Her Secret Family Killer (2020 Lifetime Movie)

Her Secret Family Killer (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Brooke Nevin, Diora Baird, Darin Brooks

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

On Sarah’s birthday, her best friend Victoria gives her a genetic testing kit as a gift, so she can learn more about her family’s lineage. But that night, Victoria is tragically killed. Weeks later, Sarah gets on knock on her door, and it’s the police. As their homicide case ran cold, they decided to run the killer’s DNA through the genetic testing site’s database and there was a match: Sarah. It turns out that someone related to Sarah killed her best friend


A woman runs terrified through the dark woods. It is a Lifetime movie after all.

Flash to 18 hours earlier. Sarah runs a family ice cream store with her cousin April and brother Will. They recently lost their parents and all are morning the loss. Sarah has an adorable child named Zoe, who is ambidextrous? (It comes up in a secretive way. Sarah and Will seem concerned about it.)

Sarah’s husband Geoff works with her family/friends to throw her a surprise party. (Will and Sarah’s friend Victoria planned the whole thing, but Geoff takes the credit.) At the overly decorated party, people use disposal cameras? (Which I haven’t seen since 2005.) Victoria gets a DNA test for her friend. A man named Lyle is VERY angry about the gift and believes the government will steal the family’s secrets. 

After the party, Victoria goes to her classroom. (I guess she is a teacher.) and is followed by someone in a black hoodie. The hooded figure confronts Victoria in the parking lot and then kills her in the woods. The next morning Roger, Victora’s husband, who is a detective, is confused as to where his wife might be. They put up missing person flyers around town. 

The DNA test comes back and Sarah is upset because it reminds her of Victoria. Lyle comes by and shames Sarah again for getting the test. To clear her head, Sarah goes for a run in the woods and hears a noise that freaks her out. She gets even MORE freaked out when she trips over Victoria’s dead body. (So much for getting some clarity on that run!)

Roger runs a DNA test on Victoria’s body and gets a ping from the information in the DNA testing kit. The killer is someone in Sarah’s family. Roger asks Sarah if anyone in her family could have killed Victoria. She implicates Lyle because he has been acting so creepy. But it is clearly going to be Will. I mean is it even a question. Do I need to keep watching this movie? Probably not. It could be Cousin April, I guess. (Or maybe Zoe because she is ambidextrous?)

Speaking of Cousin April, Sarah tells her everything and they drink wine together while going through potential suspects. They can’t think of anyone who would want to kill Victoria. April asks to help sleuth and discovers a link with red clay at the crime scene and on the tires of a car. April gets in her car to call Sarah and ends up getting strangled to death by someone in the back seat. (I guess I was wrong, it can’t be April.) 

Sarah goes to talk to Will and he is acting aggressive and strange. Sarah finds a earing that belonged to Victoria in his place or something. Sarah leaves abruptly and goes to Victoria’s classroom to do more research. She is followed by someone in a black helmet and is chased all around the school, which is locked. When Sarah gets out she tells Geoff and Detective Roger that someone is after her. She says it has to be Lyle and Detective Roger thinks that it is Will because he has a motorcycle and a helmet. 

The disposable cameras might have clues, so Sarah has Geoff get them developed. Then she checks her DNA results and finds out that she has another brother?!?!? The photos show Victora and WIll dated. Then there is one photo of someone holding a gun. Sarah is stalked again, she hides under a car to getaway.

Geoff is outraged that the police aren’t doing anything and goes to talk to Will himself. When he does he gets beaten with a tire iron by someone in a biker helmet and put into the hospital. 

Sarah calls Detective Roger to tell him about the other brother. Detective Roger knew about the brother and about Victoria and Will dating. He tells Sarah to bring him all the evidence she has found and he will take care of it. Will is taken into police custody and put in jail.

Geoff wakes up and says that it wasn’t Will that attacked him. It is Detective Roger. Sarah leaves the hospital and speeds to save her daughter. Sarah texts her Aunt Windy to warn her about Roger but it is too late. Roger arrives at Aunt Windy’s house and sits Sarah down. He reveals his evil plot about reverse DNA. He stole wills DNA and planted it on Victoria’s body. He mansplains for a long time until Sarah stomps on his foot and runs away, Lyle, Aunt Windy, and Ambedextrious Zoe help save the day ambiguously.

Zoe has a birthday party and Sarah’s family is there. Including her half brother… who is AMBEDEXTRIOUS! (Wow, this is so stupid. Haha!)      

Side Note

Minority Report: Victoria, Jasper, Police Officer, Kid, Doctor,

The soundtrack in this movie is VERY Hallmark in the beginning. 

Also known as DNA Killer.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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