His Secret Marriage or The Husband (2019 Lifetime)

His Secret Marriage or The Husband (2019 Lifetime)

Cast:  Karissa Lee StaplesMatt CohenAprilAnn Dais 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman wakes to discover she’s been in a coma after an accident and is suffering from mild amnesia. Recent events have been wiped from her brain, including just eloping with and marrying the handsome man at her side. The decision is made to continue their honeymoon trip, driving to an exclusive tech-free resort, which was their destination when the accident occurred. He tells her to think of it as a new beginning for the two of them. But soon his overly-possessive nature emerges, he starts pressuring her to have a vow renewal ceremony… And eventually, the question arises–is he her husband? And if not, then who is he?


A brown-haired woman in pigtail braids is walking her dog when she comes across a man and a blonde woman laid out in an apparent car accident. The blonde woman struggles on the ground, and flashes of blurred memories play out on screen.

The blonde woman wakes up, confused. Her name is Kelsey, and her husband Jason (who was also in the accident.) is by her side. The trouble is she doesn’t remember him, because she is not married. The doctor says that Kelsey is suffering from short term amnesia. They were recently married, which is how he justifies her, not remembering him. Jason takes her on her honeymoon to rest in luxury. They go to a secluded resort. The resort has a ton of rules. (Biggest rule, no technology.)

Kelsey expresses her concerns with being so out of touch, and Jason is very understanding. He tells her that if she wants to leave, then they can go. Against her better judgment, Kelsey decides to stay but maintains that it is a little weird. 

They essentially go on their first date. Kelsey asks how they met and if they had love at first sight. She compliments him for taking everything so well and having patience with her as she tries to regain her memory. He tells her to stop trying to fit him into a past she can’t remember and fall in love with him all over again. They kiss because he is romantic. 

What is not romantic is when Jason gets jealous of Kelsey in a yoga class and stops the whole class. The shirtless stud yoga instructor adjusts Kelsey, and Jason takes it the wrong way. Kelsey tells Jason he is being ridiculous and demands an apology. Jason apologizes to her and the yoga instructor. The yoga instructor gets an extra gift in his drink and is roofied or poisoned by Jason. 

While relaxing by the pool, Kelsey sees her friend, Carolyn, and her boyfriend, Landon. They are surprised and confused to learn that Kelsey and Jason are married. They don’t even know Jason or about the accident, but go with it? The girls go for a spa day, and Kelsey fills her friend in on everything. They must not be very close friends. 

Jason asks her to renew their vows, and she asks for some time to think about it. During that time, the couple gets drunk together and has sexy time. (Like, slow motion sexy time?) The next morning she wakes up and looks through the phone he got her (and a new purse.) the phone has no contacts. She is suspicious even after a beautiful evening and asks him to slow down. When he shows her an engagement ring, Kelsey has a flash memory in the car with a wedding ring. Jason makes Kelsey lie down and arranges the renewing of the vows anyway. (By threatening the manager.)

The flashes keep coming to Kelsey. She asks Carolyn and Landon to distract him so she can go to his room and snoop around. She finds her REAL purse with her ID and wallet. Kelsey learns that he is not her husband. Jason catches her and comes clean; he has been stalking her online and is her platinum card concierge. (Whatever that is.) 

In a flashback, Jason meets Kelsey at an airport he helped her book her trip there. Jason offers her a ride to the resort. On the drive, he admits to watching her videos online and wants to get to know her better. She shuts him down and tells him that he has the wrong idea. He booked a suite for them and then proposed to her in the car. Kelsey calls him that he is insane and demands he take her back to the airport. He drops the ring, and that is when they go into the accident. 

Back in the present day, Jason sedates Kelsey and goes to tell Carolyn and Landon that she has a migraine. Carolyn knows something isn’t right and makes her boyfriend follow Jason. Jason pushes Kelsey in a wheelchair into the construction site next door. Kelsey is pretending to be more sedated than she is. When the moment is right, she makes a run for it. Somehow she ends up in an attic. (Seriously, WTF.) Jason catches her, and she screams for help and then syringes him in the neck. Carolyn and Landon arrive in time to haul him off.

After a shower and glow up, Kelsey calls her boss and mother to explain the mix-up. Jason is going to be charged with fraud, kidnapping, and attempted rape. Kelsey is ready for her vacation. This could be a few weeks later or hours; it is unclear.   

Side Note

Minority Report: Carolyn and Landon

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. How can i see the Movie ” ‘His Secret Marriage or The Husband’ ” (2019 Lifetime, i started seeing on YouTube now can’t find it there to finish it?

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