My Sister’s Deadly Secret or The Missing Sister (2019 Lifetime)

My Sister’s Deadly Secret or The Missing Sister (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Katrina BeginDiora BairdMark Famiglietti

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Sharon finally tracks down her estranged sister Raven, she’s elated to be back together until she begins to suspect that Raven isn’t her sister at all, but rather an opportunistic impostor.


Sharon loves her goth big sister Raven. No one else does. In a fit of teen against, Raven fights with her mother and mentions that the father killed himself, and she will, too. Then Raven gets out a gun and shoots the wall. (Teenagers, amiright?) She has since been missing for years.

Twenty-seven years later, cut to grown-up Raven killing a woman with a rock, crying, and burying the body. Sharon is better off without her.

Grown-up Sharon is still looking for her sister. She opens up to her boyfriend Dev while they are at kickboxing class. Her mom died recently, and it sparked Sharon to reopen her search for her sister. Dev isn’t put off by the news; he even offers to talk to his cousin, who is an investigator. (He works for city council.) Sharon’s friend Jill encourages her to go for Dev if he proposes, and then they talk about babies. (Oh, because Sharon is an obstetrician, get it, Dr. Sharon!)

The investigator finds Raven with no problem. She conveniently lives an hour away, Dev and Sharon surprise visit. Raven is defensive at first but invites them to have some iced tea. Raven answers Sharon’s questions and shares her memories of the past. (Which are vague, except for the fact that Raven wants to kill their mother.) Raven apologizes for abandoning her sister, and Sharon forgives her. They are family, after all.

Sharon invites Raven to come to dinner and then to stay in the guest room of the house. Little does Sharon know that Raven is a killer and murdered someone in a car right before coming over. The sisters work on renovating their mother’s house to sell. As they are going all HGTV, Sharon notices that Raven doesn’t remember a lot from their childhood. (She does not see the red flags. Raven having a gun and hating Sharon’s boyfriend. No big deal!) Things are going so well that Sharon invites Raven to stay another night.

Dev starts to have his doubts and asks his cousin to check on it. His cousin is too busy, so Dev looks into it himself. He finds that Raven is someone named Lee. Things get even stranger at kickboxing class when Raven attacks Jill and has to be pulled off of her. Raven explains this being triggered by previous abuse. Sharon is still accepting these excuses, even though her boyfriend and BFF are telling her they don’t trust Raven.

Sharon goes to Ravens cabin to investigate and finds pretty much nothing. (Literally, the cabin is full of empty picture frames.) Dev, on the other hand, confronts Raven, who admits to not being the sister and plots to extort money. Since Dev knows all her secrets, Raven shoots him dead. 

At a brunch charity gala, Jill urges Sharon to call the police. Raven is thrilled to meet all the rich people who she can extort next. 

It takes a bullet hold in the wall to wake (from the beginning of the movie) Sharon up. She finds it while remodeling and then frantically locks her self in the bathroom to call Dev. Her text goes unanswered because Dev is dead. Wait, Dev is not dead? I guess the police revived him and brought him to the hospital. 

At the hospital, Dev is under police surveillance. (Well, it is his investigator cousin.) Sharon cries and checks his chart, don’t forget she is a doctor. The investigator looks into it some more and realizes that Raven is an impostor named Collette. Sharon calls Jill to warn her.

In the parking garage of the hospital, Raven attempts to get Sharon. (She didn’t account for Sharon’s kickboxing skills.) Sharon hides under a car, and Raven does her Villian monologue. The real Raven and Collette agreed to kill a man named Lee. When Collette went through with it, Raven was going to turn her into the police until Collette killed her. Sharon grabs her mid monologue and heads butt her, shouting, “I AM NOT YOUR SISTER.”  

Dev and Sharon go to the site where the REAL Raven was buried. In the grave is not a body; it is a box filled with diaries and photos of the real Raven. Twist! Raven is not dead. She is in the hospital where Sharon works. Sharon visits her sister, and they are REALLY reunited this time. (I still wouldn’t trust her tho.) 

Side Note

Minority Report: One police officer.

Rachele Brooke Smith from Psycho Stripper is back. Can we promote her out of BFF roles and into Leading?

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

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