Deadly Daughter Switch (2020 Lifetime)

Deadly Daughter Switch (2020 Lifetime)

Stars: Lindsay Hartley, Hannah Barefoot, Allison McAtee, Tu Morrow

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Brooke discovers that her daughter Hailey isn’t actually her biological daughter, their family is thrown into crisis as they realize Hailey was switched at birth with Brooke’s biological daughter Breanne. But as Brooke fights to keep her family intact, Breanne’s mother Alexis finds that hers is falling apart, and that is something she will do anything, even kill, to stop from happening.


Teenagers are fighting and calling each other “mistakes.” They are pregnant; Alexis wants to keep the baby. John wants her to get an abortion. The girlfriend backs over her boyfriend with her car in anger. 

Flash forward. (I’m assuming!) Lifetime KWEEN, Lindsay Hartley is back! This time as Brooke. Brooke has a basic husband and teen daughter, Hailey. As a family, they donate blood. (Which everyone should be doing right now. Donate Blood Here.) The donor cards come back, and Brooke is confused because their daughter’s blood type isn’t possible. The family has a meeting and goes to the hospital, which confirms that Hailey is not their biological child, and there was a mix-up.  

Alexis works at a cafe and steals from her coworker Barbara. She, too, has a daughter named Breanne. As the mother and daughter are planning a getaway, they see a news report asking all babies born on Dec 29th, 2003. (I was in COLLEGE.) They go to the hospital and learn that Hill Side Medical made a BIG error. They swapped the babies by mistake.

The families meet and are told that they have to switch children for a few visits, and eventually, the girls will decide where to live. Alexis feels like that cards are stacked against her. Brooke and her basic husband have it all; she can’t possibly compete. Alexis steals more money at the cafe and gets caught by her boss. She lunges at him, causing him to fall back, hit his head, and die. Alexis steals all the money and runs.

Brooke talks to her shirtless basic husband. They promise to get through this together, and I got to say… Alexis is WAY more interesting. Breanne doesn’t think so. She loves their pool and house plants. (Brooke and Breanne both love botany.)

Alexis and Hailey are also bonding… they are both allergic to tomatoes?  

Hailey is disappointed that Alexis wasn’t more open about who her dad way and that Brooke is getting along with her biological daughter, Breanne, better. Brooke learns from Hailey that her birthfather was Alexis’ community college coach. After researching, Brooke confronts Alexis and asks her to share more about Hailey’s biological father. Still not taking Alexis’s word for it. Brooke goes to the community college to find information and learns that the father is actually alive from the current coach. Alexis trails Brooke and pushes the coach down the stairs killing him. (Alexis should really stop pushing people.)

Brooke and her basic ass husband throw a BBQ. They keep the fact that Alexis is lying to themselves and ask Hailey not to bring it up. Alexis’s boyfriend gets belligerent and spills the beans about the father being alive. Alexis confirms that it is accurate, and she begs Breanne to forgive her for laying. Then Alexis accuses Brooke of plotting against her and storms off. (This time she doesn’t run over her boyfriend.) 

Breanne decides to live with Brook, Basic Husband, and Hailey. This pushes Alexis over the edge and she starts to stalk her daughter, calls constantly, and monitors her social media. Hailey and Breanne go to school together and call each other “Swisters.” (Which is stupid, they aren’t even related.) While on a run the #swisters are confronted by Alexis, who frantically tries to explain herself. Breanne calls her mother a liar and tells her to stay away. Everyone is crying.

Alexis gets extremely angry in the car. Alexis does some research of her own, finds Brooke’s assistant riding a bike, and hits her with her vehicle. (Someone take away this woman’s driver’s license!) It is ruled as a hit and run. Brooke is left without an assistant and reaches out to Alexis to temporarily help her with “the landscape business.” Brooke also makes a generous offer to Alexis, leaving her custody and a living trust should anything happen to Brooke or her basic husband. 

Without Alexis, everyone s a happy happy family. They are honest with one another and laugh VERY creepily. Meanwhile, Alexis watches on with a pair of hedging shears? I have no idea what is going on. I guess Alexis slashes Brooke’s tires. 

 Alexis quits her job, gets a gun, and pistol-whips her boyfriend. She drags his body outside and breaks his neck and claims it was an accident. Just like her boss! A man with a baseball cap watches the whole thing in the shadows. Brooke and Basic Husband give Alexis a place to stay. Little do they know Alexis wants to stay for good. She makes the family breakfast, and everyone votes for Alexis to stay! They are one big happy family.

UNTIL… Brooke gets chased in a parking lot late at night. She is being followed by a man, the man in the baseball cap. He follows her to the grand opening of the park and lurks around menacingly. Then he follows them to Brookes’s house and texts Alexis about the meeting. The man in the baseball cap is John, her ex-boyfriend, and Breanne’s daddy.

To get some alone time with the girls, Alexis books a cabin for Brooke and Basic Husband. Her big plan is to take the girls to movies but plays sick instead. With the girls at the movies, Alexis takes care of John with her gun. Breanne catches her mom and says she is ruining everything. 

On their way home from the movies, Breanne and Hailey are followed by a black car. They are freaked out. A man jumps out of the car, and he warns them about Alexis. His name is John, and he tells them that Alexis is dangerous and ran him over with a car because he wanted to get an abortion. Breanne notices the gun is gone, and they rush up to the cottage to stop Alexis.

Brooke and her Basic Husband are drinking mimosas in the hot tub and making out. They hear Alexis coming in the front door, and Basic Husband goes to check out the noise. He gets shot. Brooke runs to help her husband and finds Alexis standing over the body. Alexis waves the gun around and shares her evil plot. The plan is to murder them and make it look like a burglary. Alexis didn’t even sign the living trust so that she wouldn’t be a suspect. She has thought of everything except that Brooke is a fighter.

The woman struggle briefly but are interrupted by their daughters and John. The police arrive and drag Alexis away as she is screaming that she a mother and blah blah blah. 

Flash to two months later. Hailey and Breanne are going to prom or homecoming. #swisters. Basic Husband is alive and with Brooke. The bike assistant is dating John, because… why not!   

Side Note

Minority Report: Susan, Brooke, Barbera, Detective Martinez 

Lindsay Hartley is back with her writing partner (and “Wrong Series” hunk.) Jason-Shane Scott for another VERY lifetimey movie. 

Despite a great cast, this movie was kind of boring. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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  1. Allison McAtee looks better than ever in “Deadly Daughter Switch”. That’s saying a lot since she was pretty sexy in “Bloomington” and “The Wrong House”.

    Hannah Barefoot is finding a groove playing psychotic women on Lifetime!

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