Psycho Nurse (2020 Lifetime)

Psycho Nurse (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Lyndon SmithAbbie CobbSean Faris

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Mira and Todd are struggling to come to terms with their son’s newly diagnosed condition requiring a special diet and physical treatment in order to live. They hire a live-in nurse, Gwen, who plans to take Todd and their son from Mira in order to become the new mother of the household. When Mira feels constantly fatigued and nauseous, it becomes clear Gwen is an “angel of death” who is intent on turning this family into her forever home.


 A woman in the hospital is gasping for breath. She is begging the nurse (in an old-timey outfit) to let her leave. The nurse turns off the woman’s oxygen and then pinches the cord. The nurse pets her head while she flatlines, she calls a code blue and then watches as doctors revive the woman?

Cut to a mansion, it is beautiful, and there is an even more beautiful man who lives there. His name is Todd, and he is married to a less beautiful woman named Mira, who is a health nut. They have an even LESS beautiful son (on crutches) named Max. Is the nurse living with them? Her name is Gwen, and I guess she is caring for the sickly child. Mira’s friend, Karen, also thinks it is a strange living arrangement. Karen recommends Mira check the nurse’s references

Remember when I said the son was the least beautiful in the family. That may have been rude because he has muscular dystrophy. (The character, not the actor.) Mira is struggling to come to terms with her son’s diagnosis. Good thing she has Gwen to take care of everything for her, including her neighbor Dr. Keller. (The doctor who saved the woman at the beginning of the movie.) Gwen kills Dr. Keller and makes it look like a drug overdoes. We aren’t even 20 minutes in the movie, and we are already killing the POC actors?!?!

Mira joins a support group and starts face timing with a blurry photo of a guy named David. It isn’t David; it is Gwen with voice distorter. They continue talking late at night, and Gwen talks up having a stay at home nurse. 

Later, at breakfast, Karen visits and spills some juice on Todd. Instead of changing his shirt, he takes it off at breakfast. Much to the delight of every actress in the movie and, more importantly, ME! Gwen offers to clean the shirt but smells it; instead, Karen catches Gwen acting strange and mentally notes it. 

Gwen starts finding ways to spend time alone with Todd and touch him inappropriately. She talks Todd up and flatters him. She also plants doubts in his mind about his wife. Is Mira a competent mother/wife, and why is she up so late talking to a man named David? Gwen steps in to do all the things Mira can’t. Mira can’t even walk up the stairs; she is so tired and fainting all the time.

Mira is thankful to have Gwen helping her. She even lets Gwen take her blood for testing and insists she take a night off. They gossip and talk about David. Mira wants to meet up with him, and Todd overhears. He thinks his wife is cheating on him. 

Mira meets with David IRL. He tells Mira that he doesn’t have a kid and hasn’t been chatting with Mira. Someone was impersonating him. His wife is the woman from the beginning of the movie. He says that someone online convinced his wife to stop taking her chemo. Todd trails Mira and confirms his suspicions.

While Mira is out, Gwen is confronted by Karen. Karen brings up the inappropriate thing shes seen Gwen do and then saunters off. Gwen hit her in the head with a vase. (Another POC down?!?!) Then she goes to see David and kills him too. 

After all that killing, Gwen is horny and puts the moves on Todd. He isn’t having it and pushes her off of him. The next morning Gwen spins it that he was coming on to her, and she turned him down. The poor guy is so pretty and soooo confused.

Someone who is not confused is Mira. She starts putting the pieces together. She notices similar speech patterns between Gwen and David. Then she realizes that Gwen has been putting something in her tea to keep her exhausted. When she snoops around Gwen’s room, she finds prescription pills and books on toxicology. She spends the rest of the movie looking at coffee tumblers suspiciously.

With some video evidence and pictures, Mira decides to go to the police. Gwen stops her before she can leave and forces Mira to go for a ride. As they drive, Gwen admits to killing all the people so she can have Mira’s life. At an abandoned home alone together, Gwen gets ready to kill Mira making it look like a suicide and frame her for the murders. 

Todd finds the photo and video evidence and rushes to save his wife. 

The woman struggle over a knife and roll around the kitchen, grabbing different kitchen items to throw at one another. Eventually, Mira grabs a teapot and knocks Mira out. Then she runs from the house crying and drives to go see her family. 

The family goes for a walk — no mention of Gwen or what happened. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Doctor Keller, Karen. 

Also known as Munchausen by Internet. (Terrible title.) 

I liked the actress who played Mira. She reminded me of a Lifetime version of Rachel Boston.

Gail Edit (Correction sent in by my fav unofficial editor, Gail.)

“In your review, you state that David’s wife is the woman from the beginning of the movie. That is incorrect. The woman at the beginning of the movie’s name is Ida, while David’s wife’s name was Laurel. He clearly states that his wife passed from cancer, and someone online convinced her to stop chemo before her passing. The woman at the beginning of the movie doesn’t even die. The doctors save her life.” Thank you, Gail!

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷(2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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