The Thing About Harry (2020 Freeform)

THE THING ABOUT HARRY – Freeform’s “The Thing About Harry” stars Jake Borelli as Sam and Niko Terho as Harry. (Freeform/Vu Ong)

The Things About Harry (2020 Freeform)

Cast: Britt BaronJake BorelliNiko Terho

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

High school enemies, Harry and Sam, are forced to share a ride to their hometown for a party. Things take a turn when Sam learns Harry has come out. Stuck spending the night together, Harry and Sam wonder if they could be more than friends.


Chicago college students and BFF’s Sam and Stasia are cuddling in a twin bed talking about their failed relationships. Valentine’s day is coming up. They are interrupted by a phone call from Sam’s high school friend, Kelly, who is engaged. She asks him to give another high school friend Harry a ride. The trouble is Harry and Sam do NOT get along.

Harry is crude and rude, with adorable dimples! He is late when Sam goes to pick him up. As they drive further and further away from the city, Harry talks about his womanizing ways, and then he comes out as pansexual. Harry asks Sam to be his gay wingman in Boystown, and Sam is so shocked he almost crashes into another car and swerves off the road.

While the car is being repaired (I’m assuming.) Harry and Sam get to know each other more in a cheap motel. They mostly talk about life and how Kelly’s fiance might be gay? Harry strips down to take a shower, and I was thinking they were going to hook up, but they just lust after one another. Harry eventually apologizes for bullying Sam in High School and tells him that he is pretty awesome. As Sam drops Harry off, Harry mentions that he is back with his ex-girlfriend Lydia. 

The movie skips the engagement party, and we are back in Chicago. Stasia and Sam go to a singles party and run into… Harry. (Who has taken a vow of chastity.) The boys neg each other the whole time. 

Six months later, Sam is working on a political campaign with his boyfriend Karamo Brown or Paul. They run into Harry at a trivia night, and the negging continues. On the final question, Sam has to choose between his boyfriend’s answer or Harry’s. Sam picks Harry (who is right), and Karamo storms off angrily. I guess they are broken up now? Giving Sam the night free to go out drinking with Harry.

A much-needed montage happens. (Which the dialogue in this movie is good, I need some more action.) Sam and Harry spend time working on the political campaign and just being friends. It is nice and sweet!  

At Pride, a guy asks Harry if Sam is single. Harry lies and says Sam is straight; then, he asks Sam if he really thinks friends can’t become a relationship. Sam is very drunk and says that he would never date Harry. Harry is hurt and makes out with Stasia. Sam sees them making out and leaves the bar.

The next morning, Harry comes clean about making out with Stasia and even admits to sleeping with her. Stasia and Harry are also thinking about becoming more than a one night stand. 

Three months later, they meet up for bottomless mimosas. Sam gets way too drunk and tells Stasia that she better be careful dating Harry because he will end up leaving her as he does with everyone he has dated previously. Stasia storms off and calls him an asshole. 

After unfollowing his friends on social media, Sam has a conversation with his gay landlord who pushes him to start dating to get Harry off of his mind. Sam goes on a bunch of failed dates. Including a guy named Harry. (who isn’t Harry.) Sam is still heartbroken.

A year and a half go by. Sam and Stasia meet up for a drink. She tells him that she is getting married and asks Sam to be her man of honor. He asks her if Harry would be okay with it. Stasia clears things up, she broke up with Harry and started dating his roommate Zack. Since Sam unfollowed them all on social media, they hadn’t been in touch to clear things up.

At Stasia’s Valentine’s Day wedding Harry and Sam reunite (In fun red and pink suits.) Harry tells Sam that he has always wanted something more with Sam but couldn’t get out the words that he was, no wait IS, in love with Sam. They kiss.

After the wedding, Sam and Harry have sexy time, finally. They wake up in each other’s arms, and Harry tells Sam that he is leaving Chicago for LA in a few days. Sam freaks out and storms off. The boys wallow on their couches until a big political rally.

Harry sees Sam on TV and sneaks into the rally with a dance team and gets caught in the middle of their performance. Harry grabs a microphone and makes an impassioned speech for the candidate and Sam. (of course.) While the venue is totally inappropriate, Sam runs up onstage awkwardly and kisses him. The crowd cheers. I guess friends can fall in love. They kiss some more, and we get a shot of the Chicago skyline,

A few years later, Harry and Sam are married and have a cute baby. They walk by Lake Michigan as a family.  

Side Note

Minority Report: Gary, Harry, Paul, April, Bartender, Drag Queen, and many extras. 

Loved director/writer Peter Paige in Queer as Folk. Glad he is helping bring up the next generation of queer actors while also increasing visibility of gay romance. (This is the first TV movie featuring gay romantic leads!) 

I’m not the biggest RomCom fan, but I am happy that this movie was made.

This movie was sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios, apparently.  

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Overall rating

❤️❤️❤️❤️ (4 Hearts)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime


  1. Super cute movie. Just finished this and it has become a favorite for me. I will watch this again. I’m glad to see such a forward movie come to the main screen.

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