Obsession: Escaping My Ex (2020 Lifetime)

Obsession: Escaping My Ex (2020 Lifetime)

Stars: Celeste DesjardinsTravis NelsonKelly Hope Taylor 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Blake Collins manages to escape a prison van in Detroit, his only goal is to make it back to Philadelphia and find Madison, the woman he loves but betrayed, resulting in his capture by the cops. He sets his nefarious plan into action, kidnapping Madison, who will fight to the death to escape his clutches.


Police transport is taking prisoner Blake somewhere when he fakes a seizure and kills the correctional officer. He frees himself from his handcuffs, steals his gun and car. He ditches the prison garb and hotwires a car to get even further out of town. Then he stops at a convenience store and buys dour burner phones. He sleeps in his car and finds out that his sister Lisa has been released from the psych ward. (Yippie?)

Madison and Evie have put their lives back together. Madison is working as an intern in fashion (Like Devil Wears Prada!), and Evie is getting a divorce and working in real estate. 

Evie gets a phone call from Detective Johnson, warning her that Blake broke out of jail and killed an officer. She basically tells them to be careful and good luck. Madison has been doing that. When her boss tried to take a selfie with her, she says that she is off social media and keeping a low profile. Evie, on the other hand, is NOT keeping a low profile, she has a real estate website and even has a designated parking space with her name on it. Blake tracks her down quickly. 

Blake finds a remote house in the woods and breaks in. The owners are out of town until the 12th, and a woman named Janet is house sitting. He sets up his surveillance and then takes a shower. A neighbor named Emerson sees Blake and is suspicious. Blake wastes no time kidnapping Madison; he tells her that they can finally be together. He takes her to the house after giving her a lecture about fake news and trust. 

Evie realizes that her sister has been taken and gets a phone call from Blake. He is ransoming her for one million dollars transferred to an offshore account. Evie tries to do her best, acting here by shaking the phone by her ear. She then spends the rest of the movie in a prison orange button-up calling contacts for money. 

At the house, Blake has bought Madison some flowers and cute new clothes. Then he chains her to a radiator and locks her in a room. So the trade-off isn’t worth it. Madison knows Blake’s real name is Nick, and she tries to reason with him. When she calls him Nick, it sets him off even more and makes him violent. Then he takes off his shirt and lies with Madison as she cries. Awww, the next morning, he gets her a teddy bear, coffee, and a newspaper to make up for his bad behavior. (Oh, the newspaper is to prove she is alive for Evie, that is not romantic.) 

Blake calls Lisa on a burner phone he sends in the mail. He has a job for her to do. He wants her to pick up some fake passports for him and Madison. The call is cut short when Emerson (the neighbor) stops by and talks about the HOA. Madison screams for help, and Emerson is distracted for a moment. He gets chopped with an ax and wrapped in a tarp. 

Madison and Evie’s grandpa is still kicking and having a birthday party. Madison can’t attend because she is being held against her will, so she sends him a video apologizing for missing the party. At least she has her priorities in order. Isn’t the saying, “Family first, even before escaping a kidnapping.” 

Evie embezzles some money to get the ransom. Madison fakes an ankle sprain so Blake won’t take her away from the house. Both plans are lame. I wish Madison had more agency and was a better-written character. She just pretends to love Blake and be on his side but does nothing to really save herself. 

When Lisa picks up the passports, she is shocked to see that Madison is one of the pictures and wonders why there isn’t one for her. Lisa warns Blake that Madison will not fall in love with him, and she doesn’t understand what is so unique about Madison. Blake says he loves Madison and promises Lisa that she will too when they all meet on a tropical island. Then he stabs a cantaloupe!  

At the grandpa’s party, Evie watches the video Madison sent and hears train horns in the background. She locates the station by typing and talking at a laptop. Then she gets a call from Blake, who is looking for his money. Evie looks at a picture of Madison and apologizes, then she zooms in on the image and finds the general store where Blake got the teddy bear. She rushes to the shop and interrogates the shop owner. Evie has an idea of where Blake could be hiding Madison. Evie finds the house and the neighbor dead and covered with a tarp. She tries to call 911 but has no service.

Blake takes care of Madison’s ankle, and I might be a psycho because I think he is sweet. Madison doesn’t and attempts to untie her restraints while Blake is out, using some lotion as a lubricant. It works, and she breaks out of her chains and breaks out of the house. She runs down the road looking for help. She runs directly towards Blake’s car, screaming for help. Blake takes her back to the house while yelling at her to “shut up.”

Thinking she is saving her sister with a piece of wood. Evie walks around the house in dark lighting. She finds the chains and upgrades her piece of wood for a candlestick. Evie tries to sneak up on Blake, but he sees her and pulls a gun on her. Madison tells Blake that he should wait to kill Evie until she gets him the money. Madison literally says, “It will all be gravy.” Then she stabs him with a steak knife. As Blake dies, he cries and says he loves Madison. Madison cried a lot.

Evie and Madison are going to London to getaway. They hug. The end. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Emerson

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2020 Lifetime

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