Psycho Sister-In-Law (2020 Lifetime)

Psycho Sister-In-Law (2020 Lifetime)

Stars: Andrea BowenLydia HearstBrando Eaton

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After the death of their father, the half-sister of a father-to-be moves in her half-brother and his wife’s happy home and brings danger as she seeks to claim the full inheritance.


The movie starts with some dope beats and beautiful scenery. An adorable young couple, Haley and Nick, are attending a surprise baby shower. Nick’s family (Father Reid and his young girlfriend Callie.) is excited, and his dad seems very intense. 

Cut to an actress performing a one-woman show that involves a baby and a butcher knife. Her name is Amelia. A rival actress, Zara, meets Amelia backstage, and they talk mad shit to one another. Then Amelia is murdered on stage; it is dramatic. (I mean they are actors in the THEATRE after all.)

Nick’s father dies in a construction accident, and his estranged sister Zara is contacted to settle the estate. At the funeral, Zara meets Haley and is thrilled to learn she is pregnant. Haley notices Zara uncomfortable with her family and introduces her to her friends Roslyn and Lydia. Zara is indifferent and flat out rude to Callie. (the mourning wannabe widow.) Calling her wedding attire, “post-modern glam.” Then she accuses Callie of only being with her father for his money. The will allocates most of the funds to Nick/his child and a few hundred thousand to Callie and Zara. 

Zara overhears Nick and Haley offering the house to Callie. It looks like Callie isn’t going to make it long in this movie. Zara focuses on picking up her acting career in LA and plans to move back from Vegas full time. Then Zara accuses Callie of hooking up with the attorney. The only problem is that the attorney is GAY! Zara rebounds by snooping through Callie’s things. 

With Callie out of the picture, Zara asks to move in with Nick and Haley. She moves in her hunky shirtless boyfriend, Reid. He is shirtless for the rest of the movie. Just kidding, he puts on a tank top when Nick tells him to put a shirt on. (Haha. I’m dead.) Nick eventually kicks out the hunk for smoking, not for his shirtlessness. 

The gay lawyer dies (choked with a choker.), and I was very sad about it. It is probably Zara, and I’m pretty sure she changes the will or something with money. The details don’t matter, and it is all about the vibe. This movie is a mood. A detective questions Zara, Nick, and Haley about the last min changes to the will and asks for their alibies. 

Zara is not worried about the police and decides to throw a gender reveal party for Haley. The party planning is interrupted by Callie, who demands to know about Zara’s whereabouts during the murder, and another entertaining shady argument happens. 

Nick is injured on a construction site, like his father. (I think they need a new family business.) The ladies all visit him in the hospital. Nick is more concerned about his pregnant and asks her to be careful. That night someone breaks into the house and almost attacks Haley, but Zara saves her… wait… WHAT?!?

Oh, I see. Zara is working with the shirtless hunk to frame Callie. Well, he was helping Zara because she kills him with his belt. Zara throws the baby shower and decorates a surprise nursey for “their baby.” Callie shows up at the baby shower to keep an eye on things and finds a hard hat in Zara’s room. Zara is responsible for the murder of Nick’s father and his injury. 

Nick leaves the hospital in his hospital gown and heads to Vegas. It turns out Zara is not his sister. Amelia (stage name.) was. Amelia is dead, and Fake Zara took her place. Nick calls Callie and tells her to get his pregnant wife out of the house.

Callie makes her move and tries to get Haley to leave casually. Zara pulls a gun on them and forces Callie to tie Haley up. Callie hits Zara with a toy elephant, and they make a run for it. Callie is stabbed in the neck and dies, leaving Haley to fend for herself. 

Nick shows up to protect his wife with is cast on. Zara goes into her villain monologue and talks about eliminating her competition. Haley interjects and begs Zara not to kill the baby. She tells Zara that she was going to make her the Godmother. Haley promises to leave Nick and raise the baby with Zara, which is ridiculous, but Zara goes for it. Then Haley grabs the gun and shoots Zara. Zara dies dramatically in a gazebo, naturally. I guess Haley is a better actress than Zara ever could be.

Side Note

Minority Report: Roslyn, Lydia, Detective Park

Also Known as Sinister Sister

Jake Helgren film, so you know it will be fun. 

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2020 Lifetime

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  1. Lydia was simply incredible. What I wouldn’t give for one date with her mom. I don’t care if she robbed a bank.

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