Baby Monitor Murders (2020 Lifetime)

Baby Monitor Murders (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Natalie SharpJon CorNicole LaPlacaRaylene Harewood

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Cassie Temple returns home the summer before her senior year of college, she’s expecting to be bored after her music internship falls through. She accepts a job as a babysitter and thinks she has overheard what sounds like a murder plot over the baby monitor. When the child’s mother vanishes, she wonders if the killer might be her employer.


 A woman is running for her life and stops a car in the road, the headlights shine in her face, and we get the title card. IDK what that was all about.

Redheaded Cassie leaves college for the summer and is going back to her lame hometown. She wants to move to LA and become a rockstar, but you know college comes first. She listens to music on the car ride home with her BFF, Lucy. 

While on a run Cassie meets a cute kid named Becca in a park. Becca’s mother, Chloe, hires Cassie to be Becca’s nanny for the summer on the spot because Cassie taught Becca how to kick a soccer ball. Cassie meets Tom, Chloe’s husband, and he approves of her too. (Actually, he seems indifferent and too busy to care.) The husband is going some shady business with the town sheriff and a construction worker named Glenn.

The woman from the beginning of the movie is a missing person. Her disappearance has unsettled the whole town. Cassie gets creeped out when she is alone with Becca but turns on the baby monitor to make sure everyone is safe. (The really creepy thing here is when Cassie asks Becca if she wants ketchup in her mac and cheese.) When she is downstairs, Cassie hears a voice on the baby monitor and grabs a fire poker. She almost kills Chloe and Tom as they come in the front door. They laugh it off; the baby monitor gets its signal from a neighbors house.  

Things get intense when Chloe goes missing as well. Tom hires Cassie full time and goes around town, yelling at the Sherrif and construction worker. While Tom is searching for his wife, Cassie strums her guitar and sings so terribly that she makes neighborhood dogs bark. (Or it could be the murders that we have yet to see.) Cassie’s parents think it is inappropriate for their daughter to be babysitting, but let her keep doing it because they are about to go on vacation. (Okay, Parents! Get yours.) 

While in the home of Chloe and Tom. Cassie starts to realize that Chloe was depressed and on antidepressants. Could Chloe have run away? Speaking of running, while on another run, Cassie gets confronted by Glen. (The construction workers.) He is searching the woods for his wife because he doesn’t think the sheriff did a good job. He tells her to be careful of Tom. Chloe’s therapist also finds Cassie and tells her not to mention Tom everything, but he can’t explain because of client-patient privileges. Weird.

The Sherrif finds Chloe’s car and is about to bring Tom in for questioning when a brick is thrown through the window. It reads, “I know what you did.” No one reacts, and Cassie still babysits while Tom “goes out” at night. Cassie notices a picture of Chloe, and she outs the photo facedown out of guilt. The photo is changed to the woman from the beginning of the movie, and someone broke in to change it. Carrie and Tom are afraid and blame the baby monitor?????

Cassie calls the therapist, and he asks her to meet him in his office. (Seems shady.) The therapist pretty much does a session on her and then clarifies that Tom has a problem with inappropriate behavior. It is very cryptic again. Say what you mean, therapist!

Glen barges into Tom’s house and pulls a gun on him. He accuses Tom of sleeping with his wife. Cassie calls the sheriff and then tackles Glen but gets knocks into a wall. The Sherrif arrives and gets Glen to drop the weapon. I guess he is arrested? This movie is a low budget, so we mostly get scenes in the house.

Cassie is terrified of Tom after finding some photos of him with Glen’s wife the word “Killer” scrawled on them. She takes Becca and leaves the house. With no one else to turn to, Cassie goes to the therapist’s house, alone. He, of course, locks her in the basement. Cassie finds photos of Becca and the dead body of the woman from the beginning of the movie. Chloe is also down there chained to a bed. The therapist did everything because he thinks he should have Tom’s life.  

We know that Cassie is a fighter; she sprays the therapist with a fire extinguisher and makes a run for it. The sheriff shows up just in time, again, and shoots the therapist in the head. Something is off about this. Or maybe not, for some reason, I do not trust this sheriff. 

Chloe is reunited with her daughter and husband. Cassie brings over the ugliest fucking flowers I’ve ever seen. She is a part of the family now, and they all love one another. I think they might be a throuple now. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Lucy, Police officer. 

Glen is hot. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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  1. This movie from LMN was one of the worst! The main girl is supposed to be a music major, who can’t sing or play guitar. She and rest of cast, can’t act. That’s why Sherrif seems off to you, he can’t act. I like to use those 2 knives you have to stab my eyes out after watching this! ( jk)
    Just really bad

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