Who is Stalking Me (2019 Lifetime)

Who is Stalking Me?

Stars: Chelsea Ricketts, Michael Welch, Cara Santana, Shari Belafonte

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Following a near-death experience when an attacker breaks into her home, Amanda can’t shake the feeling that she’s still in harm’s way. In comes the handsome and stern Detective James Dawson to save the day and keep an especially close eye on Amanda. Taken by his generosity and commitment, Amanda begins to feel safer–unaware that she’s letting the real threat get closer than ever.


Amanda walks around her Los Feliz house holding her cat and drinking tea. She in on the phone with her know-it-all friend Ginie, good thing because Amanda knows nothing. Amanda literally asks her friend so many questions. Ginnie is blabbing on and on about how terrible boxed wine is when Amanda sees a door open in her house. She grabs a knife and starts slowly walking around her house. A masked man attacks her and almost strangles Amanda to death. Amanda is a fighter and throws a camera at the masked man, the camera goes off, and it distracts the attacker long enough for her to lock herself in the bathroom. Amanda screams for him to go away. The door is kicked open and it isn’t the attacker it is a “handsome” cop. His name is Detective James Dawson.

Ginnie called the cops and rushes to Amanda’s side as she talks to Detective James Dawson. The cop’s female co-worker (Detective Valencia.) scolds Detective James Dawson for interviewing Amanda because protocol is for a female to do that job. (This movie is very pro female despite be written and directed by men.) She tells Ginnie and Amanda that six break-in have occured in the area and advises the girls to stay with one another, for safety.

Amanda and Ginnie sleep in the same bes, but not in a sexy way. Amanda has terrible nightmares and is suffering from some PTSD. At the advice of Detective Valencia, Amanda goes to get a gun because “the gun is a great equalizer.” She also tells her to sleep with a “gun in one hand and 911 on another.” WTF?

At the shooting range, Amanda learns how to shoot and is an excellent shot. I’m getting some serious JLo from Enough vibes here, (Minus the short terrible wig.)

Detective Valencia is getting in her car in a closed garage. We see a gloved hand zip tie her car doors shut and clog the exhaust pipe, as she starts her car. Once Detective Valencia realizes that the garage won’t open, her cell phone has no service, and she cant shut off the car… (It is one of those pesky push start cars!) she tries her doors and sees that she is trapped. She screams “Where’s my GUN?!?!” and bangs on the windows as exhaust fills her car and she dies.  

Liam (who is hot AF.) is Amanda’s co-worker. He apologizes and tells her that he would beat the the guy who attacked her. They work in a photo studio and are interrupted by Detective James Dawson who tells Amanda that Detective Valencia commited suicide. Liam tells Detective James Dawson that it is weird he would come just by to tell her that. Detective James Dawson’s face goes stone cold murder face and he glares at Liam. He asks if they are dating and Amanda and Liam apparently used to date.

Amanda moves back into her house, which is being surveillanced by… you guessed it, Detective James Dawson. He is inappropriate: attacking neighbors, bringing coffee to Amanda, and giving her a rides to and from work. Amanda asks him why he is so invested in the case. He tells her that is mother was attacked and killed when he was 12, in front of him. As an Amanda is getting ready for work, Detective James Dawson steals the camera and promises to fix her lock that is broken.

Liam is jealous of Amanda spending time with Detective James Dawson. He keeps telling her that the detective just wants to “have his way with her” and Amanda is like, “I will call HR on you if you keep saying that.” The get the big account and have a lot of work to do.

After work, Liam and Amanda go home to find a new lock and alarm system. (Installed by… you guessed it, Detective James Dawson.) Liam points out that it is REALLY weird. Amanda is not worried, he is a cop! Plus, he paid for everything!

The worst actor in the movie shows up, his name is Reese. (Brock Burnett, from Sweet Valley High in 1994) He is Detective James Dawson number one suspect. Detective James Dawson pulls a gun on Reese and holds it to his forehead and then takes him into custody.  Amanda learns that the man who attacked her is in custody and throws a work event to celebrate.

At the party, Amanda tells Detective James Dawson that she would like to get to know him better and apologizes for Liam being jealous. They leave the loud party and Detective James Dawson admits that he thinks she is amazing and wants to get to know her better too. They hug as Liam watches on.

The client is also at the party and she is VERY allergic to strawberries. Detective James Dawson swapped out a bottle and the client goes into anaphylactic shock. Ginnie serves the drink and was sure she didn’t put strawberries in the drink. This incident leads her to go to the police station to talk with Captain Marcus (a woman) about her suspicions of Detective James Dawson. She begs her to help her and take Detective James Dawson off the streets. Capitan Marcus is having none of that and tells Ginnie to leave or file a report.

Amanda and Detective James Dawson are making out in bed. She asks him to take things slow and he tells her that she is worth waiting for. They talk about where they are from (he’s from Chicago.) Meanwhile, Gennie is walking into her front door and is attacked and murdered by a hooded intruder. (She seems to know her attacker and is like “Wait, why are you dressed like that?”

The next morning, as Amanda and Detective James Dawson are leaving for work, Liam pulls up. He breaks the news to them about Ginnie’s murder and also tells them that Reese was released from custody last night, coincidentally. Liam comforts Amanda, while Detective James Dawson watches on from the security cameras he placed in the house.

Detective James Dawson is back on the case and finds Reese. He give him a gun as a present and then shoot him dead. As Reese is dying, Detective James Dawson tells him that he should have known his place and should have known when to stop. (IDK what they are talking about.) Detective James Dawson goes straight to Amanda and tells her himself. Amanda is creeped out finally, Detective James Dawson says the exact phrase that Amanda said when she was alone with Liam. She asks him to come back tomorrow and goes back inside with Liam to find the cameras in her house.

Amanda goes to Captain Marcus about Detective James Dawson and is surprised that she isn’t on her side. “They are both woman after all.” Captain Marcus tells Amanda that she is the one acting inappropriate and the only evidence she has is circumstantial.

Liam and Amanda are officially back together and Detective James Dawson super jealous. Amanda is not letting “men control her anymore” and sends Liam to run a work errand.

On his errand, Liam, finds Detective James Dawson. (who is wearing black gloves.) The detective accuses Liam of attacking innocent women and Liam tells the detective that he is spying on them, is jealous, and stupid. Detective James Dawson pulls Amanda’s gun on Liam and tells him to NEVER call him stupid. He shoot Liam and almost finishes him off, when Amanda and the client shows up. They call for help as Detective James Dawson flees.

Amanda is set on revenge and wears a detective badge to get into the precinct. She sneaks into Detective James Dawson’s office and looks through his computer. She finds a file with photos of her. She downloads the files to a flash drive and crawls out of the office as Detective James Dawson sits at his desk. He opens his laptop and sees that the flash drive was not removed properly and is on to her.

Amanda calls Liam and he tells her to call the police, instead she is going to release this to the press. Liam sneaks out of the hospital and tries to get to Amanda. He isn’t fast enough because Detective James Dawson sneaks up on Amanda as she is emailing the pictures to @Los Angeles News Source. She tells him that she set up cameras in her office and is recording everything. As he looks for the cameras, Amanda pepper sprays Detective James Dawson and Liam (with a full outfit change) hits him with a crowbar. Amanda finally uses the gun and shoots Detective James Dawson, dead.

Later, at a photoshoot for work, Captain Marcus shows up to apologize and offer her condolences. (For Ginnie, not the detective… maybe?)  She shows Amanda the picture that was accidentally taken by the camera. It has been digitally enhanced to reveal the intruder from the beginning of the movie was LIAM. He is taken away by the police as Amanda looks on crying. The end????????????????

Side Note

This movie seemed SUPER pro-guns. Like, did the NRA sponsor this movie?

Minority Report: Ginnie and the police captain.

Resses’ shirts

“Hi. Don’t Care.”

“Sarcastic Comment (Loading symbol) Please Wait.”

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪  (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


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