Sharing Christmas (2017 Hallmark Channel)


Sharing Christmas

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Stars: Ellen Hollman, Bobby Campo, and Dave Koz.

Synopsis (via Hallmark)

A real estate developer is given the opportunity of his career to transform an old shopping complex into a prime location. Unfortunately, there is one tenant who is holding out—the Christmas shop owner he met by happenstance just days ago.


Stephanie’s parents are retiring and giving her their Christmas Shop they have owned for 40 years in Trolley Square, New York! (Which looks like a store in the mall, rather than a NYC boutique.)

Michael, a real estate developer, is tasked to take over the downtown project that will put The Christmas Shop out of business. He works too much and doesn’t decorate his office. Even his lady-boss makes fun of him and how he will be forever alone.

On his way home from a dinner, Michael stops by the very store he has a hand in shutting down. He introduces himself to Stephanie and tells her he needs a Christmas decoration. The conversation veers to the business closing and he offers his professional advice to help keep her up and running. (I guess not realizing that HE is redeveloping that area?)

When his lady-boss takes him on a tour of the new area for development. Michael realizes his big mistake and so does Stephanie. She tells him she is still willing to fight to save her store and he is willing to ask his boss if there is another option. The two strike up a deal and Michael agrees to work in the store.

Stephanie shows him the magic of her year-round Christmas store… in a mall… with no website and an old school cash register. She even has a catch phrase:

“Thank you for shopping at The Christmas Shop, have a MERRY day!”

A reporter at the New York Centennial, writes a story about the shop and how quaint it is (despite being in a mall!) and the story goes viral! Sales are through the roof and the real estate development firm is painted in a bad light.  

Michael and Stephanie go on a not-date to see Dave Koz (a famous saxophone player?)the musician even got a banner across the screen. The cameo is soooooo random and unnecessary. Apparently, he shops at The Christmas Store, because it is so special… Turns out that was a good place to take Michael because he used to want to be a music teacher. Keeping with the music theme, they go to a record store and he buys her a Christmas album from her childhood that her grandma used to play.

Back at the store, Michael starts to make upgrades to the tech and he even knows where the cookie cutters are. He invites Steph (they are on abbreviated names now) to his brother’s party; she declines because she has to get ready for the annual Christmas block party.

Before the block party they have to decorate an ornament for Mr. Cranston, something Stephanie and her family have been doing for their customers for years. Michael helps make the ornament and delivers it to Mr. and Mrs. Cranston. He realizes that the shop is something special and pitches to his boss that the shop should stay. The lady boss says no, so he resigns from the position. Leaving him jobless and the store still closing.

At the block party, Stephanie sees her parents! They moved back to the city and give her some words of wisdom. At another reading of The Night Before Christmas, lady boss (Helen) arrives upon Michael’s request. He found a loophole in the original lease. It states that the if the building is sold, the Christmas Shop has the option to buy it at fair market value. They can’t afford it, but Michael’s Dad can. He agrees to buy the building and, finally, get to be a part of his son’s life again! (Because apparently they were estranged and I missed it.)  

We get a good Christmas kiss, because Bobby Campos is very hot.

One year later, the store is booming and maybe they will franchise?!?!

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Side Note

Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

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