Engaging Father Christmas (2017 Hallmark Movie and Mysteries)


Engaging Father Christmas

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Stars: Erin KrakowNiall MatterWendie Malick

Synopsis (via Hallmark)

It was supposed to be the perfect engagement. What could be more romantic than a Christmas proposal in a bucolic Vermont inn? Ian has it planned perfectly, or so he thinks. Miranda, an interior designer, returns to where she met Ian, a dashing former attorney who now runs the little hotel in the quaint town of Carlton Heath. After doing some digging to learn about her family roots, Miranda had traced her lineage to Carlton Heath. Though it’s Christmas, Miranda had always done her best to distance herself from the holiday; her mom, an actress, had died while performing a holiday play. Ian has carefully planned every aspect of Miranda’s visit so he could make the most romantic proposal. Too bad the best-laid plans often go awry – even during Christmas


Here we are: the least-anticipated sequel since, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Hallmark is giving it’s viewers a lot of credit picking by up a year after the last movie and giving a very short recap of the last movie and then a lot of recap within dialogue. But, like Sex and the City 2, I gotta say the sequel was better.

At the airport while waiting for Ian to pick her up (like a good boyfriend would), Miranda runs into her ex-boyfriend, Josh. She disclosures that her father as a famous actor, James Witcomb and makes him ex promise to not tell ANYONE! The Witcomb family doesn’t want it to get out that she is the illegitimate daughter. He promises not to, but when a very Canadian stranger awkwardly runs into her luggage things get weird.

Miranda starts getting pictures of her secret father at Christime with cryptic message like “Ghost of Christmas Past” from an unknown number. Then her assistant back in Seattle calls and tells Miranda that she has been receiving call from a guy who keeps calling and asking about Miranda’s family and personal life. This movie has REALLY embraced the mystery and MURDER channel.

Josh, the ex-boyfriend decides that there might have been a spark between them and finds Miranda in Carlon Heath to see if she is dating anyone. Of course everyone in town sees them together and thinks it’s scandalous. Josh over steps and asks Miranda if she needs legal advice  

After one failed attempt at a proposal, Ian NAILS IT! Horse drawn carriage, beautiful Christmas lights, and a gazebo!!! His parents help pull the whole thing off and it is actually pretty freaking cute. Immediately after Wendie Malick and the family get all up in Miranda and Ian’s business. If they saved a date, can so and so be the flower girls. It gets back to the normal Hallmark routine, until Mirada gets another ominous message as Christmas carolers sing.

The creepy Canadian, Mr. Decker, arrives in town and is staying at the inn. He get an invite to the traditional annual production of A Christmas Carol. At the play things go off without a hitch. It isn’t until after at the cast party that Mr. Decker makes his move. Steve Decker reveals himself to Miranda’s secret brother, and a family meeting is called. Miranda lets them know she told, Josh. Wendie Malick and brother Peter goes OFF.  

Miranda confronts the creepy Canadian man after a very sophisticated montage (for Hallmark) showing how Mr. Decker discovered the family secret. She decides she should go back to Seattle for a bit to not embarrass the family. Wendie Malick sets her straight—just like the last year in a long monologue. She tells Miranda that the family will stick together and release the family secret to a family friend (who is also a reporter).  With all the drama (and murder) behind us we’re left with an cliffhanger. Would the cabin they now own be perfect for their wedding…? Until next year!

Side Note

Erin Krakow & Niall Matter are both series regulars on When the Heart Calls.

Since they already had a movie last year, this couple gets all the kissing time.

This movie could also double as a tutorial for baby boomers on how to use their iPhones.

POC Alert: This movie did a better job at not tokenizing minorities. The assistant was endearingly played by Bethany Brown and Crystal Balint as family friend/reporter is grounded and real.

This movie rode that thin line between Hallmark Christmas Movie and Horror flick.

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (1 Christmas Tree, I added an 2 extra trees because Sarah cried.)

🍷🍷(2 glasses of wine required)

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