He Knows Your Every Move (2018 Lifetime)

He Knows Your Every Move (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Drew SeeleyRosalie McIntireSofia PernasAndrew Kai

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When her laptop stops working, Molly immediately takes it to a repair shop and thinks nothing of it when she gets it back in perfect working order. Soon after, she meets the charming and handsome Jack Newsom at her favorite restaurant. They share the same likes and dislikes, the same hobbies, and are soon completing each other’s sentences. Jack is perfect in every way until he slowly starts to exhibit a clingy, possessive side, which finally forces Molly to ask for some time apart. Suddenly, her bank accounts are being drained, and half-naked photos of her are being posted online. It turns out “Jack” is not who he says he is, and now that she’s rejected him, he’s her worst nightmare.


The movie starts with some heavy panting and a fit woman in lingerie standing in front of a mirror. It is creepy AF. It turns out to be a man watching a woman on a laptop and caressing the screen. 

Cut to six weeks earlier. The woman in lingerie is a named Molly, who is a chief that makes 20-minute meals and posts them on social media. Molly’s BFF, Ramona, is getting married. Her other BFF, Angie, really wants Molly to start dating again. Molly lives next to her ex, Dylan, who is shirtless a lot. (I am not complaining.) 

While recording a new recipe in her kitchen, Molly spills coffee on her laptop and has to take it to “Computer Planet” for repairs. It is going to take a week, and they promise Molly that her privacy will be respected. The guy who takes her computer seems sketchy to me. While she waits for her computer to get fixed, Molly meets a nice man named Jack at a bar.

Molly’s computer gets fixed, and the good news keeps coming. Her boss (who is a knock off Sharon Osbourne.) has approved a new app for Molly’s 20-minuet recipes. Later, while on a jog, Molly runs into Jack “randomly.” They bond over film noir, and Molly agrees to go out on a date with Jack to a screening on one of their favorite flicks. 

While getting ready for her date, Molly prances around in her underwear. It is a gift from her friend Ramona, who is very excited about the potential new love interest. Both women are too happy to notice the flashing light on Molly’s laptop, recording the whole thing. The date goes well, and we learn that Jack new to LA and is an architect, just like Ramona. No red flags as far as Molly can tell. (While recapping with BFF’s later, she realizes she knows nothing about him.)

At night, Molly comes home to find Jack outside her door and is startled. Dylan comes over (with his shirt on) to make sure everything is okay. Jack and Dylan stare each other down, and it is pretty awkward. Jack has a gift for Molly. It is a necklace, kind of like the Carrie Bradshaw necklace, but with an M. Molly loves the gift and invites Jake to stay over for dinner. At dinner, he evades her questions again. He is happy to spend and put hidden cameras around the house.

The next morning, Jack asks Molly about her scar. She was caught in the middle of a knife fight her college boyfriend got into. (WHAT?!) Jack assures her that she is beautiful, scars and all. 

At the bachelorette party for Ramona, the friends keep getting shots from a jacked guy across the bar. Jack shows up to drop off a bottle of wine and almost gets caught in a lie when Ramona asks him his architectural firm. The conversation dies suddenly when the jacked man turns out to be a male stripper.

Hungover the next day, Molly gets annoyed when Jack asks her if she is sleeping with someone else. Molly isn’t as available as he would like, and he is jealous. He starts texting nonstop and checking in. Molly thinks it is sweet instead of possessive. 

The wedding happens, and I am surprised this movie has a budget to pull off a wedding that looks kind of cute! Jack comes uninvited to the reception, and Ramona is pissed that she is going to get charged for the extra guest. (It is kind of shitty to have Molly standing in her wedding and not at least give her a date.) Molly promises that she didn’t invite Jack, even though she can’t explain how he got the details to the reception. (Angie, the voice of reason, thinks that he was checking in on Molly.) 

Jack doesn’t back down her sends MANY MANY texts to Molly. She doesn’t have time to focus on the relationship because she is launching her ridiculous app. Things go from bad to worse; when Molly comes home and finds a “romantic gesture.” Jack breaks into her house and decorates with roses, candles, and lots of hearts. Molly calls her ex Dylan because she is afraid. He tells her that it is bizarre and advises Molly to break it off with Jack.

Molly breaks up with Jack, and he doesn’t understand why she doesn’t appreciate his passion! Jack wishes her well and leaves. 

Dylan comes over to Molly’s house and uninstalls her wifi to prevent any stalking from Jack. Dylan apologizes for the terrible ways he was a boyfriend. Which are:

-Falling asleep at old movies

– Eating nachos and cereal. 

– Drinking beer

THAT IS IT! Dylan is awesome. Molly starts to think so too, and they make out while the computer records everything. 

Wifi isn’t going to stop hackers, especially if they are mad about Dylan. Molly’s bank account is drained, and charges are appearing on her bank statement that she didn’t make. She has a fake Yelp review written in her name that ruins Luther’s restaurant with a terrible one-star review. Molly also gets a call from her boss, who is angry about what she leaked sexy lingerie photos on her app. They ask her to take a leave of absence and plagiarism of recipes. Molly’s life is falling apart.

Ramona and Angie help Molly figure out what is going on. They accompany her to Jack’s house. The man who answers the door claims he is Jack and it is his house. He invites them in, even though they are confused as hell. Molly realizes everything, “Jack,” told her was a lie. Molly and the real Jack discover that they both went to the Computer Clinic recently.

The three BFF’s visit the computer store and learn that Jack is named Stewart. He has a shrine to Molly and copied her hardrive to have access to her entire life. Molly rushes to the bathroom and splashes water on her face. Stewart attacks her and holds her at knifepoint. He sedates her and brings her to his real house.

Inside the house, Molly is horrified to find Dylan ties up and barely breathing. Stewart/Jack kicks Dylan and Molly begs him to stop. Molly pretends to be in love with Stewart, and they have a champagne toast. Molly strips down and suggests tacking a bubble bath, then she pushes him in the full tub and electrocutes him with her laptop. He is soooo dead. Molly cries on the floor in her bra.

The BFF’s are together in their favorite restaurant, which has recovered from the one-star Yelp review. Dylan (in an arm sling.) and Molly are back together. Everything seems fine until Molly gets a text of herself sleeping. Could her stalker still be out there? Yeah, I think he is. Ewwww!

Side Note

Minority Report: Ramona, Angie, Dylan, Luther, stripper,

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2018 Lifetime

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