The Babysitter’s Revenge (2020 Lifetime)

The Babysitter’s Revenge (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Bree Turner, Aviva Mongillo, Steve Byers, Kira Guloien, Zoie Palmer

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Teenage babysitter Carrie Dawson has a chip on her shoulder on the heels of a humiliating family scandal. When she finds out that neighborhood Queen Bee Madeline Cooper may be to blame, she is determined to exact revenge… even if it means discovering and exposing Madeline’s scandalous secret. As Carrie gets closer to the truth, will Madeline’s world come tumbling down?


It is the middle of the night, and Carrie is rummaging through jewelry while she is babysitting. She is trying to find some dirt on the people whose kid she is watching to vindicate her mom’s reputation. (She was running for local politics, and something happened with sexual harassment.) Carrie’s friend Blair stops over and helps, but all they find is a vibrator and some handcuffs. I guess they are a fun couple because later, she finds the mother of the house doing cocaine. (So edgy!)

Carrie’s bitchy neighbor, Madeline, roams around the neighborhood prissily. Madeline likes to gossip about everyone in town and has it out for Carrie and her mother. (Anne.) They are not classy enough for her since the scandal derailed their lives. Madeline fixes her handsome husband scotch and tells him she is lobbying to be counselor. (Whatever Candian thing that is.)

Later, while cokehead Vivian is unloading groceries, Carrie extorts her for more money in exchange for her discretion. She does the same with another Babysitting client. As luck would have it, Carrie gets asked to babysit Madeline and John’s baby for a few weeks.

While watching the baby, Carrie does some snooping and finds more exciting things in Madeline’s house. She sees pictures of her mother that were released to the press and ruined her campaign. Now Carrie can get her revenge… her babysitter’s REVENGE! 

Anne hears about what Carrie found and isn’t convinced. She asks her daughter to drop it, but Carrie doubles down and does some research online. Carrie gets replaced with a professional babysitter, and Daniel, the baby, goes missing. Instead of celebrating that she is a better babysitter, Carrie is “concerned” and walks around the neighborhood, pretending to look for him. She is pretending because she kidnapped him so that she would look like a hero finding him, which she does and is re-hired by the couple.

Instead of watching the baby, Carrie trails Madeline around town. (Blair is watching the baby, don’t worry.) Carrie follows Madeline to a skeezy motel where she takes photos of her try on lingerie for old men. When Madeline comes home, Carrie confronts her about what she saw and what happened with her mother. Madeline tells Carrie to leave and her husband has been cheating on her so he won’t even care.

John rehires Carrie because he is oblivious to what is going on. He takes his wife to a retirement party and leaves Carrie to do more snooping. Carrie finds a $25,000 check from the man who accused her mother of sexual harassment and then lets the cat out of the bag about Madeline getting a hotel room to John. Madaline explains it way, and John is gullible.

Everyone is evil in this movie, and I can’t even pick sides her. Like, who should I be rooting for here? Blair? Poor Blair. 

Madeline catches Carrie snooping with hidden cameras and then goes to all her neighbors and tells them not to trust her. BUT THEN Carrie meets John’s dad and realizes that he is the old man from the motel and is having an extremely inappropriate relationship with his son’s wife. (WTF!?!?) Carrie continues to threaten Madeline that she will release information. 

To annoy her neighbor even further, Carrie blasts trap music, and Madeline bursts into her house and deletes the photos from Carrie’s phone. Carrie catches Madeline in her home and tells her that she has called the police, has a knife, and has made copies of the photos. Madaline is not happy that she is going to have a police record and calls a realtor to sell Carrie and Anne’s house. Then Carrie retaliates by spray painting “SLUT” on Madeline’s car… I’m bored with this back and forth.  

Carrie and Blair decide to go for a swim, and BLAIR gets electrocuted and killed. Madeline is super disappointed because she set it up for Carrie to die. Carrie finally realizes that things have gone too far; she tells John the truth about Madaline’s affair.

John confronts his wife and is devastated that she is having an affair with his father. He even questions if Daniel is his son because the doctors said he was unable to have children. Madaline told him it was a miracle, but the truth is much worse. Daniel is his brother?!?!? Oh, wait, stepbrother, whatever who cares. John isn’t having any of it and screams “no” in her face before speeding off, leaving her alone. 

Madaline loses it and slaps Carrie in broad daylight. The neighborhood all come out to watch, and Madaline yells at everyone. She even admits to trying to kill Carrie. Then she angrily does some light gardening. She moves out of the neighborhood, and Carrie and Anne win the war.

Side Note

Minority Report: A Police Officer

Blair did not deserve this! Justice for Blair!!!

Also Known as Glass Houses 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. Blair was the only likeable person, and she disappeared halfway through just to step in a puddle and die! And nothing happened until the last 20 minutes. Maybe if Bree Turner player her character from Grimm or somebody else had morphed into a werewolf and clawed somebody/the entire neighborhood to death? An HOUR earlier?

  2. You are absolutely correct when you said it’s unclear who is the real villain. Carrie got her revenge but at what cost? Not adhering to the mom’s wishes but loading the baby up with sugar and leaving him with an apathetic sitter was cruel. Carrie and Mrs. Cooper were both unscrupulous people.

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