Obsession: Stalked by My Lover (2020 Lifetime)

Obsession: Stalked by My Lover (2020 Lifetime)

Stars: Celeste DesjardinsTravis NelsonKelly Hope Taylor 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When 20-year-old Madison Turner’s roommate situation falls through, she is forced to quickly find a new one. Using a roommate finder app, Madison chooses 20-year-old Blake Collins–attractive and charismatic, who offers to pay three months’ rent up front. Madison and Blake hit it off, and their friendship soon turns romantic. What Madison doesn’t know is that Blake is now using Madison and her wealthy sister Evie to pull off the ultimate score that will set him up for life. When Madison and Evie discover that Blake isn’t who he says he is, Madison begins to dig into Blake’s past. When she learns of Blake’s big score, and that he’s willing to go to dangerous and deadly means to make it happen, she finds herself locked in a treacherous game of cat and mouse.


Two men are robbing a mansion they are caught, and the black man is, of course, shot and left for dead. Blake Collins gets away and goes on the run. His first stop is a cheap motel. Then get gets a new fake ID from a leather daddy. Blake has a sister named Lisa, who is in the hospital long term. He also has anger management issues.

Madison is a perfect little protagonist; she calls her grandma, has a passion for photography and is estranged from her rich sister, Evie. Madison’s roommate bailed on her, and she lists a place on a roommate finder app. (RoomieMe) As Madison swipes with her BFF, Rachel, they swoon when they see Blake has applied. Madison interviews him and then tells her boyfriend Dylan about it. The boyfriend is jealous until Madison says Blake is average looking, which he is.

On the first night of living together, Madison invites Blake to join her and Dylan for pizza night. Dylan is very jealous and skeptical of Blake. He should be because Blake watches them sleep and then stalks Dylan online and mumbles, “you’re no way good enough for her.” 

The next day Dylan goes for a hike with his Canadian friend, and their car gets stolen. (It was Blake, he takes it and parks it in an abandoned parking lot.) Madison is left at home by Dylan and has no ride to her sister’s house for a party for her grandmother. Blake offers Madison a ride, and on the drive, they bond over their dead parents/troubled pasts. 

At the dinner party, Blake talks about his job as a digital security analyzer. Madison’s grandparents are sweet and listen. Madison’s bitch sister, Evie, drinks her wine sullenly with her asymmetrical hair cut. Her cheating husband, Clark, is even worse. Evie hires Blake to install surveillance cameras to gather evidence against her POS husband and file for divorce. It seems like the sisters both have a thing for Blake. I’m sure this will come back and be problematic. (Actually, I think everyone loves Blake in this movie. Grandma, the cougar neighbor played by Sophie Gendron, who is in every Lifetime movie, and probably even Dylan.)

Blake makes Madison some Chicken Parm, and they drink wine while talking about family more. They are falling for one another. Blake recently broke up with his girlfriend, and Dylan and Madison are on the rocks because of his jealousy. They hook up, and Madison knows she needs to break up with Dylan. 

Blake helps one of Evi’s neighbors, Jenna (The cougar one.), install security cameras. (He is casing the joint, as they say. They being criminals in movies.) Blake then takes 5K to the leather jacket guy to make a deal. Dylan trails him the whole time and knows Blake is up to no good. He tells Blake that he isn’t fooling anyone and demands that he move out of Madison’s place or be sorry. Dylan should have known better; he gets pushed down some stairs by Blake, who practically says #SorryNotSorry after it is done. 

With Dylan out of the way, Blake is free to have Madison all to himself. They have sex after more chicken parm. Blake must have a no shirtless clause because he is sadly clothed most of this movie. She tells him that he is falling in love with him before he leaves the next morning. Ummm, Madison is garbage. THEN Madison hears from Rachel that Dylan died in a “hiking accident.” She is devastated, even though she was over him tow seconds ago. Blake still tries to hit it, and she tells him she isn’t in the mood. He spoons her instead, which is nice. 

Blake installs the camera in cougartown’s house. He moves the camera by the safe to be out of focus so that he can rob it later. His sister Lisa calls, and she is a wacky character! He also blackmails Evie for more money while he is in the neighborhood. Evie decides to set up a meeting with Madison and tell her who Blake really is.

At a bar, the sisters have a drink, and Evie comes clean about hiring him to spy on her husband, Kirk. Evie tells Madison about Blake blackmailing her and how he is a bad person. Madison is upset that Evie wasn’t there for her when their parents died and won’t listen. Evie apologizes for deserting her sister and cautions her out of love. 

Blake pays off the leather jacket man but is still getting extorted because the Leather jacket guy knows about Dylan’s murder. Madison might know too because she looks through Dylan’s phone and finds the leather jacket man’s pawnshop. She develops photos from a camera that she finds in Dylan’s room and sees a dark picture of someone driving a car.

The sisters then go to the pawnshop to sell Evie’s wedding ring and also see if the leather jacket man has seen Dylan. While in the store, Madison recognizes a vintage camera that Blake gave her. She is onto him. The sisters talk some more and realize Blake is coming for the cougar neighbor. Blake is also on to them and is following them the whole time. He knows everything.

The leather jacket guy is the next to die. Blake robs the store and shoots him in the heart.

Madison continues her slewing and maintaining her fake relationship with Blake. He wants to take a spontaneous spring break trip. Madison shuts him down. Blake then watches her on surveillance cam going through his stuff, and learning his real name is Jason. Evie looks into it with a PI and confirms Blake is a bad guy. 

Blake breaks into cougartown’s house. He knows the code and uses the brightest flashlight I’ve ever seen. Evie sees him in the house and calls 911. Blake opens the safe and finds a lot of money and jewelry. The police show up and find nothing out of the ordinary and then leaves. (Good police work, dude.)

Madison knows that Blake will bring the goods to the apartment and ready herself to confront him. She pretends to pack for that spring break trip Blake mentioned. He is suspicious and demands to see her text messages. When she refuses, and the cop sirens wail in the background, Blake realizes that Madison betrayed him. Madison calls him a liar, and he pulls a gun on her. Blake tells her that he should have never trusted her. She made him love her, just so she would leave him in the end, instead of killing her, Blake bolts and is caught by the police. He is arrested and taken to jail as Madison watches from afar. He smiles. It is creepy.

Evie and Madison looks for new houses and move in together. Madison is happy to put Blake behind her. Too bad this is a trilogy! That isn’t going to happen.

Side Note

Minority Report: Robber, Rachel, Police Officer, Detective. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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