My Boyfriend’s Secret (2018 Lifetime)

My Boyfriend’s Secret (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Kelly SullivanMaiara WalshMark Famiglietti 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After believing she has found the guy of her dreams, home renovator Melissa Davis soon learns that her dream man has a dark secret.


Maiara Walsh (Identity Theft Cheerleader ICON.) is getting ready for a date or something, and she gets murdered walking to her car. Sad, she was only in this movie for two seconds. 

Melissa is an interior designer and works with a hunky contractor named Travis. She shows her new client, John, her designs, and he hires her right away. Christian is a pilot, and he asks Melissa out to dinner to go over the details. Ashley, Melissa’s friend, is very excited about the new boyfriend possibility for her BFF. Travis seems a bit jealous. The girls make fun of him. (It is cute. I’m shipping for Travis and Melissa.) 

The date that isn’t supposed to be a date feels pretty datey. John and Melissa flirt and talk about their hometowns and families. They kiss at the table! I mean, come on. Totally a date. Melissa and John start dating much to the disappointment of Travis. He hasn’t dated since his last girlfriend, Beth. Melissa encourages him to put himself back out there. 

After a few weeks of dating, John opens up about his ex-girlfriend Pheobe; they broke up because it felt more like friends. Nothing like his relationship with Melissa, which is hot and heavy. He promises never to leave her. His speech is romantic, and she is in love. Melissa says the only hang-up she has is his crazy work schedule. While they are on a hike, a fellow hiker recognizes John and calls him Christian. John laughs it off as a misunderstanding. (The hiker is later killed in his car, got to check that back seat!)

Carrie, Miara Walsh, stops by John’s house to warn Melissa about him. She didn’t die! She was attacked after breaking up with him and says his name was Philip when she dated him. Melissa thinks the woman is crazy but takes her card. Melissa and Travis search for Carrie on social media and find posts about the attack and police looking for Phillip, 

Melissa goes to the police from Carrie’s town, who tells her that Carrie is a crazy ex. (Rude, Police!) She vows to clear things up with John when he is back in town. Conveniently, at a party happens that gathers everyone together. Melissa has the chance to talk to John. When she brings up Carrie, John gets aggressive and promises he doesn’t know anyone by that name. He gets jealous of Travis and Melissa’s relationship and a bedazzled box cutter gift. It is getting tenses between the men. 

The next day, Melissa and Travis look more into John’s life. They go through his things, and Melissa gets caught. She tells John that she was looking for scissors. He knows something is up now. 

Carrie and Melissa meet in a park. Melissa knows John is a liar, and Carrie goes into more detail on how vicious John is. Then we see John washing his face in a tank top watching Travis on a surveillance camera. Travis finds out that John is a university professor from Divry University. He goes to California to see what is really going on. Travis gets John/Christian’s office info and follows John/Christian on campus. (Then around town or “the vortex of no cellphone service.) Travis follows John to his house with a wife and newborn baby! Travis repeatedly tries to call Melissa, but since there is no service, he can’t reach her before John sees him and breaks his car window with a tire iron. 

John’s behavior becomes more creepy. He has a whole conversation while holding a butcher knife. Then kisses her, like it never happened. John isn’t hot enough for this type of behavior. Oh, and the whole double life thing is so rude to everyone involved!

Melissa is worried about Travis, but not enough to do anything about it. She goes to a jog and runs into John. Melissa gets a call that Travis was “in a car accident.” In emergency surgery. When Melissa tries to leave, John grabs her and won’t let her get away from her. Melissa screams and gets away from John. 

Carrie meets Melissa again; they compare notes and work together to make sure John doesn’t hurt anyone else. Little do they know John is watching the whole interaction. He is 100% stalking both women. 

At her house in the middle of the night, Melissa’s alarm goes off. She grabs a bat and calls out, “Hello?” repeatedly. She is attacked bt a masked man but gets away. Melissa rushes to Carrie’s house and finds her murdered. Detectives arrive, and after hearing the story about John, advise Melissa to get a restraining order. Police question John/Christian at his home. (The one with his wife and child.) 

Melissa talks to Tavis. (Who is a coma) and promises to set things right. She goes to John/Christian’s house and talks to the wife. Melissa lays it all out there, and the wife doesn’t bat an eye. She thinks Melissa is crazy and obsessed with her husband. 

Outside as Melissa walks to her car, John grabs her and chokes her while talking about neurology. (He thinks Men are superior biologically to women.) The wife comes out and is horrified and distracts John long enough for Melissa to make a run for it.

John has a gun and chases after her, Somehow Melissa gets a gun too and shoots him. The wife screams that Melissa killed him. Melissa begs the wife to believe her, but the wife stands by her (dead) man. 

Travis is out of his coma and dating Melissa! Yay! I’m so happy. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Ashley, Receptionist 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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