Mystery on Mistletoe Lane (2023 Hallmark Movie)


Mystery on Mistletoe Lane (2023 Hallmark)

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Cast: Victor Webster, Erica Cerra

Director: Allan Harmon

Writer: Mark Hefti, Kevin Duda, Robert Bastron, Drew Gehling

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

New to town, Heidi Wicks (Cerra) and her kids discover a Christmas mystery in their historic home. Local handyman and historian David (Webster) helps along the way, finding his own surprising connection. Starring Erica Cerra and Victor Webster.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Oh boy, a Christmas mystery! Here we go!

The movie begins in an old house; Heidi has just moved from North Carolina and isn’t used to the cold weather. She is the new director of the historical society. Moving hasn’t gone according to plan, and Heidi’s belongings/kids are arriving late. 

At the historical building office, or whatever, Heidi meets her admin, Linda, who makes Christmas coffee, and the handyman, David. Heidi banters with him about Christmas decorations and living in the original director’s house. David lets her know that the home needs a LOT of repairs and offers to check the building for safety issues. (While checking, they find an old painting with riddles on the back. There is also a hidden reindeer figurine inside the wall.) David also helps unpack while talking about the town’s history and his family. 

When Heidi’s ex-husband drops off the tween children, Annie and Garrett. They are not into the new home and just want to know the WIFI login. Before they leave in disgust, the kids find another riddle hidden in a dresser drawer. 

In the middle of the night, the power goes out. Heidi and the kids look around with flashlights and find another reindeer figurine in a Nutcracker.  

More decorating conversations and picking out a Christmas tree happen. (They also eat clam chowder, which sounds good!)

Since this is a mystery, we get more flashlight searching. Little Nancy Drew, Annie, looks through the shed and finds old paintings and a creepy wooden doll. She rushes to her mother, who excitedly discovers that her house is the historic Mistletoe Manor. (The back of the house used to be the front, and Heidi wants to restore it to its former glory.)

WOW! I’m not invested in this mystery. I’m sorry for people who are fans of this genre, and we’ve added history as well? 

David’s dad comes to town, and he knows a lot about the house and its secrets. He helps solve the puzzles or riddles. (Even though he seems in poor health.) He tells the tweens that Christmas is about family and to include Heidi and David in the mystery. 

The grown-ups are a lot quicker at solving the riddles and finding the painting of David’s great-grandfather. (The clues were left from him for his son Wallace.) David’s dad, Wallace, tells everyone that he grew up in the mistletoe manor, but it held harrowing memories once his sister Dorothy died of pneumonia. Heidi is inspired to present the story to the city council to convince them to invest in restoring the manor. (The city is considering cutting the town’s historical preservation position altogether, meaning Heidi would have moved for nothing.) The town approves, except for the sexy deputy, who is a hater. 

Okay, it took me WAY too long to figure this out, but the reindeer figures are the ones from Santa’s sleigh. 

Heidi puts on the town’s Christmas party at Mistletoe Manor. Public interest is high thanks to a hashtag…

Wallace has a memory and finds the final clue in Santa’s sleigh. It includes a lovely Christmas from his father that shows Wallace how loved he was. Then, he finds a book to read to kids with a Santa hat. 

It means a lot to him, that is nice! (Oh, there is also a deed in there.) 

David gets a nice surprise from Heidi. A Christmas Fern. David gifts her a kiss under the mistletoe… manor. The end! 

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

Fans of mysteries pour this up, so if you are too, you might enjoy it! 

Overall rating

Pour it up

Put a Cork in It 

Christmas Feels

🎄🎄 (2 Christmas Trees)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷 (1 glass of wine.)

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