the video on TV, and the police take Casey away while screaming, “I Deserved this!” 

Side Note

Minority Report: Taylor

Also known as The Past Never Dies

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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