A Mother Knows Worst (2020 Lifetime)

Mother Knows Worst (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Katie Leclerc Jeff SchineVictoria BarabasTodd Cahoon

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Tragedy strikes when Olivia and Harry Davis’ newborn baby doesn’t survive the birth. Six months later, the young couple has come to terms with their loss and is rebuilding their lives; they may even be ready to try again for a family soon. But when Olivia meets glamourous Brooke Marsden and her baby girl, she is overwhelmed by a feeling of love and longing. She quickly becomes obsessed with Brooke and her baby, which worries Harry. Is Olivia going crazy? Or is a mother’s instinct always right?


Oliva is delivering a baby dramatically, and she is screaming for her husband, Harry. Harry isn’t with his wife; he is in the bathroom, not having sexual tension with a guy named Glen; they are both accountants and not gay. (I’m projecting.) Olivia delivers the baby, and it is quickly whisked away. The baby dies. As Harry and Olivia mourn the death of their baby Glen and his wife, Brooke, happily take their daughter home. 

Olivia and Harry try to move on but have trouble because Glen hires Harry to join his firm. They go to a fancy party where Olivia recognizes the nurse from the delivery room at the party. The delivery nurse is supportive and gives Olivia her number. Olivia gets triggered when she sees Brooke and the baby. She smiles maniacally at the baby and then quickly leaves the party with her husband. (Who probably shouldn’t have brought her to begin with.) 

While shopping for dresses, Brooke loses her baby. A judgy store clerk, “mom shames” Brooke for misplacing her baby. Brooke leaves the story flustered and runs into Olivia, who is conveniently right outside the boutique at a cafe with her friend. Olivia coos over the baby and has “baby-itious.” (according to Olivia’s RUDE and insensitive friend.) 

Harry and Olivia invite Glen and Brooke over for dinner. Olivia still has the nursey all set up and asks Brooke to use the room to nurse the baby while she watches. The women talk about breastfeeding. They put the baby down for a nap. Olivia thanks Brooke for helping her turn things around, she is ready to become a mother again. So much so that she breastfeeds the baby herself. Glen catches and is creeped out, he takes the baby, and they hightail it out of there. (He doesn’t tell his wife what he saw.) The next morning he finds the baby car seat in the trash and gets a text saying. “Give me what I want!”

A fulltime nanny named Janis is hired to watch the baby. Glen and Brooke go out on a date night, leaving the nanny home alone with the baby. The nanny drinks wine and chills out, maybe a little too much, because she passes out. A hooded figure sneaks into the house and tries to take the baby. The baby monitor wakes the nanny. She rushes to check the baby, but she is dragged downstairs and held by her feet upside down with her head in the pool. Janis drowns awkwardly. 

The next morning when Olivia hears about the drowning, she offers to help Brooke and Glen watch the baby. Brooke is so thankful that she doesn’t hesitate to give the baby to Olivia immediately. Brooke takes a nap while Olivia plays with the baby. Glen doesn’t feel comfortable and says that Olivia isn’t trustworthy. Glen brings up the breastfeeding incident, but Brooke won’t let him get it out because she is so sensitive about the subject. 

Harry discovers some missing money in the accounts that are likely being held up in offshore accounts. Glen is proud of Harry for catching the discrepancy and for being his not-gay-lover. Harry gets a promotion because Glen is relocating his family to London. When Harry tells Olivia, she angrily chops carrots.

Olivia begins to spiral. She can’t be happy for Harry because she is too busy breaking chopsticks and staying up all night looking mad. She is relieved to hear that Glenn has a sexual assault charge against him and won’t be going to London. Also, that means Harry will not be getting a promotion. Harry accuses Olivia of making the complaint to keep the baby close by. She denies everything and calls him crazy. Harry tells Glen that he thinks his wife made a claim. 

When Brooke denies Olivia’s request to help babysit, Olivia rushes over to the house. She is stopped by a security agent who gives Olivia a letter from Brooke telling her to get help and stay away from her baby. As Olivia reads the letter, Brooke watches on from the window with the baby. 

Harry tells Olivia that he is going to sleep somewhere else and needs time to figure things out. He thinks she should get professional help too. 

Olivia drives to talk to Nurse Nancy from the delivery room. We learn that her mother has cancer, and she is taking care of her mom. Detectives question Olivia when she leaves Nancy’s house. Olivia provides a lame movie excuse, but she doesn’t remember the name… it was a foreign film. The detectives suspect her. 

With no one else to turn to, Olivia calls Nancy and tells her what happened. Nurse Nancy tells Olivia to meet her in the park. She sees Brooke first and is issued a restraining order. The security guard also tells her that her alibi is lame as hell. 

Later, at night Brooke is putting the baby to sleep and being watched by someone in a hoodie. The security guard does a perimeter check and thinks he sees something. As he is pointing a flashlight in the bushes, he gets hit in the head with a rock. Glen goes outside to investigate and trips over the security guards’ body. He hears rustling in the bushes and fires a gun. Police are called to the scene and offer to have an armed car outside in case Olivia comes back. 

Harry has been tracking his wife’s cellphone and knows she wasn’t by the house when the attack happened. They drive and compare notes. They decide to talk to Nancy but are disappointed to learn only her sick mother is home. The ill mother spills the tea and tells them that Nancy has recently been on a trip to Santa Enrique (or something like that.) Harry snoops around the living room while the sick mother takes her meds and finds a money order. They realize that Nancy could be responsible and rush to tell Glen.

Glen is confused but hears Olivia and Harry out. He unlocks a briefcase and pulls a gun on the couple. (So much for that gay sexual subtext!) They are ushered into the basement by the gun-wielding Glen, who locks them in with Nurse Nancy’s body. While they are in the basement, Olivia and Harry speculate that Nurse Nancy switched their baby and was paid $50,000 by Glen. They cry together and then realizes they need to get out of the basement. 

They get back to the main house, and Olivia grabs a knife. She struggles with Glen, who shoots the gun and wakes Brooke. (and probably the baby.) Brooke grabs the weapon and is very confused. Olivia tells her everything, and Brooke’s worst fears are confirmed. She knew something was off when the baby wouldn’t breastfeed. Glen admits to stealing the baby with Nurse Nancy and paying for it. He hired Harry because he felt guilty for what he did. He killed Nurse Nancy when she continued to extort him for money. Glen wrestles the gun from his wife and gets accidentally shot in the process. He dies while apologizing.

Flash to two years later, Olivia and Harry are reunited with their daughter. Brooke has a new fiance who is a Zaddy. Thee end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Nurse Nancy, Detective, Security guard Varden. 

This movie was a bit convoluted but ultimately was enjoyable. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime


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