My Mom’s Darkest Secrets (2019 Lifetime)

My Mom’s Darkest Secrets (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Laurie FortierNia Roam

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When 21-year-old Ashley Beck-Ford finds her biological mother, Sara Hillman, online, she is shocked and thrilled… But building a relationship with her long-lost mother proves to be more dangerous than Ashley could have ever imagined. Soon after meeting her, Sara’s husband is murdered. Ashley soon finds herself caught in a web of lies and deceit in which she isn’t sure if her mother is innocent or guilty of that murder.


Sara is out to dinner with her husband; afterward, they are attacked by a masked gunman. The husband, Trevor, wrestles the gun away, and the assailant runs off into the night. The police have no leads, and Amy, Sara’s stepdaughter, is suspicious of her stepmother. When she should question her father, who is acting shady AF. (Late night phone calls and sudden work trips.)

Ashley is adopted by lesbian parents and is in an interracial relationship. Ashley gets her adoption papers and finds out who her biological mother is. Her adopted parents are supportive of her decision even though it is emotional for everyone involved. She asks her boyfriend to deliver papers to her biological mother, letting her know that Ashley is open to meeting.

When the boyfriend attempts to deliver the papers, Sara in on edge and taking a lot of pills, I thought she was going to shoot the boyfriend, but she calls Ashley after looking at her social media. Sara tells her daughter that they should meet ASAP. Mother and Daughter are reunited. Sara explains who she gave Ashley up for adoption. She was a teen who got knocked up by a man named Roy. Sara doesn’t go into detail because the past should be in the past. Amy interrupts their reunion, and Sara lies about who Ashley is. She promises to tell Trevor ASAP. 

Trevor is annoyed that Sara has a daughter that she didn’t tell him about. He agrees to have a family dinner. Amy warns Ashley that her life is about to get a hell of a lot more complicated. Sara yells at Amy and then pours some wine for Ashley and apologizes for her stepdaughter’s behavior but not her own. Later, Sara fights with Trevor and then downs a handful of pills. She is unstable and having a breakdown.

The next morning, Sara wakes up to find her murdered in his bead. Ashley arrives on the scene and asks Sara what happened, but doesn’t seem too concerned. Michael, Trevor’s brother, also arrives and promises Sara that he will tell Amy. Then he pretty much accuses Sara of murdering Trevor. Amy also thinks Sara is responsible.

With only Ashley on her side, Sara tries to understand what happened to Trevor. Sara thinks her husband was ruthless and made a lot of enemies. Ashley believes her biological mother and is getting way too involved. Ashley meets with Michael and asks him if he thinks Sara could have been involved.

Sara is arrested by the police and passes out due to a medical emergency. Sara is in surgery, and Ashley waits for her biological mother. Ashley’s boyfriend and lesbian moms plead with her to put some distance from Sara. Ashley does the opposite and does some more investigating and snooping in Sara’s house for evidence. Amy catches her in the act. 

Amy isn’t the only one who is suspicious; Ben and the lesbian moms are also concerned. The lesbian moms hire a private detective who finds out that Sara has a criminal past. Ashley confronts Sara in jail who admits to drinking a lot in the past and doing drugs, but insists she has changed. Sara also thinks someone is trying to frame her.

Ashley and Amy team up because now Amy thinks that Sara is being framed too. Amy admits that her father was having an affair, but she isn’t sure who. They find some dining receipts and question the staff at the restaurant. Amy realizes that her father was having an affair with her aunt, and Michael most likely killed his brother over it.

Sara pleads guilty to murder to stop Ashley and Amy from getting in too deep. It doesn’t work, and Ashley asks her Lesbian banker mom to look into Michel’s account to see if any money has been transferred for a hit on Trevor. They get an address to a cabin that Michael rents and promises to be careful to the Lesbian Banker Mom.

At the cabin, the girls are held at gunpoint by Michael but then are saved by a worse man snipes him from the woods. As Michel is bleeding out, he admits to hiring a man named James. James is the hitman who attacked Sara and Trevor in the parking lot and later killed Trevor and framed Sara. He dies.

Sara is released from prison, and James is apprehended of the screen. This movie was super lame.

Side Note

Minority Report: Ashley’s boyfriend, Ben. Police officer.

Amy and Ashley start looking more and more alike as the movie goes on. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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