The Doctor Will Kill You Now (2019 Lifetime)

The Doctor Will Kill You Now (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Anthony JensenGina VitoriMatthew Pohlkamp |

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After a tragic skiing accident, Sarah’s life is saved thanks to a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Vincent. But when Dr. Vincent mistakes Sarah’s gratitude for love, he becomes obsessed with her, determined to have her at any cost.


 Sarah and her drunk fiance Ducan are on a ski trip. When Ducan is getting handsy with a cute blonde ski instructor, Sarah gets distracted and has a ski accident. Ducan bails!?!? Doctors fight to save her leg and her life. The doctor who saved Sarah is named Dr. Vincent, and he is a hero to everyone in the hospital and to Sarah, who is grateful he save her life.

Rosaland is Sarah’s hospital roommate and thinks that she is lucky to have such a hot doctor. What she doesn’t know is that Dr. Vincent is kind of creepy and is becoming obsessed with Sarah. He flirts with her, touches her unnecessarily, and keeps her in the hospital for extra physical therapy sessions. Too bad for Dr. Vincent that the physical therapist, Jake, is charming with personal boundaries and a great ass.  

Dr. Vincent asks Sarah to call him Gary. (Which she does reluctantly.) Then he watches her do physical therapy and takes pictures. Sarah asks Rosaland if it is awkward, and she says it is… but he is a doctor, so who cares! Sarah should because Dr. Vincent follows her around the hospital and takes more pictures of her without her knowledge. He is also keeping her in the hospital longer than she wants.

Jake, with the great ass, totally crosses a line a kisses Sarah. It is funny how, when a handsome, not creepy guy crosses a line; it is romantic. When Dr. Gary does it, it is unsettling. Sarah tells Rosaland what happened with Jake as she is getting discharged, and Dr. Vincent overhears. Then he steals her file and stalks her online. (He also stole her hairbrush?) He finds Sarah in the parking lot and shares that Jake has been inappropriate with nurses and other patients. 

 The news doesn’t stop Sarah from spending time with Jake. He comes clean about the nurse he used to date. The nurse sued the hospital for getting injured in the OR. Sarah and Jake promise to leave the past in the past and move forward together. They both think Dr. Vincent is a weird man. They are right because he is sneaking around Sarah’s house looking in the windows.

Back in the hospital, Rosaland is still waiting for her surgery to be approved. She is now skeptical of Dr. Vincent and is concerned for Sarah. (Rosaland saw him rummaging through Sarah’s purse and slipping meds in her pill bottles.) Rosaland is a little too vocal, and Dr. Vincent kills her on the operating table.

Sarah gets into a fight with Jake and then goes to her room to take a nap. (Or a pain medication induced nap.) Dr. Vincent breaks into the house and steals some of her panties. Then he hovers over her sleeping body and rubs his face on hers. Sarah thinks it is Jake making up with her.

Dr. Vincent can’t have them together and hires a woman to kiss Jake is a bar while someone takes a picture of them. He anonymously shares the photo with Sarah, who is now addicted to pain pills and irrational. She cries while eating an orange and then goes out for breakfast with Dr. Vincent. He hits on her the whole time and tries to prescribe her more pain medication. 

Jake gets broken up with, and he confronts Dr. Vincent. Then he looks into Rosaland’s surgery. He finds out that it was the anesthesia that killed her; she was allergic. He knows it was intentional. Continuing his unofficial investigation, he learns that Dr. Vincent set up the photo too. Dr. Vincent isn’t going to go down like that and hits Jake with a weight in the gym. THEN he snaps his neck with a barbell on the bench press. RIP Jake and your magnificent booty.  

Distraught and with no one else to turn to Sarah lets Dr. Vincent into her home. She pours him with uncrushed pills and attempts to drug the doctor. He drinks the wine and kisses her. That doesn’t set Sarah off; she loses it when she finds her hairbrush in his briefcase. He screams at her that she owes him because he saved her life. When she tries to get away, he knocks her down and then tries to syringe her. She kicks him in the face and almost gets away, but he grabs her leg, which is unfair. The battle keeps escalating, I mean the woman even gets hit by a car, and it is still going.

The doctor eventually sedates Sarah and brings her to the hospital and is set on amputating the leg. Sarah struggles to make them stop, but Dr. Vincent orders his OR staff to hold her down so he can cut off her leg. Sarah grabs a scalpel and cuts Dr. Vincent; then, she tells them that he killed Jake. When he charges her one more time, Sarah stabs him in the chest. The doctor is taken away in handcuffs. Byeeeeee!

Sarah is back on the mountain and is ready to face the slopes without a man! Okay, HENNY!!!!!

Side Note

Based on true events

Minority Report: Nurses and Doctors. Farrah,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. Hey there. We just discovered LMN and my hubby and I are hooked! We also love your reviews and base our recordings on them. We were curious to know the rating system. We figured out knives I think, still unsure of the wine… is there a legend for us newbies to follow?

    1. Hi Shelli! Glad you are watching along. LMN is so crazy and I love them. Knifes are over all execution of a thriller TV movie. Wine is just for fun, the higher the wine rating the less enjoyable it would be to a non drinking person. Happy watching. Please share you and your husbands thoughts on the movies anytime!

  2. Is there any information about what story this is based on? Or is the “based on a true story,” purely gimmick?

  3. Hiiiii! I only discovered this site 3 days ago and I absolutely love it! It’s my new go to when looking up a movie! Thank you so much for this page! Great job!

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