Give Me My Baby (2017 Lifetime)

Give Me My Baby (2017 Lifetime)

Stars:  Sofia MilosKelly SullivanGabriel Hogan

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A couple trying to get pregnant seeks help from an acclaimed fertility doctor. But when strange occurrences start happening, they suspect their doctor has insidious ulterior motives.


A car crash kicks off this movie. It looks like a bad one, car flipped over, and everything. A woman is brought into the hospital, and in the ambulance, she grabs the paramedic’s scissors and tries to slit her wrists. Eeek!

Cut to a perfect couple, Layla and Nate, in bed making a baby. They are trying to get pregnant, but are still cute about it, not resentful of each other. Layla and her husband make plans to visit a fertility doctor named Dr. Bianca Hartlin. The doctor recommends insemination with a fertilized egg. Blah blah blah, they go into details that I don’t need. I get it; they are making a baby in a petri dish. Okay! 

Layla has a fragrance line that she is working on and shows it off to her twink friend Jason. He is fabulous; I’m in love. He reps a celebrity named Shannon Ball. (Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s daughter.) The plan is to have Shannon Ball start a fragrance line and endorse Layal’s business. 

On her way home, Layla finds her stepdaughter, Alison breaking into the house. Alison has green streaks in her hair and wears a lot of makeup. Alsion moves in and is unimpressed with Layla and Nate’s fertility treatments. She thinks they are too old to be having a baby. 

Shannon takes the meeting with Layla to talk about fragrances. Brooke Hogan tries her best to act. The irony that Brooke Hogan is having trouble portraying a reality star is not lost on me. Maybe she should stick to singing? I think that is what she does. 

Dr. Bianca is a little too invested in getting Layla pregnant. She pumps her full of hormones and takes the egg sample, which Dr. Bianca throws in the trash and replaces them with her frozen eggs… that is not ethical. (Later we learn she had miscarriages and can’t have a baby herself.) She starts showing up at Nate’s golf club and flirts with him. Then later, she runs into Layla at a baby store. Dr. Bianca is following them. 

Layla is now pregnant with the fertilized egg. Dr. Bianca tells her to take it easy to protect the baby. Layla doesn’t really slow down and works with Shannon on the fragrance, Sizzle. (Like The Sizzler? Whatever happened to that restaurant.) Layla is stressed about keeping up with her fertility shots and gets into an argument with Nate after calling her a porcupine.

What should make her angry is Bianca spending time with her husband after hours at the golf club. Bianca and Nate do shots of tequila. Bianca reveals that she is actually Cici, Nate’s ex-girlfriend, who looks totally different after a car accident. She seduces him, and I think they have sex. (For some reason this fine ass man is not shirtless.)

(Exhibit A)

Nate comes home wasted. Layla and Alsion are very annoyed with him. They put him to bed. The next morning Nate is very hungover and remembers nothing from the night before. CONVENIENTLY! 

Dr. Bianca and Layla have tea and talk about fragrances. She tells Layla that the couple is special to her and want to give them extra attention. When Layla goes to the bathroom, Dr. Bianca sends Shannon a rude text from Layla’s phone.

Layla has a falling out with Shannon, and the stress of the argument causes Layla to pass out. She is rushed to the hospital and told by a different doctor that her hormones are way too high. It may be the hormones that are making Layla so emotional. Like, Dr. Bianca sends a gift, and it smells of her perfume. Layla realizes that the night Nate was drunk, he smelled like her perfume too. She accuses him of cheating and kicks him out of the house. 

With nowhere else to go, Nate confronts Cici/Dr. Bianca. She tells him that she is having his baby, and they are going to be together. He says that she is confused, and he loves Layla. That is when Cici sticks him in the neck with a syringe, and he passes out. Next, Cici goes to Layla’s house and wrecks her fragrance table. Layla knows that it is Dr. Bianca and that she is obsessed with Nate. 

Layla and Alison go to rescue Nate. He needs it because he is tied up by Cici as she recalls their high school love affair. They drank and had sex in a golf cart. She was in love with him and found out she was pregnant with his baby, but he never heard from him after their tryst. Cici got in a drunk driving accident that caused her to lose the baby and can never have one again. 

When Laya finally confronts Cici/Dr. Bianca, she discovers that she is just a surrogate. The baby is Cici/Dr. Bianca’s and not Layla’s. She is horrified but fights Cici to get her husband. Layla pushes Nate in a wheelchair and tries to get away. Cici almost kills Nate and Layla with a scalpel. Alsion comes from out of nowhere and knocks out Dr.Bianca. 

One year later, Nate and Layla have an adorable baby. The baby is Layla’s, and Cici really messed up her own plan. Layla is working with Alison on a new fragrance line called “Motherhood.”

Side Note

Minority Report: Dr. Bianca, Other Doctor. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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