Psycho Prom Queen (2018 Lifetime)

Psycho Prom Queen (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:   Zoe McLellanAllie MacDonaldNia Roam 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Following the suspected suicide of her friend and fellow teacher, Julie Taylor is hired to take over the senior math class for the last few weeks of school. It’s been a difficult year for Julie, and this is a fresh start for her and her teenage daughter Miya. Though Julie hopes that being both the new kid and the new teacher’s daughter won’t be too hard on Miya, she can’t help but worry when her daughter becomes fast friends with the school’s resident mean girl, Amy Turner. Amy’s dangerously manipulative ways and fierce obsession with becoming prom queen leave Julie not only concerned for her daughter’s safety but questioning just how far Amy will go to win that crown.


Julie is starting at a new High school, not as a student as a teacher; She is replacing a teacher who is suspected of killing herself. (There is no body, the teacher’s car was abandoned on the side of the road.) Her daughter Miya is also starting at the school. In the middle of class, Amy (a popular blonde) is nominated for Prom Queen. She befriends Miya at lunch. (I don’t trust her.)

At Amy’s home life, she is mostly home alone. Her mother works the nightshift as a nurse, and her father abandoned her. Amy is abusive toward her mother. Amy is angry that a loser girl named Sophie got nominated, and she bullies her into dropping out. Then Amy starts leaving Julie threatening notes that read “Watch Yourself Bitch.” Later, Amy picks Miya up for a party and tells Julie that she should learn to play by her school’s rules. (Since the last teacher couldn’t.)

At the party, Amy forces Miya to drink beer, even though her mother is a recovering alcoholic. Amy hooks up with her Jock boyfriend but bumps the breaks saying she wants her first time to be on Prom Night. Then she bites his lip, hard. Then she goes home and watches Dylan’s prom postal over and over.

Julie takes Miya and Amy prom dress shopping. (Amy buys a $600 dress, and Miya leaves with nothing.) Then they celebrate Miya’s 18th birthday. Amy shadily mentions that Julie is an alcoholic. She then calls Julie’s ex-husband pretending to be her sponsor and warning that Julie relapsed. To retaliate, Julie tells Amy that she is failing her class and can’t attend prom if she doesn’t bring her grades up. Julie is not letting this shady teenager take her down.

Amy isn’t just rude to Julie; she is also disrespectful to her mother, shaming her for living paycheck to paycheck and not looking good enough. I’m like, do YOU have a job, Amy? Amy does help herself to her mother’s debit card and medication. Mixing up crushed up pills and water and putting them into syringes. She gives them to Joanna, the missing teacher that Amy has held captive and locked in a shed. (Cool, Cool, Cool.) In the shed, Amy talks about being bullied for being poor when she was a child. She forces her teacher to take a math test for her so she can go to prom. 

Amy swaps out the test but still fails. Julie sets up a meeting with Amy’s mother and tells her that she is in danger of not graduating. Amy promises to pull her grades up and says she will do whatever she has to pass the class. Amy matches to the shed and screams at Joanna. She slaps her across the face and tells the teacher that she will kill her if she doesn’t help her this time. Then Amy chugs wine from a wine bottle. (Woah, like a lot of wine.)

Miya and her mother get into a fight when Julie finds wine under her bed. Miya moves in with her father. Amy and her mother also get into an argument when the pills that Amy had been using to drug her teacher go missing. 

When Amy goes to the shed next, she is followed by Julie, who happens to see her walking in the middle of the night. Amy stops and asks Julie if she is following her. Julie notices that the numbers on the test match Joanna’s handwriting. Amy punches herself in the face and laughs she says she is going to blame Julie for assaulting her in the woods. Julie runs away, but the damage is done. Julie is fired.

It is finally prom night!!!! Amy is a terror as normal and is now being rude to Miya. Miya counts the votes, so you’d think Amy would be nicer. When Amy learns that Tracy won over her, she practically breaks Miya’s arm and forces her to change the card. Then she slams Miya’s head into the table and knocks her unconscious and thrown in the boiler room.

Meanwhile, Julie and Amy’s mom find the teacher and call the police; they rush to the school. Julie shows up at the school and frees her daughter. Then she tries to stop Amy from going on stage to get her crown. Amy headbutts Julie and gives her an impassioned speech. Police drag her off of the stage while she screams, “I’M THE PROM QUEEN! THIS IS MY MOMENT. I DESERVE THIS! I’M THE QUEEN!”

It is excellently campy. Amy is dragged away in slow motion while laughing. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Students in the hallway

Why were all the adult women in this movie brunette with bangs? 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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