Deadly Hollywood Obsession (2019 Lifetime)

Deadly Hollywood Obsession (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Sarah RoemerJon PrescottHannah BarefootChaz Bono

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After saving 10-year-old Jack from an attempted kidnapping, Casey Wright (Sarah Roemer) is hired by Jack’s famous father – “the” Sam Austin (Jon Prescott) – to be Jack’s home-school teacher. Casey is quickly swept up in Sam’s celebrity lifestyle, but when things heat up between the two, Casey becomes the target of Sam’s crazed stalker.


A beautiful LA actress named Naomi, is in a fender bender and then held at gunpoint and killed? (I guess? It happens off screen.)

Six months later, Casey is watching TV with her horny friend TJ. They talk about Sam Austin, who is also a famous actor. He was married to Kate and had a 10-year-old son named Jack. Casey is a teacher and just so ha[[ens to work at the school where Jack goes. Jack is a weird and annoying kid who makes movies with his iPad and says things like “Spoiler Alert.” THANKFULLY, Jack gets almost kidnapped by a woman named Lynette. Casey kind of just watches it happen and mildly questions her before the woman speeds off.

Lynette goes home to her mother and an ancient Toshiba TV. (with a DVD player!) She is obsessed with Sam Austin and watches his movies while quoting them. On her walls are magazine cut-outs of the actor. I mean Sam Hunt is hot, but not THAT hot. Later, she talks to herself in the mirror, and I thought she was a twin for about 5 minutes. 

Sam Austin thanks Casey for saving his son. They sneak glances at one another while sexy music plays, there is nothing even remotely sexy about the classroom setting. It is a fantasy sequence, which is a choice! Casey is snapped back to reality when she gets a text from her horny friend, TJ. Casey is famous and getting all sorts of press coverage about the kidnapping. 

Casey doesn’t have time to be famous. She is dealing with her mother, who is in a coma, allegedly, and is way behind on the hospital payments. The paparazzi don’t care and bombard her in her front yard. She is whisked away by Sam Hunt’s redheaded/bearded assistant, named Mark. (I don’t trust Mark, and Casey shouldn’t either. Never trust a redhead with a beard.) He takes her to Sam Austin’s house in the Hollywood hills.

Sam Austin’s house is not that impressive. IT looks like an HGTV home before the renovation. While Jack shows Casey around, Mark and Sam talk by the pool. Sam demands that Mark find the kidnapper. Then Sam sends Mark away so he can wine and dine Casey alone. He apologizes to Casey for the paparazzi and then tells her that he is taking Jack out of school. Casey advises against it for consistency’s sake. Sam offers to hire her as a private tutor. 

An article comes out, “6 Things to Know About Sam’s New BAE.” Sam is thrilled for the good press, and Casey is flattered by the attention. She agrees to work for Sam and totally has a crush on him. He calls and sends Casey and her horny friend TJ on a spa day.

Lynette is not thrilled about the news, and in addition to stalking Sam Austin in his son, she breaks into Casey’s house… with a hammer. Then she grabs a butcher knife and stabs Casey’s clothing while laughing like the stepsisters from Cinderella.

When Casey comes to the house, she finds her place trashed and vandalized. Mark shows up on the scene and tries to get evidence before the police do. Mark is pushy for Casey to come to Sam Austin’s place, and TJ isn’t having it. The man can’t even grow a non-patchy red beard. TJ is right; something is off about him. Casey doesn’t listen and moves in with Sam and Jack.

Sam replaces Casey’s wardrobe and “picked out things she will look good in.” (Which is creepy AF.) They drink more alcohol together, and Casey opens up about her mother being in the hospital and family history. Her father passed away when she was Jack’s age. He compliments the dress he got for her before putting the moves on her. (As some Emo song plays over and over.) Casey pumps the breaks and goes to bed. He doesn’t take the hint and makes out with her in her room with his shirt off. They have sex, and I’m uncomfortable, oh wait, it is another fantasy sequence.

The next morning Casey overhears Mark on the phone talking about putting a gun in a car. Mark fills Casey in on the case and Lynette. Sam wants Casey to take care of Jack and create a lesson plan for his son. Mark tells Casey that it is what Sam wants and not to bother him today. Casey does nothing on the list because her mom wakes up from her coma. Jack shows Casey the keys to a spare car, and they are on their way to the hospital.

Before she can see her mom, the billing department guy thanks her for the payment of her medical bills in full. Sam must have paid. 

Sam is rightfully upset with Casey, and he tells him to get out of his sight because he can’t even look at her. Lynette can’t look at her either (on her TV.) She grabs the knife and confronts Casey in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Lynette cries and screams about Sam being a liar and that he promised to marry her. She rushes Sam with the knife, and he ends up killing her. This is not a fantasy sequence. I can’t trust this movie now.

To get away from the craziness, Casey and Sam (Plus Jack.) go to a cabin in the woods. Casey watches a news report that says the case is closed in Naomi’s murder; it was Lynette because they found the murder weapon in her car… a gun. Casey has flashbacks to all the suspicious behavior from Mark that she ignored before. Casey tries to warn Sam about her concerns about Mark. He brushes them off.

Casey watches an iPad that Jack has had the whole movie. On it is conversations, Mark and Sam had about Casey. Also, Lynette, with Sam telling her that he loves her but has to keep it a secret. He even gives Lynette the gun to kill his actress wife. It is all captured on video. Sam catches Casey with the iPad and admits to everything, even as Jack comes downstairs and watches.

Casey goes all Farrah Fawcett on his ass and throws a hot pot at Sam to escape into the woods. She hides Jack and then distracts Sam to save the boy. Jack actually saves the day by distracting Sam long enough for Casey to smash him in the face with a rock.

A few months later, Casey is working at the school again. Jack is also a student. Whatever!  

Side Note

Minority Report: TJ, Head Mistress, 

Also known as Famous & Fatal 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives, I added an extra one for Hannah Barefoot/Chaz Bono)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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