Wedding Every Weekend (2020 Hallmark Channel)

Wedding Every Weekend (2020 Hallmark Channel)

Stars: Kimberley SustadPaul CampbellBrandi AlexanderJaime M. Callica

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Nate and Brooke are going to the same four weddings, four weekends in a row. To avoid set-ups, they go together as “wedding buddies.” But what starts as a friendship soon becomes deeper.


The movie starts with a montage of wedding RSVP’s and Save the dates set you “My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townshend? (Hallmark spent money on real licensed music? Okay!)

NOT ENGAGED Brooke is shopping with her engaged friend named Ginny at a cute shop and runs into an even cuter man named Nate. He is also single and jaded with love; he is also a clumsy mechanic, who thinks he is jinxed. They run into one another when Nate slips on some oil at work and visits the physical therapist office where Brooke works. Brooke tapes up his knee and sends him on his way because she is already dating her co-worker Colin. (Nope, she breaks up with him over gluten-free pizza and compares them to pineapple and mushroom pizza?)

Vicky and Amanda are getting married too. (Because all of Brooke’s friends are getting married, even the gay ones!) They attend a wine painting party to celebrate a summer of weddings. Ginny tells Brooke to stop looking for love and focus on being single. Oh and, encourages Brooke to start her own physical therapy clinic. All while attending a wedding every weekend. It will be “the summer of Brooke!”

The first wedding happens, and Brooke is annoyed to have been seated at the singles table. She is even more annoyed when Nate shows up with his poorly self-taped knee. They walk through the woods, and Brooke is deathly afraid of bears. Nate has trouble keeping up because of his knee; she tells him to get an MRI. They become wedding buddies. 

The next wedding is a Jewish wedding. Brooke’s dress here is beautiful. She is surprised when to see Nate at the reception. A montage of eating wedding apps happens, and it serves to remind me that I need to eat something. While on the dance floor, Brooke and Nate realize that they are going to two more of the same weddings over the summer. We also learn Nate’s birth name is Edgar. It looks like Brooke and Nate are going to be “wedding buddies” all summer.

The gay wedding happens; the brides share a quick kiss. It isn’t anything more objectionable than the other wedding kisses. Nate and Brooke (whose dress is terrible 90’s style here.) aren’t seated at the same table and are both set up with duds at their tables. Nate and Brooke find their way back together and go for another walk through the woods. (They should really spend more time at the weddings they are attending, amiright?)   

Brooke and Nate play flag football in a joint bachelor/bachelorette party for Ginny and Greg. Nate reinjures his knee, and Brooke patches him up. This time it includes romantic music and lighting, so I’m sure they are in love now. Nate helps Brooke come up with a plan to fix her roof and still have money to open her business. 

As they run errands and sell cars, Brooke and Nate talk about past relationships. Ginny and Greg are thrilled about their friends. Brooke overhears Nate talking to Greg about his ex-fiance and his single life. She gets the wrong impression. Brooke and Nate decided to stop being buddies and focus on themselves after the last wedding.

Greg and Ginny’s wedding happens, and it is the most traditional wedding of them all. After the wedding, Brooke and Nate talk in an empty reception hall and say their goodbyes. 

Time passes, and Brooke opens her new practice. She talks to Greg about the conversation she overheard and realizes her mistake. She is ready to take Nate back. Luckily he is ready to take her back and has a grand gesture prepared. They kiss and are the next couple to get married. 

The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Ginny, Greg, Vicky, Scott, Roofer, Assistant, Salesperson, Wedding Guests, Wedding Planner.

I could tell that Hallmark is committed to diversity and inclusion in this film. I thought it stayed on message for the Hallmark brand and was an enjoyable (If stupid.) TV movie. 

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Overall rating

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ (4 hearts)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required)

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  1. VERY Disappointed with “Wedding every Weekend” movie. Always admired Hallmark Chanel for wholesome family movies.
    Now I’ll re-think my dedication to Hallmark Chanel

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