Killer Ending (2018 Lifetime)

Killer Ending (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Chelsea HobbsEmmanuelle VaugierKayla Wallace 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Agatha Sayers best-selling novel becomes her worst nightmare when her daughter is abducted in a copycat scenario tangled with an obsessive assistant intent on stealing her identity.


Agatha Not-Christie types at a laptop while talking out loud (a la Carrie Bradshaw.), and I couldn’t help but wonder, wouldn’t that get annoying!? As she types, we see the book play out a woman named Sarah is kidnapped by or is that real life. I’m confused already. Cool, Cool.

Three weeks earlier, Agatha Not-Christie is a mother and drops her daughter off at college. I think it is the daughter’s name is Sarah from the kidnapping. Sarah used to date a guy named Jack, who is also moving into campus. She is annoyed but moving on with her life. A professor, Harmon, is obsessed with Agatha Not-Christie and has even been to her book signings in the past. Agatha Not-Christie thinks he is a weirdo.

A new assistant (wearing a terrible blonde wig) named Caroline moves in with Agatha Not-Christie and will be her assistant. Three weeks go by, and things with Caroline are going great! She organized all the books/personal computer files and is so thankful to be out of the woman’s shelter thanks to Agatha Not-Christie. Caroline offers to help edit her new novel and receives an encrypted file with the password, “Do or Die.”

Sarah hasn’t called her mother (on her old-timey phone.) in a while, and Caroline offers to visit her campus room to check in on her. The apartment is strewn with yellow flowers and a broken vase. On the wall is an upsidedown heart with an arrow through it. Written in lipstick. It is a copy cat scene from Agatha Not-Christie’s best selling novel. Caroline finds Jack ties up in his boxers and cuts him down. She asks him where Sarah is, and he tells her a man took her. 

Sexy Detectives arrive and question Jack, Caroline, and Agatha Not-Christie. They request a copy of her book to help find Sarah. They also suspect Agatha Not-Christie of something because her husband dies mysteriously. Agatha Not-Christie gets a real-time feed of her daughter somehow and writes on the encrypted software to influence what the kidnapper does.

Max is Agatha Not-Christie sleazy attorney who has made some bad investments and is just a creep in general. As he is working on Agatha Not-Christie’s will, Caroline SHOOTS HIM WITH A BOW AND ARROW. Then she changes the will. 

Agatha Not-Christie learns that Harmon is not a professor at the university and visits his house. He isn’t the kidnapper; it is another young man named Stephen. Footage of the live feed is released to the press by Stephen. He is rewriting her book now, 

Don’t forget that Stephen isn’t the only bad guy. We’ve still got Caroline shooting arrows in the back yard while hot detectives question her. They had a relationship before she became Agatha Not-Christie’s assistant. She seduces Jack and talks dirty to him. (Like, I don’t need to hear all this!) Then she stabs him with an arrow. Then she knocks Harmond out, he has been stalking Agatha Not-Christie and caught Caroline on film too.

Agatha Not-Christie goes to a remote warehouse and finds Caroline. Caroline admits to killing her husband because she thinks he was abusing Sarah and Agatha Not-Christie. Detectives show up and turn on one another. The lady detective says that Roger and Agatha Not-Christie had an affair two years ago. Roger denies everything but is arrested by his partner. 

Sarah is actually in the warehouse, and Agatha Not-Christie finds her. She tries to reason with Stephen, but the book tells him to kill them both. (Caroline is the one writing on the encrypted document that Stephen has been reading.) Agatha Not-Christie sends her daughter to run for safety, and she faces Stephen and Caroline herself. 

Nine months later, Caroline has thinks written a bestselling book and claims she was the brains behind her Agatha Not-Christie’s operation. She is in a mental institution, so is Stephen. It is a lame misdirect. 

Agatha Not-Christie and Sarah are living with Roger and they randomly say the last time of the movie, “I’m just happy it is not a KILLER ENDING.” Without Ms. Vivica A. Fox delivering the line, it feels hollow. Thanks for trying!

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective Emily Spector, Mrs. Goodson,

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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