Girl Followed (2017 Lifetime)

Girl Followed (2017 Lifetime)

Cast: Heather McCombJoey LawrenceEmma Fuhrmann

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Reagan, a 14-year-old girl, is grounded by her parents after they find her sending suggestive selfies to boys at school. Her loneliness and resentment draws the attention of a 22-year-old medical assistant who becomes an outlet for her rebellious desires. However, what started as a seemingly innocent friendship with an older man is soon revealed to be something dangerous; as Reagan begins to learn that her first encounter with this man wasn’t by chance and that he has a terrifying plan for their future. Joey Lawrence, Heather McComb star. (2017)


The movie begins with a creep in a van kidnapping a tween named Tara. She is on an app called “The Gem Den.” (Which is basically Snap Chat.) It is how the assailant located her.

Cut to Dr. Abby in her clinic, where she asks a pre-teen girl named Shale (Think Whale with an S.) about sexual activity. Abby’s teen daughter, Reagan, talks with a hunky male nurse named Nate about a reality show. The hunk male nurse creeps on Reagan’s medical records as soon as he is alone. Ugh. Nate! He adds Reagan on Gem with his “thug” user profile N-Dog. (HUGE EYEROLL.) He messages her right away. 

Joey Lawrence is here, and his botox is strong. He is Abby’s husband, and they have another daughter named Taylor. I’m not sure if it is a blended family, but that would make sense. Joey Lawrence is promoted at the YCC. 

Sisters Shale and Siben throw a party where pre-teens are in too sexual situations. Where are their parents? Reagan gets a call from N-Dog, and she tells him about the party and how everyone is sending sexy picks on Gem. He suggests she send pictures of her own to Austin. (A boy she likes in school.) Austin forwards the message to his friends.   

Nate looks at the pictures and tells Reagan that she needs to get better lingerie. Reagan goes shopping with her mom, steals some, and takes a photo of herself in the new get-up. She sends the pictures to Nate and Austin again. This time they go viral, and Talor sees the images. She tells her parents who confiscate Reagan’s phone. 

Reagan is embarrassed and decides to run away. She calls Nate to pick her up, and he brings her to his parent’s place. Nate gives her hard cider, and they go swimming in their underwear. He makes her promise not to tell her parents.

Joey Lawerance and Dr. Abby put out an Amber alert. Once they find their daughter, they demand to know where Reagan was. She is grounded and will be going to a counselor. Her response? “What is this Law and order?!?!”  

Nate starts giving Reagan little gifts and wants to spend more and more time with her. Since Reagan is grounded, she can’t spend time with him. Reagan’s counselor asks her to rate herself on a 1-10 scale. (Which seems counterproductive.) When Reagan tells him about therapy, he says that she shouldn’t trust the “headshrinker.” because she will tell Reagan’s parents everything. 

Joey Lawerence’s company board members receive the picture of Reagan. He is put on leave and could lose his job. He isn’t the only one. Nate switches the medical charts to make Abby look neglectful and almost kill a child who is allergic to penicillin. 

Nate takes Reagan to a playground and tells her that he will go to jail if anyone found out. They almost kiss, but Nate can’t get over his paranoia about the therapy. He says he was in therapy before, and they mess with your head. He makes Reagan promise to stop seeing the doctor. Taylor catches her sister sneaking in and demands to know what is going on. Reagan makes up a lie about dating a 16-year-old named Milo. 

Taylor tells her parents, and they catch Reagan sneaking out and getting into Nate’s car. Joey Lawrence demands to know who the boy is and picks up a call from N-Dog. Nate is cocky AF and tells him that he owns Reagan. He admits to emailing the pictures to Joey Lawrence’s work.

Reagan meets with her therapist, who tells her that she won’t tell her parents what they discuss. The therapist is smart and asks Reagan to explain her dream man. Reagan describes Nate. When Reagan goes to the bathroom, she is surprised to see Nate there. He wants to break her out, and when she refuses, he forces her to go with him. Abby sees Nate driving away with a screaming Reagan. 

The police are involved and talk to the therapist, who tells them about the dream boyfriend description. Somehow no one puts it together. I know Joey Lawrence plays dumb characters, but come on.

Nate ties up Reagan and is interrupted by a knock at the door. Abby wants to ask him a few questions, not realizing that Nate is the kidnapper. Reagan screams for help, and Nate pulls out his gun. Joey Lawrence and Taylor show up. Before Nate can shoot the family, he is taken out by detectives. 

The family plan a trip to the bahamas to celebrate Joey Lawrence’s promotion.

Side Note

Minority Report: Salesgirl, Darren, Detective,

This movie was a mess. it was like an episode of Dawson’s Creek mixed with Law and Order: SVU

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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